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Video Description: Bent over a grand piano, gorgeous Helen Stephens has no option but to take a whipping and strapping after signing a waiver agreeing to corporal punishment for fraud at an expensive spa. Owner Earl Grey is enjoying it too much, Belinda Lawson notices as he punishes her friend in Spa Rules. See those pert buns bounce in slow motion.

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Video Description: Naughty cheerleaders Kajira Bound and Amy Fox have already been soundly spanked, by hard=handed Principal Tubaman, but their punishments are far from over.

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Video Description: Black leather strap tests school head girl Lucy Lauren with a blistering spanking
Bent over a chair, stunning blonde head girl Lucy Lauren is strapped to the max with headmistress Zoe Page's harshest, thick leather strap in Academy Discipline. Encouraging girls to mock a new gym teacher is a serious offense, so it's gym shorts and panties down for maximum effect. Reaction Cam shows it works, with booty-bouncing slow-mo replays!

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Video Description: Stripped, Whipped and Enslaved Elves in the Templar's Dungeon starring Ariel & Lucy. Queen Ariel, ruled of the civilised forest tons and glade of Aelfheim, has been a captive of the Templars since the first day of the war. But it seems the tide has turned in favour of the elves, for they have achieved a lull in the fighting and even captured and interrogated a small scouting unit of soldiers. These prisoners disclosed the secret of the Templar fortress wherein the Queen is being kept. Armed with this knowledge Captain Lucy Lauren, head of the Queen's Royal Guard, stages a bold and brave one-woman rescue mission to free the Queen. But the whole thing is a Templar trap to entice the elves to sacrifice the most capable of their leaders in a futile rescue mission. Captain Lucy is expected. And Queen Ariel cannot still her sharp tongue for long enough to escape the fortress in silence, despite Lucy's desperate attempts to keep her monarch quiet! They are rushed by the guards and dragged back to the dungeons of the fortress... with the Queen and her Commander of the Guard now fated to serve the lusty Templars as their sex slaves!

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Video Description: The noisy crack of a wooden paddle on Belinda's bouncing bare bottom!
Someone has to test the effect of a wooden paddle as corporal punishment for students! Who better than bootylicious Belinda Lawson, hoisted onto Helen Stephens' back for a blistering spanking with the Board of Education. What's not to like about The Institute, as Mr Johnson goes to work on Belinda, stripped totally nude for the test.ouchie!

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