Ludella Hahn - Ivy's EXPANDING Power - Draining You to GROW into a Giantess Goddess with Breast Expansion and Butt Growth [FullHD 1080P]

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Xev Bellringer - The Witch's Possession [UltraHD/2K 1440P]

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Mistress Alexandra and Domina Christinne starring in video (Delivery boy translormed into a slave) [SD 480P]

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Video Description: While I was visiting Domina Christinne in Bucharest We wanted to have a bit of fun. We wanted to have a novice slave in Our presence to use and train. The simplest way to have it was to order food. The delivery boy was really curious when he entered what is different with Us. Is only one way for him to find Out. We will show him better than to explain. As a novice slave corrupted into Our naughty games, he has no clue how to react or how to behave in front of Us. We will teach him, We will train him from 0 and We will enjoy it so much. We will make him beg to suck Our cock, We will control and analyze him as a toy, We will spank him and We will use him as Our toy boy. We will change his life for ever. Welcome to your new life. And from now on you will beg for more. You will not be able to live without it.

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Penny Barber - You Always Knew Step-Mom was Hot [HD 720P]

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Princess Ellie starring in video (THE FEMINIZING FAIRY) [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: A wish fairy has appeared before you after reading your dreams night after night. Turns out you wish to be a beautiful woman with perfect breasts and a lovely pussy. There will be only one spell, so are you truly prepared? There is no going back, so youll need to be put to the test first to make sure you dont miss being a boy. Since fairies feed on fantasies and frustration, youll be doing this her way! The first week, youll attend school without your cock. Youll have to go to the bathroom sitting down from now on and of course no playing with yourself at night. The following week, youll have no balls and the budding of tits which youll likely wish to hide. The Wish Fairy will then pick out a man for you and in order for this to all work, youll need to get fucked in the ass by him! If you pass, the transformation will be complete and permanent. Should you fail, everything will be canceled and youll never hear from the fairy again. So, are you ready?

Mistress Lady Renee starring in video (Little Sissy  Complete Film) of (Femme Fatale Films) studio [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Lady Renee has her little sissy bitch in training and today the sissy must learn to give good head. Of course the training is not exactly voluntary its Lady Renees desire to transform this sissy bitch into her cock sucking slut, to take cock and eat cum from whomever and whenever Lady Renee so desires. It wont be long before the little bitch is gagging for cock, just to please her Mistress, but for now, the sissy is just gagging on cock!

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Shiri and Nicko starring in video (Exclusive Story)  of (Kinky Bites) studio [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Exclusive Story does an expose on Hollywoods good girl, Shiri Allwood, who recently joined the racy subscription site Lonely Lambs. Her fan page has pictures and clips of her fucking bound men, dressed in latex from head to toe and with her tied up in a dungeon, drool dripping from her ball gag as she gets fucked hard from behind. Its a far cry from her wholesome days starring on a TV dance show. Shiri has repeatedly denied this account belongs to her. She has cited deep fake technology as the means of creating this filth without her knowledge or consent.After giving an interview to Exclusive Story, Shiri Allwood goes home and lets her live-in sex slave puppy out of his kennel. She is still doing damage control on the phone with her publicist as she drops her cardigan sweater and removes her pearl necklace to put on fierce red and black strappy lingerie with thigh high stockings. She flogs her pups round ass until it glows red. A bone gag strapped to his face, she turns him around so he can sniff her crotch. He obeys all her commands so she pulls off his gag and takes out her cock to feed the hungry pup. Shiri sits on his face rubbing her asshole on his snout until he gets greedy and takes off her bra so he can paw at her breasts. She did not give him permission so he gets swatted down to the end of the bed where he sucks on her stockinged feet, drenching them in his drool.Shiri plays with Nickos puppy tail butt plug, replacing it with a much bigger plug to tease his tight asshole with. She lubes up his strap-on wolf dick and rides it, throwing her head back in pleasure, her bright red lips gasping for air. She then bends over and instructs her collared pooch to fuck her hard from behind. Getting fucked so well makes her rock hard and ready to fuck. She bends Nicko over so she can spank his ass as she thrusts her stiff cock deep into him. After coming on his face she sends him to get back in his kennel so she can get some beauty sleep.

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TS Rianna starring in video (Ass and Balls Bitch) of (Club Stiletto FemDom) studio [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Sexy TS Rianna has her bitch on the bed, right where she left him, waiting to fight for air under her big ass. I love watching you twitch under my ass she tells him before sitting on him in a forward position where she both sits for extended periods but also leans forward so you can see him licking her ass and balls. She is dolled up in sexy black lingerie, pulling the panties to the side so she can feel his tongue on her private parts. After a lengthy sit the slave starts to kick for air and Rianna laughs and says After a day without my balls he starts to twitch, just like he is now.Rianna then reverses positions on the slave so her balls are on the slaves chest and his cock on his lips. She shifts up without letting him suck her cock and settles her balls on his mouth which he is ordered to lick. Finally she lays back on the bed and raises her legs high in the air, the slave is told to lay on his side and rim her asshole. I tease you with my cock but really youre forever ass and balls, maybe thats what itll say on your collar, Ass and Balls Bitch, she explains which causes her to laugh out loud. The bitch just keeps licking!

Crystal Knight starring in video (Proper Slut Training 101) [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Video Description: You want to be my slut? You need to be trained properly. That means from cock sucking to sniffing aroma and what toys to side inside of you. Im transforming you today in ways you always dreamed. You will be my good little slut today. Lock it up and get a vibrator. Grab your toys and your Aroma too. All that matters is that you submit completely and follow my directions explicitly. The rest is in my hands. Prepare to reach a new level of subspace youve never been in before. Enjoy

Reya Sunshine - Bimbo Fuck Slut Transformation [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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