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Video Description: The beautiful, British, Size Queen 'BigYoni95' returns in this outrageous update, fucking her greedy, blown out, horse sized cunt with gigantic dildos, till she gushes in explosive orgasms! We love watching this insatiable, monster cock craving slut obliterating her hole more and more, with the very biggest toys, stopping at nothing to reach the ultimate cunt busting climax! Enjoy seeing Yoni begin with the humongous 'Brutus' dildo from 'Phreak Club' toys, measuring 14" tall x 4.3" thick. It's bulbous, fat shaft and knobbly flared head is the ultimate cunt destroyer, perfect for greedy sluts like Yoni to wreck their holes beyond return. She stands it beneath her, squats over its head and slams her hole from its tip, towards the balls, till she shudders in ecstasy and erupts in a body shattering orgasm, squirting her juices all over the floor! Her orgasm was so intense, she immediately wants another, and wastes no time pulling out her next dong. The 'Master' dildo from 'John Thomas Toys'! This humongous cock stands 11" tall x 4.5" thick and really busts Yoni's cunt apart as she impales herself on it. 'OMG Yes! Fuck That Massive Cock You Whore' Yoni screams, as she bounces up and down, then erupts in another mind blowing climax, and spreads her cavernous, prolapsing cunt apart in the aftermath!

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Video Description: He insatiable, blond, bombshell ' CrazyWifeSlut ' stars in this extreme anal destruction movie, gaping her ass with a hollow ended 'Pig Hole' butt plug, and fucking her deep colon through its open tip with an XL dildo! WOW! This stunningly hot, masochistic anal whore has really trashed her hole so fucking much, she needs it constantly filled extra wide with this humongous hollow plug, whilst penetrating deep into the depths of her colon with another 10" dildo! Only the most perverse anal pigs would achieve this level of anal wreckage, and CrazyWifeSlut happens to be the most beautiful of them all! Listen to the sounds of her sloppy, bucket gaped anus erupting with loud, wet, farts as she plunges her dildo in and out to its fucking base. Her hole's an open ended tunnel and we can see straight through to the end, showing us the ruined anatomy of this ravenous sluts rectum! She blasts her hole relentlessly, till she reaches an incredibly hard climax, then pulls out her Pig Hole plug and her husband steps in to stretch her ass even further! He inserts a large basketball toy, inflates it with an air pump, and CrazyWifeSlut slowly births it out, stretching her anal ring to tearing point around the balls enormous girth!

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Video Description: Our beautiful, American size Queen 'MsBwur' stars in this outrageous insertion scene, fucking her loose, bucket twat with the XXXL 'HandyMan' dildo, from 'Hankeys Toys' for the very first time! This brand new design from master toy creator 'Mr Hankey', is perfect for the most insatiable, fist fucking addicts, when a human size fist just isn't enough to satisfy their needs, they can now depend on a supersized one to fill even the most insatiable holes! MsBwur of course, having the greediest of pussy's opted for the largest size, measuring over 10" tall x 4.2" thick! Thats one colossal fist! And she couldn't wait to devour it! Enjoy watching, as she stands it beneath her, squats over its fingertips and impales herself all the way down to its knuckles, and very widest point. Her slobbering snatch is stretched to tearing point, as she masturbates her clit, and sits full weight till she reaches the Handymans base. The intense stretching sensations send shockwaves of ecstasy throughout her body and she continues riding the thick girth knuckles completely in and out, till she erupts in an incredible mind blowing climax that must be seen!

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Video Description: The beautiful, young size Queen 'StarryFawn' stars in her personal best, record breaking insertion scene, devouring the XXXL 'Vein' dildo from 'All Night Toys' over 10" deep in her ruined hole! Never before have we seen a 21 year old beauty, with such a small physique, impale herself this deep and wide, on such a gargantuan toy! It's a very impressive and unique combination that makes this outstanding video one we're so proud to present. Enjoy watching StarryFawn begin warming up her snatch with another giant, beastly dildo, the Large 'Stan' from 'Bad Dragon' toys, measuring 12" long x 4" thick! It's a demonic looking toy with a huge, pronounced head that does some serious damage popping in her twat! Listen to the loud sloshing sounds of her orgasmic juices creaming over its shaft, as she masturbates her clit with a vibrator and hilts the entire fucking thing to the balls. Her wrecked cunt's now drooling wet, hanging open and perfectly primed to devour the Vein dildo, measuring 14" long x 4.25" wide! She stands it beneath her, squats over its head and devours it over halfway. She screams in ecstasy bouncing up and down it's shaft, burying it deeper with every thrust, till its head's bursting up to her belly and bulging it from the inside out! WOW! This ravenous slut has totally devoured this massive dong almost balls deep and her climax is so fucking intense, her entire body shudders in ecstasy, as she gasps for breath and her ruined snatch drools profusely with her orgasmic juices!

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Video Description: The stunningly hot, new insertion Goddess 'Marie Kaleida' returns in another incredible update, devouring the XL sized 'Flint' dildo from 'Bad Dragon' toys, entirely to the balls in her cavernous, loose cunt! We're totally blown away with every movie this beautiful American MILF performs! She's a smoking hot lady, with one hell of a body and humongous pussy, that devours the very biggest toys available on the planet! Her newest dildo is the mighty XL Flint, measuring 13.5" tall x 4.5" thick and she engulfs the whole damn thing to the base with ease! Enjoy watching Marie stand it beneath her, squat over its head and begin slamming her slobbering snatch from its tip to base repeatedly. Hear the loud sloshing sounds of her juices creaming every scale, ridge and bump on its shaft, as she masturbates her clit with a vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager and explodes in several, body shattering orgasms! This demonic toy is the ultimate pussy mincer and it totally wrecks Maries cunt just the way she craves. She's so obsessed with it, she just couldn't get enough and blasts her snatch in every possible position, till it's a humongous gaping wreck, drooling profusely with her cum juices!
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