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Tori Ray is leaving on a long trip and her friend Christian is taking her to the airport. Before they go, she lets her true feelings about him be known and of course he reciprocates her love.

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Genre: Mio Sakuragi, Uncensored, All Sex, Group Sex, BlowJob, SchoolGirl, Uniform, CreamPie, Asian

Genre: Haruna Nakano, Uncensored, All Sex, BlowJob, SchoolGirl, Uniform, CreamPie, Asian

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Working from Home - House Calls from the Boss Hand and Hair Brush Spanking
TroubleMaker is working from home at a pace that is far slower than she would be allowed in the office. Taking frequent breaks, naps, and binging on TV and video games, she has become lazy and unmotivated. A surprise visit from her Boss will set her on the straight an narrow. After a stern talking to about the production that is expected of her, Miss Stevie sets about correcting her behavior. After removing her shorts, TroubleMaker straddles the chair according to the Boss's instructions. Stevie slaps her round bottom covered in red handprints. Pulling her thong up tightly, she picks up the hairbrush and proceeds to spank the daylights out of her naughty employee.

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Damazonia asked Sarah Moon to do a simple task and she failed to obey to her Mistress. In fact, she is a terrible sub, a true brat who deserves to be punished so Damazonia spanks her so she understands her place before ripping her fishnets and playing with her cute little pussy. She torment her with the magic wand and keeps her on the edge to keep her pussy wet. Gagged and tied up, Sarah is under Mistress Damazonia's control and she knows that she also controls her orgasms, which she will be denied of because Mistress will be the one cumming on the vibrator while she fucks her bratty sub.

Ella - Late For Class, Found By Miss Betty (part 1 Of 2) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Miss Betty finds Ella asleep in her room after lunch, 45 min late to class. She wakes her up with a hard handspanking on her bare bottom.

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Learn all about different spanking implements with Zoe Page and Lottie Lalay
Delve into the pros and cons of different spanking implements with an expert: Zoe Page! She talks to newbie Lottie Lalay in Journey of Discovery before introducing her to a stinging riding crop - first on her inner thighs, then her magnificent bare bottom. Lottie thinks it's ok to start with, but then Zoe increases the intensity.there's more to come!

Regional Manager - Caught on Office Cam [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Regional Manager - Caught on Office Cam - Manager and Employee Suffer Together - Pt1. Reviewing the office security cameras, the Regional Manager decides to make a trip to the office for some executive disciplinary action. Confronting their job performance and resulting punishments, the Rose step-sisters are in for harsh disciplinary action if they intend to keep their jobs. Stevie if pulled across his lap first for a harsh paddling on her already sore bottom. Bent over the desk for a thick strap, Stevie is strapped and paddled to set an example to her employees. The thick wood paddle explodes across her tight jeans. Pulling her pants and panties down for an excruciating strapping and paddling. losing her composure and openly crying in from of her step-sister. Veda is next to bend over the desk for the strap and paddle over her thin skirt. Soon her throbbing bottom is bared and joined by her step-sister for a side by side paddling.

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Video Description: We have a thrilling debut movie starring the beautiful, masochistic model 'Abigail Dupree' annihilating her asshole with a colossal 'Dump & Stump' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys' extreme silicone range! She's a sexy young lady, with a petite physique, greedy wrecked ass and cunt pierced with multiple thick gauge rings in her vaginal lips. Abigail is the epitome of a BDSM pornstar, with a submissive streak and obsession for constantly destroying her holes, using the most extreme toys she can find. Enjoy watching her impressive debut movie, wrecking her asshole with a huge steel ball and the gargantuan Dump & Stump dildo tied to her bed post. She's bent over on all fours with her vaginal rings spread open by cords tied around her legs, which constantly gape her cunt apart as she performs her anal ruination. Abigail begins inserting the XL steel ball in her ass and repeatedly births it out slowly, so we see her anal ring stretching tightly around it's thick girth. After repeating the process several times her ass is now loose and ready to attempt the Dump & Stump dildo for her very first time. She's so aroused to fuck this gargantuan toy measuring 15' long x 5' thick at the base, and couldn't wait to see how deep she could bury it in her ass. She rocks her body back and forth onto the colossal toy, burying half it's shaft deep in her rectum, and stretching her ass hole wider than ever. The extreme stretching sensations send orgasmic pleasure throughout her entire body, and grow more and more intense, the deeper she pushes it in, till she finally bursts in an explosive, mind blowing climax that really must be seen!

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Video Description: We have a thrilling update starring our beautiful new Russian model 'Nikoletta Joy' annihilating her prolapsing anal rosebud with a colossal 'Bad Dragon' dildo! We were thrilled with her recent debut movie, featuring some of the most brutal anal punch fisting penetration we've had the pleasure seeing, and now she's back with another incredible scene of severe anal destruction that cannot be missed. Her gigantic Bad Dragon toy has an extremely thick bulging shaft, with hard scaly ridges and bumps, perfect for annihilating her ass just the way she craves. See Nikoletta mount and ride the terrifying, beastly dildo entirely to its base, devouring the whole thing completely to the floor and bouncing up and down from tip, to base repeatedly. The extreme ass stretching sensations are so intense for her as she slams her rosebud up and down, the giant toy burst out of her ass with an enormous squirt of her orgasmic bodily juices, then she stretches her ruined rosebud open with both hands, and shows us her enormous anal prolapse and severe damage this huge toy really caused!

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Video Description: Experience the ultimate in adult entertainment with Nofacebaby, the stunning beauty who knows how to take on any toy with ease. Watch as she indulges in the pleasures of inflatable dildos, dildo anal play, and even solo fisting. With her incredible flexibility and skill, Nofacebaby will leave you breathless as she brings herself to explosive orgasms time and time again. And don't miss out on her incredible anal gape, as she takes on toys that will leave you amazed. So why wait? Join Nofacebaby on this unforgettable journey of pleasure and indulge in the ultimate in dildo riding today

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Video Description: In my latest video, you will be able to see my costume of Tifa Lockhart wearing a Final Fantasy Nurse Costume! In the past inside the universe that was Final Fantasy, there was a stunning and skilled fighter called Tifa Lockhart. Tifa was famous for her power, agility and beautiful appearance. She was a loved part of the team, however there was a part of her that she hid from her teammates. Tifa had a secret love for nurse outfits. She loved how the outfits made her feel confident and attractive simultaneously. When she got the chance she would go to her room and test on various nurse outfits and sigh in admiration of herself. One of those days that Tifa was deciding to dress in her most loved nurse outfit that included a large Stethoscope, syringe and tall black boots with matching cap, she pondered her thoughts and opted to do something different! The moment she put on her costume she felt a rush of joy raging throughout her body. She strikes a variety of attractive poses and sprays oil on her gorgeous tits.Tifa as she was filled with a feeling of joy and joy, realized she was yearning for something more. In that moment she decided to take in the dream of a sexy nurse even if just for a brief time. Tifa was able to use the Stethoscope and her preferred simulator, the torso that she wore with the daddy. She put the Stethoscope on the dildo, and imagined that she was holding a real cock front of her. She began sucking it up with her red lips, never forgetting to use her tongue. Through her actions, her pussy was soaked and Tifa laid down with her hot tummy on the torso wearing a daddy. She sprayed her ass with oil before beginning to push him into various cowgirl poses. The dolo gave Tifa's female immense pleasure and she took it on until her body was stuffed with an abundance of hot fuck! Tifa was in a state of high arousal. this is why she didn't play these games with her sexy and she shook her head to delight and wanted to feel like a slut was fucked throughout her holes. To achieve that, Tifa took her favorite glass dildo, and began to fiss her ass with it. The dildo slid into her anal hole as if it was a clockwork, and Tifa loved it. However, her insatiable lust for more, and the body swelled and required an orgasm. And when Tifa discovered how she could enjoy herself to the max and decided to make use of an electric vibrator to fuck her pussy and for the ass she sat on her fucking machine, complete with an enormous dildo that began to fiss her ass until it gave her a smooch! Tifa's anal hole opened and she snatched this daddy to fuck her tummy. The actress's ass was so full of fished that she managed to reveal anal gape by rubbing her fingers. Then, Tifa oiled her boobs again, and then started sucking her dimple and then fiddling in between Titties. When the first jets of cum began to emerge from the dildo to be an actual dick, one that would make her mouth full of the cum and offer her a few cumshots
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