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Video Description: I manage to make my bi sluts do the most disgusting things imaginable. Each time I see them I make them do more and more depraved activities for my amusement. It brings me immense joy to humiliate and tease them as they debase themselves for me.

Today, I have my bi slaves seduce each-other by making out and caressing each-other. One slave is made to lick and rim the asshole of the other before he in turn is fucked by the slave's hard cock which has been locked in chastity for 3 months prior to the occasion. It doesn't take long for the slave to cum deep into his ass, after which the spent slave has to then suck the fucked slaves cock until he has a load of cum in his mouth. He is then ordered to spit the slave's load back into his asshole. The fucked slave now has two loads of cum in his ass, including his own. To finish, the fucked slave is made to squat above the face of the other and dispense his cum filled ass into the slave's mouth.

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Video Description: Ash Steele is the cutest femboi in the world and she is here to show off and be a good girl for you. Nothing turns her on more than sucking a hard cock and showing off her bubble butt before you fuck her ass with gusto.

Luna Star - Air Thugger Fucks Luna Star [HD 720P]
Luna Star - Air Thugger Fucks Luna Star [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Erica Cherry leads Whitney Wright into her bedroom. As they exchange sultry looks, their conversation reveals that they just came back from their first date, and they hit it off VERY well. Erica mentions this is her first time dating a sex educator, and this is the most interesting date she's ever had. Whitney replies that she's glad she could hold such a beautiful woman's interest. It's obvious that they're both eager to take things further. It's also clear that they value consent and want to make sure the sex is completely enjoyable for both of them, so they have a respectful and healthy conversation about their likes and dislikes concerning sex.

When Whitney asks if Erica would like to be penetrated at all, Erica chuckles and says that she's only ever topped, playfully explaining 'I've never been into guys, so my hole is off-limits, thank you very much!' Whitney smiles and says that's fine, but gently adds 'If I may put on my sex educator hat for a moment, it sounds like you haven't ever explored the idea because you assumed only a MAN would penetrate you there.' Erica looks a bit surprised, indicating that she never considered the idea of a WOMAN penetrating her.

Whitney says that one thing she tries to do in her work is let people know about the amazing pleasures and benefits of prostate stimulation... so if Erica is okay with giving it a try, they could see if Erica likes it. Whitney promises that if Erica decides at ANY time that she doesn't like it, they can switch to doing something Erica is more comfortable with. How does that sound? After thinking it over for a moment, Erica smiles and says 'Well, if I'm going to try it, I would definitely feel safer in the hands of an expert like you!'

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Video Description: Jessica Souza is a hot transgender babe in a sexy leather outfit that turns us on right away. We can't wait to see her unzip her top and show us everything she's got. She bends over and presents her juicy bubble butt ready to take her favorite dildo in while she strokes herself to climax.
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