Vicky Bren - Too much time confined and without fucking... FAKings: Bring me a HORSEDICK that feeds me well ;P NEW!!! 25-11-2020 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Too much time confined and without fucking... FAKings: Bring me a HORSEDICK that feeds me well ;P

BBC Hotel Adventure [HD 720P]

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Video Description: This is some funny shit. It had me rolling. You all remember daisyred, she such a sweetheart. She had a brief stinct in porn abut 2 years ago than she quit. She really wasnt meant for porn but after almost two year of not filming and she was hangiong out with us at the time. She's like fuck it, I can use the money. What can possibly go wrong when u aint fucked a BBC like Redzilla in years and you aint filmed in over 2 years. Well, everything went wrong but the fart killed me. You all will just have to watch the full video especially the beginning. But, like a G, Redzilla did his part and knocked her down.


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Video Description: I havent had relationship in over 10 years and when I did have one years ago, I was ready to leave within a few months. I never believed in long term relationships, women be tripping over everything. You cant fuck other women, they want to know who calling you or where you at. Fuck that, I like my freedom!! Maybe Im just old and hardcore with my lifestyle. But, every so often I get some young, freak couples that are in love, and can deal with all the relationship stuff, which is a good thing. I want you all to meet Foreign Alure and Gvollo. They been together for almost 2 years now and the way they look at each other and talk about each other you all know they in love. Foreign Alure is a sexy, 19 yrs. old petite mixed white, Rican and black. You can tell she mixed from her piercing hazel eyes and her light skin. She has this beautiful body, with these perky tits and nice, phat juicy pussy. Man, them lips on her, they so thick and juicy especially when she sucking on her man, Gvollos dick. I was like damm.. them dick sucking lips looks soo dam good. Gvollo is one luck brotha for having a cute woman like her. They did a great job for being their first time filmed on camera. These two were fucking hard and she was cumming all over his BBC. The way they were fucking and the emotion she was showing when Gvollos dick was in her. I guess, that's why I call this the Black Love Story cause they were making real passionate love to each other and fucking like the wild young couple they are.


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Video Description: I love slim. petite women with a booty. But, the homie Redzilla sure as hell loves them ebony over 250lb BBWs. So, when I brought him this thick, chocolate BBW he thought he was in heaven. Her name is Simone Blaque, shes 23 years old and has never been filmed before. She has that nice, chocolate skin with them pierced tits. She a sexy and freaky BBW and Redzilla had a smile on his face the whole time he was fucking her. These two were feeling each other; She loves BBC's and he loves BBW's. It was a match made in heaven! Redzilla went on beast mode with her he was fucking that big, juicy black booty from doggy style to missionary. He even picked her 250+ lbs. up and was fucking her in the air. It was crazy What's even more crazier, Redzilla busted 3 nuts back to back to back. It was a wild. Redzilla went bananas on her.

Blake Blossom And Mazee The Goat - THE RETURN OF THE GOAT [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: The one and only Mazee The Goat ?? makes his return to See H???M Fuck today and we paired HIM up with fan favorite Blake Blossom for this FRESH* scene! Mazee starts out by taking off his dress shirt ?? tie and slacks ?? showing off the bulge in his See HIM underwear ?? before we get to see some of his skillfully sexy dance moves ?? Blake then steps into the scene and gives his armpits the old ?? Sniff N Lick ?? sneaking a kiss from Mazee in the process ?? Blake then applies a generous ?? amount ?? of lube ?? to HIM, getting his thick prick nice and slick ?? Blake makes her way down to his feet ?? and removes Mazee's socks ?? so she can do one of her favorite sex acts: deepthroating a guy's toes! She slobbers all over his feet ?????? toes, sole and heels. Mazee gets on all fours as Blake finishes up her foot worshiping, as it's time for Round 1 ??? of ass eating ???? Blake gets right in there, tonguing Mazee's ass from above while milking his cock. Mazee sits back and lets Blake give HIM a sensual footjob before he goes spread eagle for Round 2 ??? of ass eating ???? During this part of the scene, around the 28:30 mark, is a sexual position that we're quite sure hasn't been named yet ?????>? so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section ?? below ?? Blake then gives Mazee a very sloppy blowjob, gagging and slurping on his girthy gift...and not forgetting the balls! Then it's time for some hardcore fucking, as Mazee plows Blake cowgirl, on her side, and a lot of piledriver fucking. Mazee then gives Blake's coed cooch a rapid licking ???? until it's time for Round 3 ??? of ass eating ???? Mazee does a split and hovers over Blake's face so she can rim away from below. Mazee then positions her for some missionary deep-dicking, where we get to see HIM flex his impressive muscles ???? as he hammers away on Blake until he can no longer hold it in and unloads a thick gooey load on Blake's pretty little face ??????????+? As usual, we catch up with our stud in the shower after ??
*If you read our post in the News section, you know that this scene made it in just under the wire! Filming ended around 4PM ET on Wednesday 2020-11-18 and 32 hours later at Midnight ET 2020-11-20 it's ready and online for your viewing pleasure. How's that for FRESH content? ?? Until next time, as we've been saying since March: STAY SAFE! ??

Blake Blossom And Brickzilla - A VERY REQUESTED SCENE [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: You've been requesting it for weeks ???>? ?????>? ?????>? ?????>? ?????>? and now it's a reality: A See H???M Fuck scene where Brickzilla & his ?? 13-inch cock get serviced by the lovely coed ?? Blake Blossom! After Brickzilla takes off suit (with a little help from Blake) he then lets that mammoth black dick flop out of his See HIM underwear ?? Blake gives his armpits the old ?? Sniff N Lick ?? before lubing HIM up front and back, making sure to reach around and get the BBC ?? ready for action. Blake removes his socks ?? and sucks his toes ?????? until it's time for Round 1 ??? of ass eating ???? and DAMN! Blake rims Brickzilla six ways from Sunday! ?? Blake then sucks and slobbers on his girthy gift ???? and Brickzilla returns the oral favors by going down on her plump pussy ?? Blake rides HIM and gets piledriver fucked until it's time for Round 2 ??? of ass eating ???? where she attacks his asshole from above. Brickzilla then deep-dicks Blake doggystyle and missionary until he can hold it no longer and give her a big juicy creampie ?? (a rarity around here). After, we catch up with Brickzilla in the ?? shower... Until Next Time: Stay Safe! ??

Shay London And Chelsea Ellis Interracial Threesome [FullHD 1080P]

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Cecilia Lion [FullHD 1080P]

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He Should Know Better [HD 720P]

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Lucy Heart And Lindsey Olsen [FullHD 1080P]

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Myss Alessandra - My girlfriend WANTS A BLACK DUDE. She can be yours for 700, do you accept? SPOILER ALERT: Myss Alessandra has a good time with the Cuban dudes ENORMOUS COCK [HD 720P]

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Video Description: When Myss Alessandra and RealValle came to FAKings for the first time, they revealed themselves as a shy couple, eager to get into the swinger world, but only little by little, step by step... That seems so far away now! 'Cause here they are again, but they aren't going to turn into swingers little by little, oh no, they're going to dive into it all at once. RealValle has come over to sell his SPECTACULAR GIRLFRIEND to us!! When they arrive they seem nervous, but willing. We don't know what's going to happen, but after some time negotiating, RealValle can't avoid staring the amazing wad of cash we offer in exchange for his girlfriend, and he gives her to us quickly. When the money is accepted, THERE'S NO TURNING BACK. But to make it a better offer for Myss Alessandra, is not a rookie dich what she's about to taste, but Cuban Jesus Reyes' ENORMOUS BLACK COCK. When the fella appears, Alessandra has only eyes for him. We know that what's coming is going to be big, but when it comes at last, our expectations get shattered. Myss Alessandra enjoys THE GREATEST FUCK OF HER LIFE while her boyfriend, who at first seems a litte inhibited when he watches his innocent girlfriend revelling in that black dong, soon joins the party in this interracial threesome. A "Selling my girlfriend" like only FAKings can offer you. We won't distract you any longer. See it for yourselves!

Hazel Moore [FullHD 1080P]

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Nym Fleurette [HD 720P]

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