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Video Description: The beautiful, new size Queen 'Lulu Blair' returns in this incredible update, stretching her cavernous, bucket cunt birthing a XXXL 'Kong' toy, till she reaches an explosive climax and gapes her blown out hole apart to extreme levels! It's a rare delight seeing such a stunningly hot, petite lady like Lulu capable of performing the enormous insertions that she does, which is why she's so popular around here! This tiny 4',9", 92lbs doll has the divine beauty of a Disney princess, with a secret passion for destroying her pussy with the very biggest toys available! So if you love watching smoking hot women wrecking their holes for the ultimate climax, then this movie's most definitely for you to enjoy! See Lulu begin laid back on the bed, spreading her legs apart with her slack hole facing the camera, as she lubricates her Kong toy, ready to engulf it entirely! This huge, hollow ended toy has a gigantic girth and is shaped like a double bulbed plug. Lulu shoves it entirely inside her, gasping with euphoria, as it stretches her snatch full, then slowly births it out to it's widest level and sucks it back in. Her pussy lips grip tightly round the surface of the Kong, and we can see her cervix prolapse through its top opening, as she repeatedly pushes it in and out. The stretching sensations build up an intense pressure inside Lulus bucket hole and she's bursting to fire out the massive Kong like a torpedo! She keeps it held in to the very last moment, till she can't resist any longer and erupts in ecstasy! The toy explodes out of her wrecked hole, which she spreads open with both hands, showing us her meaty, throbbing cunt flesh prolapse and gape profusely in the aftermath of this incredible scene, you wouldn't want to miss!

Genre: Queen, dildo, gaping, squirting, toy, cervix, bucket, climax

Video Description: The extremely beautiful, new size Queen 'Lulu Blair', returns in this incredible scene, stretching out her bucket hole on the XXL 'Banner' dildo from 'Nothosaur' toys, entirely to the balls, till she reaches explosive, squirting orgasms! This petite, 4',9" tall, 92lbs babe completely blows our mind with her stunning beauty and humongous cunt, that devours such colossal toys! The 'Banner' dildo is the latest in her arsenal and definitely one of her most challenging, measuring 11" tall x over 4" thick! With its bulging green shaft, covered in hard veins, it was hard to imagine the tiny Lulu, with her Disney princess looks even getting halfway down this Hulk dick, but she did way more than that! Sit back, grab a lot of tissues and try not to cum before the end, as Lulu engulfs this whole monster cock to the belly! She stands the Banner beneath her, squats straight down its shaft to the centre, and frantically masturbates her clit! Hear her gasp in euphoria, as her eyes roll back, feeling the colossal toy expanding her cunt apart to its limits! Her orgasmic screams grow louder with every further inch she devours, till she's reached the base! WOW! We can see her belly bulging out in the middle, as she leans back and grinds her drooling snatch on the Banners balls! She's now slamming the whole toy from its head to base, faster and harder, till she's ready to erupt, then lifts up in a body shaking climax, squirting her orgasmic juices straight towards the camera! All that remains to finish off this perfect scene is the gaping shot! Which is fucking epic! Lulu spreads out her cavernous bucket hole with both hands, showing us her drooling, prolapsed vaginal walls and cervix, still throbbing in the aftermath of this unmissable masterpiece!

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Video Description: The beautiful anal Queen ' Kassiopeia ' returns in this outrageous update, having her prolapsing ass punch fisted till she gushes in multiple squirting orgasms, whilst having her pussy stretched with an XL 'Ika' tentacle dildo, from 'Bad Dragon' toys! This smouldering hot, brunette beauty never stops amazing us with her intense anal stretching penetrations, wild gushing orgasms and relentless passion for wrecking her ass to excess! This is her first scene where she's stretched to extreme levels in both holes simultaneously and it's amongst her very best, so you wouldn't want to miss it, if you're a fan of this mesmerising lady! Enjoy watching Kassi begin bent over on all fours, as her husband slams her ass deep and hard with the Ika dildo! This enormous tentacle toy measures 15" long x 4" thick at the base and he really blasts her rectum without mercy to extreme depths, penetrating way up into Kassis belly! Hear her loud screams of ecstasy, as he begins plunging the Ika into her pussy, then slams her ass balls deep with his raging hard cock! What follows is a savage punch fisting attack to Kassis anal rose, which blooms out in a full prolapsing rosebud every time he pulls out his fist and punches her ass meat right back in! The penetration's so intense, Kassi erupts with powerful gushing squirts of her orgasmic juices, flooding the floor beneath her! After this explosive, screaming climax, he continues punch fisting her ass, whilst fucking her pussy with the Ika dildo! Kassi bursts in several more, gushing orgasms, then he dumps a heavy creampie of his jizz deep in her rectum, which drools out whilst she prolapses her anal rose in a close up camera shot for the finale of this masterpiece, that cannot be missed!

Genre: Queen, dildo, squirting, orgasm, prolapse, toy, anal, outrageous, climax, brunette

Video Description: The gorgeous anal Queen ' Kassiopeia ' stars in this outrageous update, busting her prolapsed anal rose apart on the XL 'Behemoth' dragon dick from 'Twisted Beast' toys, for the first time, till she erupts in countless gushing orgasms! This smouldering hot, brunette will stop at nothing to destroy her ass further in every thrilling performance, for the ultimate climax! Her enormous anal penetrations are amongst the best we've seen, and she's officially the G.O.A.T at squirting showers of ecstasy! Enjoy watching Kassi begin this scene standing the Behemoth dildo beneath her, ready to impale her ass down its colossal shaft measuring 11" tall x 4" thick, covered in muscular, contoured ridges and veins! Hear her loud groans of ecstasy, as she sinks her hole right down to the balls, engulfing the whole dragon dick in her rectum. Its colossal size expands her ass apart to its limits, whilst she frantically masturbates her clit and slams up and down! It's not long before she explodes in her first ejaculating climax, drenching the floor beneath her with orgasmic fluids! Kassi spreads her hole apart towards the camera and pushes it to prolapse, showing us the enormous size of her anal rose in full bloom, but she's not finished wrecking it yet! This monstrous dragon dick gave her such an intense climax, she can't wait for the next! Kassi turns around with her ass facing the camera and devours the Behemoth again, rocking back and forth on her knees, as we see her insatiable hole swallow it up from tip to base in close up vision! She reaches another explosive, screaming orgasm and proudly displays her prolapsed anal rose in the finale of this incredible movie, you wouldn't want to miss!

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Video Description: The beautiful insertion goddess ' CrazyWifeSlut ' returns in this thrilling scene, having her cavernous cunt machine fucked with the XXXL 'Axel' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys', till she erupts in several, squirting orgasms! This stunningly hot blond has such insatiable holes, only the very biggest toys can satisfy her needs! Toys such as the Axel dildo, measuring 15" long x 4.4" thick, making it the ultimate BBC for her demanding holes. It's not just size that matters to CrazyWifeSlut, but stamina and power are also a necessity. Only a robotic, heavy duty fucking machine is going to give her the cunt splitting, high impact penetration she craves and that's exactly what she receives in this scene! Enjoy watching her laid back on the sofa, clutching her legs beside her ears, as her husband positions the Axel dildo attached to the machine directly in her drooling snatch. The speed is set to mid pace, with deep strokes that plunge the Axel straight up to her cervix, whilst she frantically masturbates her clit! She soon edges towards her first climax and screams for faster thrusts! The machines speed is adjusted to max and completely blasting her hole belly deep, making her legs tremble, as she explodes in a screaming climax! CrazyWifeSluts first orgasm was so intense, she immediately wants another! Her husband adjusts the stroke depth even longer and shoves the Axel right back in his hot wifes sopping wet snatch! "OMG YES! Harder!" She screams, whilst pummelled with full depth and strength of her brutal machine, till she erupts in several more squirting orgasms from her blown out, bucket hole that cannot be missed!

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