Kate Kennedy Gets DP'd and Stuffed Airtight [HD 720P]

Genre: BDSM, torture, bondage, whipping, humilation, group sex

Video Description: Kate Kennedy is married. She's happy. But she has a fantasy, a dark fantasy she can't share with her husband. Her fantasy involves a dark room, rope, and being at the mercy of five men. She's tied in strict bondage, unable to move as five men advance, pulling out their hard cocks in preparation. Soon, they're all over her. Pressing fingers and cocks into her mouth, telling her to keep her mouth open, and to tell them how much she wants their cocks. Kate asks for their cocks as they take turns ravishing her mouth. Kate takes cock after cock, gagging on them as they fuck her face. She eagerly swallows each cock and screams for more cock. Next, she's suspended in rope bondage. Then men crowd in on her from all sides and soon she's got a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. She moans as cocks slide in and out of her holes. They smack her ass and spit on her face as her holes swallow their cocks. They fuck her ass and make her a messy sloppy slut. They spin her around in bondage, so she can taste the cocks that were in her cunt and her ass. Soon she's begging for them to fill all her holes so they bring her down, they stuff her airtight. Kate loses track of how many times they double stuff her holes. She cries out as they fuck her relentlessly and manhandle her into different positions. She screams as they slap her face and fuck her pussy, ass, and mouth over and over again. Once they've had her fill, they bring her to her knees and give her five fat loads all over her face. Covered in cum, spit, and lube, Kate is one happy slut.

Bella Rossi BaRS show continues with rough doggy [HD 720P]

Genre: BDSM, torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

Video Description: Bella Rossi BaRS show continues with rough doggy style fucking and drooling BBC deepthroat!
The action continues without a shred of mercy on Bella Rossi's live BaRs show. You never give them a chance to collect themselves here at Sexuallybroken, it is all about dicking them down until their brains melt into soup. Bella's brains appear to have left the building a while ago. Bound in a doggy style position that perfectly displayed her booming butt and tightly bound breasts, both ends of Bella are wide open for access and ripe for the plucking. And pluck them we do. We have not one but three cocks for her greedy holes today...
In an unrelenting deconstruction by dick, we tag team down her holes as Bella moans and drools and cums, her glassy eyes showing just how far gone into sexual subspace she has gone. A content pleased smile is plastered wide across her beaming face.
We aren't even sure we could call this sexually broken. Bella is simply enjoying herself way too much. She looks like a cat full of cream. Well, the show isn't done yet. Let's throw one more position at her and see how she handles it. Stay tuned!

Anal Sluts Tied Down for Service at BDSM Swinger Party [HD 720P]

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Part two of our BDSM summer soiree finds Arabelle Raphael tied down to a fuck table in tight bondage with her big nipples adorned with brutal metal clover clamps. She is faced with her teenage trainee Chloe Cherry gripping a huge dildo gag in her mouth. The governess Aiden Starr is determined to teach this little blond slut how to be a sex object rather than a selfish whore, and will start by using her as a toy for Arabelle's pleasure. Made to fuck her superior's cunt in front a crowd of cheering partygoers, Chloe begins to take pleasure in her work, then a big dildo in her tight pink pussy from the Governess. Meanwhile, the Guest of Honor enjoys liberties with Arabelle's ass and pussy. In the midst of her sexual debasement, Chloe tries her best hold her orgasms back until granted permission and starts to understand the role of a sexual submissive through rigorous fuck training. The BDSM swinger crowd is horny and wild by this time. There are scenes of lesbian fucking machine orgies, one sexually submissive woman takes an anal hook and many beatings from her Masters, while rope bondage and corporal scenes continue throughout the room. One very beautiful guest worships another women's ass and feet, while lesbian pussy licking adds a touch of eroticism to a savage corporal scene. Swingers fuck on all the couches, and there are blowjobs in all corners of the party. Teen anal dream Chloe has been taught all the rules of the House and is eager to be used for the pleasure of the House. Chloe attempts to recite the rules in a composed manner until Aiden Starr is quickly fist deep in her perfect ass. Trying to show off comportment in a depraved anal scene is quite difficult, leaving Chloe screaming in pleasure and shock instead of impressing her teacher. Arabelle has a vibrator tied to her slutty pussy and gets railed by the Guest of Honor while doing her very best to comfort Chloe with some pussy licking. It's no use, Chloe cums like a little slut without permission, and has her breath taken away by Aiden who promptly sits on her silly teen face. The Governess is finally satisfied with Chloe's recitation of the rules and proper begging into her cunt, and allows her to take cock in her ass. Arabelle's face begging for cum tips our Guest of Honor over the edge, spraying both sluts' beautiful faces with a load of cum. Well done!

Belinda Bee - Sexy Milf With Silicone Tits [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mature Gapers, MatureGapers, Belinda Bee

Video Description: Sexy MILF with silicone tits Belinda Bee gets her perfect tight pussy stretched, gaped and hard fucked by our very experienced gaper Kamil Klein. She screamed while his thick fingers gaped her tight wet pussy, as well as his big dick penetrated into her moist aroused vagina. Watch her pass out while she is servicing to our dirty lecher, here on Mature Gapers in 4K!

Asia Rivera - Asia Gets Naked And Fucked [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: My Best Sex Life, MyBestSexLife, Asia Rivera

Video Description: Asia Rivera is a tight Asian teen with a smooth body and cute little tits. Check out how easily I get her horny by eating her pussy! By then Asia is wet and moaning and ready to get fucked! Asia rides me reverse cowgirl and I bang her from behind, giving her pussy every last drop of my sticky moby dick sperm!

Aubree Valentine - Creampie Sweethearts [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: My Best Sex Life, MyBestSexLife, Aubree Valentine

Video Description: Aubree Valentine is the total package. She is smoking hot, super smart and down to earth. When Aubree comes over I know we are gonna have a good time. Whenever we hang out, we usually get horny and fool around. This time, Aubree starts it off by masturbating on my couch. She invites me to join her for some fun. She was so horny to fuck that she forgot to take her shoes off! One of Aubree's best qualities is that she loves to lick ass. In this video she slides her tongue deep into my ass while she jerks me from behind. To show my gratitude I fuck her from behind until I just can't hold out any longer. I say a little prayer of thanks to the god of love who brought Aubree and I together today, then I spread her legs and I fill her up with a juicy Creampie.

Bella Luna - Lowered Inhibitions [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: My Best Sex Life, MyBestSexLife, Bella Luna

Video Description: Bella Luna is just my type. She has huge natural tits, a delicious pussy, and, and a beautiful face. I had been wanting to fuck her for a while and finally I got my chance. She was so horny when she came over that we were fucking even before the cameras were rolling. Always a good sign! It felt so good fucking her that it was hard not to cum but I was able to hold it together and when I finally did cum I made sure that I came right in her pussy. After all, that's what she came here for!

Ella Chooses A Paddling [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: Ella has chosen a paddling instead of suspension. She is bent over and given 10 swats over her jeans. She is then sent home for the day.

Humiliating experience for Amelia Rutherford [HD 720P]

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: The harsh crack of a wooden paddle on her bare bottom is new to Amelia Rutherford, but The Facility holds additional levels of humiliation as she submits to a special gag to test her willingness to conform. This is a strange, dystopian Handmaids' Tale style of environment. Bent over a desk, mouth reluctantly filled, Amelia cannot believe her situation

Cunt and Asshole Spanked and Caned- Bad Girl Bedtime [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: BDSM, Spanking

Video Description: All Three of my Naughty Holes - Cunt and Asshole Spanked and Caned- Bad Girl Bedtime
Her daily paddling's intensify for weekend swats. Friday Saturday Sunday she receives double the swats extra hard, ending up on her bear flustered bottom. A Giant a School paddle exploding across skimpy cotton shorts makes it earsplitting echo off the walls of the bedroom. Shorts down and nothing but a song another 12 squats to the verge of tears. Saturday begins over tight jeans. After a dozen her pants and panties are pulled down for 12 crawl swats on her bare bruised bottom. After an entire week of Spanking she is always bruised and raw by Sunday for the most painful speaking of the week. Workout shorts have no protection From the heavily peddling to follow. Shorts and panties pulled down the thick paddle blisters her poor bottom. Gathered up in his arms, her bottom throbs as he kisses her forehead.

Eyla Moore - Czech Beauty Fucks To An Orgasmic Finish [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: My Best Sex Life, MyBestSexLife, Eyla Moore

Video Description: Eyla Moore is a sexy blonde Czech babe with many talents.Here you can watch her suck my cock and get fucked hard until I cum all over here pussy!

Jessica Starling - Stairway To Heaven [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: My Best Sex Life, MyBestSexLife, Jessica Starling

Video Description: Jessica Starling is so hot she almost doesn't seem like she can possibly be real. She has a perfect pair of big natural tits and an incredible ass.
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