Silvia can't wait: "Jesus, fuck me at once..." They all are crazy for my Cuban cigar [HD 720P]

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Video Description: 'Sup buddies! I'm Back, and I'll already tell you this couldn't wait... and with 'this' I mean someone that, don't know 'bout you, but I missed her very much... And she is Silvia Soprano! This Italian teen babe comes to receive a good fuck... or more like tat giving it to me!! 'Cause, as you'll see in the video, young Silvia doesn't want to fool around: She wants cocks, and she wants'em right now! In fact she's so horny that, even before I arrive, she's already masturbating and fingering her pussy, dreaming about my Cuban shaft and coming as much as she can come... When I arrive, she's already super wet and goes straight to my cock just so she can deepthroat it. And you already know that's something I like pretty much hahaha. Of course, here's the video. The Soprano babe is back, she's hornier than ever (it seemed impossible, given how horny she was before), and she wants a mouthful of cocks. Well, for the moment, she can start with mine! And let you all enjoy it

Stealthy encounter at the break room. Lola Emme doesn't miss the chance of enjoying a cock [HD 720P]

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Video Description: One thing is clear: Here at FAKings, leaving the cameras on is clearly worth it, and by A LOT hahaha. The perfect example is here, at this great laid starred by the Argentinian female tiger itself, Lola Emme, and Jason, whom, we're sure, from this point on he'll be looking forward to getting stranded... The match that starts this fire is precisely that, Jason had gotten stranded by the girl he was supposed to film with. A shame, at least until Lola Emme came around, fresh after doing a scene. And Lola, seeing Jason's long face, remembers Jason's 'other long thing', and goes straight to him, whom, without believing it starts right on to eatin' her BIG TITS out. And so they give us a great STEALTHY FUCK the kind we hadn't seen around for a while

"Do I really have to show my tits? I'm a little embarrassed :-(" Chrystal, this is a PORN CASTING, not a cashier interview tee hee hee [HD 720P]

Genre: Fakings, Chrystal Rosewood, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Fat, BBW

Video Description: We all know that, even after a debutb scene, a PORN AUDITION is a scary thing. Just ask Chrystal! Chrystal came for her debut from (Her full name is Chrystal Rosewood and here's her LoverFans profile), and we liked her so much we wanted to check if she's got porn star material in her. So we appointed her in our studios to conduct a quick interview. And as we said, rolling cameras and FAKings bald guy are pretty imposing. So it's just natural Chrystal feels a bit awkward. She thinks she's here just for an interview to become a performer, but it looks she just thought it was going to be like a barista job interview, she didn't even think she needs to show the goods to work in porn... Great mistake you made there, Chrystal! Slowly but steadily, we talk her into it and she gives us the sweet sight of her curvy body and those HUGE BOOBS... and then she agrees to show more and more flesh, and even to a photoshoot. And what a happy coincidence, our on-duty fuckboy Joan is waiting on set. "Chrystal, can you touch his crotch? It adds realism to the pictures ;-P" Chrystal didn't expect this bare interview to become a full revelry, but as soon as she feels his dick, she doesn't have second thoughts, What's next? The key question, propose her, now you're already here, wanna bang Joan and earn her some dough and give us a great scene. And Chrystal, feeling like a bitch in heat, thinking only on that dick she's been groping. It can only end in fucking! And fucking is what they do, with a little note on the side: Turns out shy Chrystal LOVES HARDCORE FUCKING! Dudes, you've got to watch this.

WELCOME TO BARCELONA... Carolina, from her town to the big city. The petite porn babe wants to become a big Pornstar, Vol. I [HD 720P]

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Video Description: WHATEVER HAPPENS ON FAKINGS... Let us introduce you Carolina Lorca. Ok, sometimes we kind of exaggerate, but this time we can say for real: THIS GIRL HAD FUCKED JUST ONE TIME IN HER LIFE, AND IT'S ON TAPE! Here it is, enjoy it ;-) Today we wanted a true official premiere: we made her take a plane and we're waiting for her at the airport, where we found a really excited youngster. She's so nervous because of the camera she can't even speak. She cannot say a word! She's so fresh, it was her first plane trip! This gonna be good heheheh... Our (delicate) breaker today is Jason, who loves today's task... and Carolina tells her tale as she gets into the car: the story of a shy, sheltered young girl, unable to meet or bang a guy her age, she's resorting to porn as a last resort... And wow she likes to fuck! But she needs to hone her skills and learn, that's where we begin... And Jason! Because, no joke, Carolina has sucked only one dick in all her life, and don't even speak about deepthroating... You can see how she tries to swallow Jason's dick following our instructions... And slow and steady, she passes the test! Even more, they're so turned on already they won't wait to get to the studio, we have to stop the car to shoot it! Carolina loses herself, still a bit anxious... In summary: This tender brat is going to get a lesson in sex she won't forget, and another lesson as a tip she won't forget: She's gonna taste semen for her first time! In truth we can only say: Welcome to porn, Carolina!! :-D and if any of you girls want to live her experience (you can tell how happy she is), don't forget to scroll down and check how to be a porn star!

Old dude wants "Italian style" pussy and I want someone that can find my G point. Sometimes twinks are a little boring [HD 720P]

Genre: Fakings, Valentina Bianco, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf

Video Description: Hiiiii guys! Here comes Valentina :-D You see, I have to confess a little thing... Sometimes, very exceptionally, twinks get me a little bored, and I need an experienced cocks that can give me what I need, without me having to teach him how to do it tee hee hee... And for moments like this there's my friend Marc, a 50-something old guy I had been waiting to taste for a while. We arrange a meeting in his room, and we don't spend our time with introductions: We've come to FUCK, and that's what we're going to do. I love a good mature with clear ideas! And what she likes, it seems, is my butt, given he claims it's the best he's seen.I agree with him hahahaha... It is time for this mature dude to try my "Italian style" pussy, and for me to receive a feast of good English sausage. Enjoy it, you guys! Kisses from Valentina

Alexxxis Allure - Head Games [HD 720P]

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Reina Rae - Reina Rae Spanked, Face Fucked & Fucked Hard Bonus Scene [FullHD 1080P]

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Mandy Foxxx, XTeenCumSlutX  - Teen Cum Slut gets her first splattering - SB 173 [FullHD 1080P]

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Aurora Frost, Classy Filth, Tamsin Riley  - Sexy threesome take some spunk in their faces - SB 172 [FullHD 1080P]

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Mandy Foxxx, Talula Thomas  - Crazy haired duo go cock mad in a bukkake - SB 165 [FullHD 1080P]

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Cotton Candi - Smothered In Tits [HD 720P]

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Sera Ryder - Sera Ryder's Suck This Dick Debut [FullHD 1080P]

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