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LauranVickers - But Not For You Part 2 [HD 720P]

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Club Stiletto Femdom - Kenny'S Arranged Marriage - You'Re My Toilet Paper [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: The toilet flushes and then we see sexy Milf Mistress Keres walk out of the bathroom. The camera scans and we see her husband kenny cuffed to the banister of the stairs wearing a giant rubber penis head. How humiliating. Keres removes it and says "How's my dick head?" She then asks him if he heard the toilet flush and he replies "I know what that means, Auntie used to do this to me, make me lick her clean after she's done her business." In fact Keres gets most of her ideas from her Auntie and that is exactly what is going to happen. She mounts kenny and brings her lush ass down on his face where she demands a lot of licking and deep rimming too. As the scene unfolds she relaxes more and more on his face until she is using his head as a bench. She does sit up to give you a great view of her asshole and also to allow kenny to inspect it and make sure she is squeaky clean.

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Video Description: Kandy has been super busy since transforming her gardener into her sissy slut. None the less, she needs cardio and always wants to insure her ass looks super hot so today we find her working up a sweat on her elliptical. Mean while sissy Nikki is always close at hand and while Kandy works out she is busy dusting and tidying things. Kandy reminds her programmed possession that she has to take care of all menial tasks in the house, "There is more to life than just sucking cock" she tells her cum burping bimbo. Nikki was once a hairy man but now on hormones with a soft smooth body and she looks rather sweet in her maids outfit. Kandy tells Nikki to get her water and kneel beside her as her bottle holder. "I love seeing my slave kneeling obediently and waiting patiently" Kandy says. After a time Kandy has Nikki hand her the water and as the camera moves in on Kandy's back you can see the sweat is really starting to bead on her body. Kandy reminds nikki that soon enough she will again be gagging on cocks. Kandy enjoys the cold water and says it's cold drinks for her and hot for Nikki ... hot cum that is.

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Video Description: In der Rechtslehre wird der Begriff Gewalt in zwei Formen unterschieden. Zum einem gibt es d ie Vis Compulsiva, d ie willensbeugende Gewalt, d ie das Opfer so manipuliert, dass es dem eigenen Willen nicht mehr nachgeht. Aber warum sollte ich mir erst d ie Muhe des Beugens machen, wenn es doch d ie Moglichkeit der willensbrechenden Gewalt gibt, d ie es dem Opfer komplett verwehrt sich erst einen eigenen Willen zu bilden?! Und dieses Opfer ist definitiv eher gebrochen als meine Peitsche ...

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Video Description: When the exquisite fetish of the collar up is mixed with Bullwhipping, you know that the result is pure and delicious pleasure! And what to say if the Mistress if the sublime and ultra dominant Ama K?

Latin Beauties In High Heels - First Whipping Therapy By Dra Jean Grey [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: The kinky Dr Jean is ready to enjoy her first whipping session with slave guille. She will be guided by her Femdom Mentor, Ama K. Dr Jean looks breathtaking with these amazing black over the knee boots. She knows the effect of these boots on her slaves! And Ama K ... Wow ... She looks just sublime on her elegant outfit and her beautiful ankle boots.

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Video Description: After a trampling session the girls still aren’t done with their pathetic ugly fat slave. Time for BALLBUSTING! Every kick hurts more and more. The smack noise as his nuts get kicked keeps getting louder and louder. Making him fall to the ground is the goal. His ball sack is 4x the size of his little dick! This is what needs to happen. Spending a whole day destroying him is what keeps him in line. He is our pain slave. We use him to get our aggression out and to remind him that he is nothing in this world.