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Video Description: Its Valentines Day and while Rion King is getting ready to go visit his girlfriend, when he gets a text from this girl Gabbie Carter who hes been talking to lately. Suddenly, he gets a special visit from his good conscience who tries to persuade him to be a good boyfriend and go with his girlfriend, but on the other hand, his bad conscience tries to tempt him into going with the sexy Gabbie Carter. At the end he decides to have his way with both devil and angel since they both seemed to be dying to get a taste of him.

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Video Description: Lexi Grey had been a regular visitor to the Assylum, but for some reason she had never come to the Slavemouth harem for oral therapy. Now, with Valentine's Day approaching, she and Dr. Mercies saw the perfect opportunity for some rough oral hatefucking. Cupid had passed both of them by this year, so why not make the most of the holiday together? This is a harsh session, with Dr. Mercies taking on the role of a sadistic anti-Cupid and Lexi getting struck by his evil arrows. She not only gets a very rude face fucking; she also eats out of the doctor's ass, snorts frozen cum from his ass, and gets the frozen cum slapped out of her mouth into a collection plate over and over again. Nevertheless, this is a still a playful session, and Lexi finishes with a smile.

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Man, this video brings back memories when I first started and was filming back in them trap spots with the homie who started me in it all, Young Dopeman. I miss them good ole days, But now I have upgraded to 2-star hotel rooms. The homie, Young Dopeman said he was done with his spot. SO, I figured why not save some money and use his place. I know Sheree Cakez and Ralph Whoren were laughing about it. Sheree is a thick, chocolate newbie. She got a nice, phat ass, in her late 20s and can suck and slob on some dick. Once, the fucking and sucking started they were all good. She was sucking and slobbing on his dick like it was corn on the cob than Ralph went deep into the pussy fucking her doggy style, watching that ass bounce up and down on his BBC. He was going all in her pussy in every position. The FULL video is 35 min long.


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Tatted up, slim thick, perky tits, and a flat stomach mixed chic. Really, what more can u ask for? Her name is Raven Swallows. She in her early 20's and she came looking all natural for habibi; She had no make-up on, just put her natural hair in a bun and had on a Hoodie with some flip-flops. I like them all-natural females like her. I really dont think she knew what she was dealing with until see felt Suga Slims huge Mandingo dick penetrating deep into her pussy going pass her stomach walls hitting her esophagus. Suga slim dont play, he wasnt trying to be nice and sweet to that pussy he was trying to get his ram his dick in her guts and throat. She was trying to backup a little from the dick but Suga Slim wasnt letting that happened. I thought the chemistry between the two was just OK. It could have been better but shes never had a huge dick like his before and his BBC was a huge challenge for her but she survived Suga Slim. This Black Porn video is 45 min long.

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Video Description: Blake's always been a little clumsy. Normally it's nothing serious. A stumble when no one's watching, dropping her phone (thank goodness for those cases right??)

But today, Blake REALLY fucked up.

You see, Blake was on the phone talking with her friend Matilda about all the drama going on at school. And there's A LOT of drama going on which means Blake was REALLY into the conversation. And when Blake is focused....she is FOCUSED.

And so focused was Blake on the convo she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings and as she was walking & of her parent's favorite vases. One that was EXTREMLY rare.

No car. Shorter curfew. No birthday gift. The horrible possibilities of her clumsiness flashed through Blake's head. Don't panic. Don't panic. She told herself. She can find another. She's GOT to.....

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