(Femdom Sex with a Sensual MILF) of (Brat Perversions) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Redheads, Femdom Sex, Milf, Female Domination, Redheads

Video Description: Mature Redhead MILF first Femdom Experience. Andi James is introduced to the Female Domination lifestyle by MissBratDom. Enjoy this natural dominant MILF getting fucked by her new sub Face Strap-on

Goddess Cheyenne and Mistress Natalya Sadici starring in video (Earn Your Stripes) [HD 720P]

Genre: Caning, Classic Caning, Leather, Double Domination, Rope Bondage, Female Domination ,Caning, Rope, Suspension, Can Stripes, Goddess Cheyenne, Natalya Sadici, Long Hair, Boots, Dungeon

Video Description: Goddess Cheyenne and Mistress Natalya Sadici have their caning slave in beautiful cannonball rope suspension with his bare waiting ass properly exposed. The skilled ladies make their marks on hanging slave xander with proper authority, and his stripes are definitely well earned.

Mistress Amanda starring in video (Hard strokes with a long whip) of (CRUEL MISTRESSES) studio [HD 720P]

Genre: Female Domination, Whipping, Whipping, Corporal Punishment

Video Description: Her skimpy, sexy black clothes leave very little room for imagination, the slave has to admit to himself, that he really likes Mistress Amanda this way. But of course he cant be caught staring, because then Amanda gets even more furious than she in now and his punishment will be much bigger. But his punishment is really painful the way it is, Amanda is using her favourite whip on his body.

Stella Liberty, Alrik Angel starring in video (Junior Spanked by Step-Mommy) [HD 720P]

Genre: Spanking,Otk Spanking, Taboo, Femdom, Spanking F/M ,Femdom, Female Domination, Step-Mommy, Juniot, Alrik Angel, Stella Liberty, Otk Spanking, Otk, Spanking, Spanko, Humiliation, Barehanded Spanking, Brunette, Step-Mom Step-Son Fantasy, Taboo

Video Description: Step-Mommy and Junior are on another road trip, this time they are in Las Vegas. Step-Mommy goes out to work and comes back to share her story of success with her baby boy. She notices his hand feels sticky and smells funny. She confronts him and asks him if hes been masturbating again. She digs into the couch cushions and finds a pamphlet for a sex convention and demands to know if he went while she was away. The Magazine is full of pornographic images of slutty women, and it turns out the AVN convention is happening right across the street from their hotel. As his step-mommy its her job to put him in his place, she make some strip down, all the way to his tighty-whiteys, and gives him a nice stern but loving spanking with the magazine over his ass. She then gives him a good old fashion barehanded spanking and reprimands him reminding him that step-mommy knows whats best.

Crystal Knight starring in video (Proper Slut Training 101) [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Sissy Training, Slut Training Fantasy, Aroma, Cock Sucking, Dildo, Feminization, Masturbation Instruction, Orgasm Control, Sissy Training, Slut Training Fantasy, Submissive Sluts, Transformation Fantasy

Video Description: You want to be my slut? You need to be trained properly. That means from cock sucking to sniffing aroma and what toys to side inside of you. Im transforming you today in ways you always dreamed. You will be my good little slut today. Lock it up and get a vibrator. Grab your toys and your Aroma too. All that matters is that you submit completely and follow my directions explicitly. The rest is in my hands. Prepare to reach a new level of subspace youve never been in before. Enjoy

Goddess Alexandra Snow starring in video (Satin Weakness) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Silk, Satin, Sensual Domination, Cock Tease, Masturbation Instruction, Femdom Pov, Tease, Denial ,Shiny Clothing, Satin Fetish

Video Description: Your fetish for silky, shiny, satin clothing is one that youve tried to keep under wraps for quite a while, hasnt it? As soon as you see a woman in a shiny blouse like this one, your cock begins to twitch and you cant quite figure it out. I know your little weakness and worse, I have every intention of exploiting it. Ive dressed in one of my favorite outfits, shiny and satiny from head to toe, and Im going to make your jerk for me. As I tease you, youre captivated, knowing that I have you right where I want you.I want you to admit and acknowledge that you are a slut for shiny clothing.This video includes: silk and satin fetish, masturbation instruction, tease and denial, cock tease, silky, shiny clothing

Goddess Nikki Kit starring in video (Locked in Chastity by Boss or Fired) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Blackmail Fantasy, Office Domination, Boss Fantasy, Boss/Employee, Chastity, Chastity Encouragement, Chastity Male, Cock Control, Employee Fantasy, Extortion Fantasy, Female Supremacy, Nylons

Video Description: In this clip, you are My employee, and I am the CEO of a high-end lingerie company. There have been several complaints about you from the female staff. I even noticed that you made some posts on social media referring to the women that work for Me in an impolite manner. I received complaints that you tried to flirt with several of My employees both inside and outside the office. I cannot have employees, such as yourself, making the work environment unpleasant. I will not tolerate perverts around here. It would be best if you learned a lesson in female supremacy. Your pervert eyes have been stuck between My tits in My perfect cleavage since you sat down in My office. I have methods of dealing with freaks like you. Boys like you are precisely the reason why I have the new male employees monitored exceptionally closely. You have two options; accept My terms or be blacklisted from working anywhere else in the city. Your training is going to start all over again. I will not permit you to enter My building without wearing your assigned chastity device. I will be your key holder, and you will enter the building through My office to lock up every morning. Your chastity device has a monitoring device on it as well. I will know where you are and receive alerts if you get an erection in My building. I will be watching you on the cameras at all times. If there are any issues, I will be switching your cage over to a spiked model to make sure the training is effective. But I am sure that you are going to be on your best behavior. What will it be, My pet? Do you want to continue to work for the biggest company in the city, or will you move and start a new life? Locking yourself while you are on-premises is the only logical response. I will see you in My office bright and early tomorrow morning to start your new training. I am sure it will be effective.

Goddess Valora starring in video (Manipulation Rehab) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Coerced Intox Fantasy, Mind Fuck, Aroma, Big Tits, FemDom Therapy Fantasy, Guided Meditation, Manipulation Fantasy, Manipulatrix Fantasy, Possible Ripoff, Reprogramming Fantasy, Ripoff Or Is It, Tit Worship

Video Description: Tired of being taken advantage of by beautiful women? Feeling burned out on Femdom? Are you wishing you had never fallen down this rabbit hole? Well then I have a simple solution for your problem. Breathe in My bottle of strong aromas and let your guilt fade. Once Ive got you in a blank mental state, Ill reprogram your behavior and youll never be the way you are again. Come on, do I seem like the type of Goddess to trick you? Maybe dont answer that. Instead, give into the promise of being a fool no more. Its time for a change. Apply My markup codes to your order: Cum Tax = CUM4VALORA Loser Tax = VALORALOSERTAX Additional dignity lost = DRAIN4VALORA Dont forget to order your custom today!

Natashas Bedroom  My Little Puppy [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Pillow Humping, Puppy Play, FemDom, FemDom POV, Men Following Orders, Role Play, Sub Training, Transformation Fantasy

Video Description: Who wants to be my good little puppy? Bark if you do! Good boy. Im going to train you to look, behave, eat, and think like a d0ggie. Youll learn to obey me, your mistress, and in return Ill give you every ounce of love that a good, faithful puppy deserves.First, its time to take off those silly clothes. D0ggies dont wear clothes! Now, well need to put on your paws and tail thats a good boy. Youre my cute little puppers now. I have all kinds of training assignments to shape your mind and body into those of a faithful, obedient pup. And remember, good d0gs always get rewarded, so I know youll be a very good boy for me, wont you?

Princess Emma Lux starring in video (Endless Edging Loop  Each Pump Of Your Hand Milks Your Brain Out Of Your Cock) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Edging Games, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Joi Games, Brat Girls, Orgasm Denial, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: Princess Emma Lux!
You love to edge. You love to goon. You love to jerk that pathetic thing between your legs for hours and hours. Especially for hot bratty girls like me. I know I do it for you in every single way. Im young, hot, dominant, and bratty and I know just how to control you. Its so easy. Just look at you, youre already so weak and vulnerable for me. Youre so ready to obey. So heres what I want you to do, puppet.
I want you to edge endlessly, for hours and hours. I want you to tease and edge that cock until it twitches and throbs. Keep bringing yourself to the edge and then backing off, just for a moment, and then start edging again. I want this to be pure torture for you. Go on, edge for me you pathetic gooner. You are going to edge for me until your brain turns to mush, and then youre going to keep edging. And while you edge Im going to tease you with my hot, sexy young body. Would you like that loser? Yes, I know you would, I can almost see you mindlessly nodding your head while youre all alone in your room.
Stare at my ass and edge, edge to my ass until you feel your brain start to melt, then edge it even harder lol. Youre going to be so stupid for me. I know youre so horny. Each pump of your hand milks your brain out of your cock. Youre getting dumber and dumber by the stroke. You are my weak little gooner. You are nothing. You have no thoughts, all you can do is feel the pleasure in your cock turning you into a weak, brainless tool. You need me, you need what I do to you. You are going to edge and goon all night long for me.
Keep edging, and as you do, I want you to thank me. Thank me for allowing you to jerk your cock to me. Thank me for turning your brain into mush. Thank me for keeping you addicted to this lifestyle. Youre so pathetic, arent you? Youre so easy to use for my amusement. There will be no cumming for you, just hours of endless edging because thats what you deserve. You dont deserve to cum, chronic masturbators dont deserve to cum, do they? No. Now bring yourself right to the edge, get so close to cumming, so close that youre going to beg me to let you cum. And Im going to tell you no. Just let go, watch it throb, and then start edging again.
This is going to be an endless edging session. Just gooning and edging, no cumming. Youre going to loop this video for hours. Youre going to waste your entire night stroking to this clip and watching me over and over and over again. And youre so lucky I let you jerk to my hot young body, arent you? Yes, youre so lucky, my mindless little gooner. I know youre so dumb by now, so lost in your goon trance. And were only just getting started. Stare at my hot young ass and feel your brains ooze out of your ears. Yes, thats it, get even dumber for me.
This video is meant to be an endless loop for you. A loop with no release. I want you to beg me to cum while I deny you over and over again. The only reason you should ever take your hand off of your cock during this video is if youre going to cum. I know you love to cum, but you love edging even more. And if you cum, the edging session ends. You dont want that now do you? No you want to keep going and going. You know you dont deserve an orgasm. Chronic masturbators like you deserve to be edged and denied relentlessly. Leak all of your intelligence out of your cock. Get dumber and dumber by the second for me idiot. Lose yourself in this goon trance. Become a brainless moron for me. Now watch this on loop for hours, there is no end.

Destiny Cruz - Meet Your Destiny [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Rk Prime, RkPrime, Destiny Cruz, Teen, BBC

Video Description: Hot babe Destiny Cruz is such a sweetheart. When she candidly answers Ricky Johnson's questions, Destiny's giggles and her little cute smirk are to die for. Her wilder side is revealed when Ricky gives her full access to his huge cock. The happy-go-lucky girl becomes a horny-go-fucky goddess. Her perfect ass dances on Ricky's dick and makes him even harder. Destiny definitely has a lot to give. Who knows what she'll be up to after fucking with the lucky Ricky?

Barbie Sins - Comfortable Ride With Sexy Blonde [UltraHD/2K 1920P]

Genre: Sex In Taxi, SexInTaxi, Barbie Sins, Milf, Boobs, Big Tits, Big ass, Hardcore

Video Description: This sexy blonde milf and horny London taxi driver made a small deal, lap dance for a free ride. Instead of a lap dance, she immediately had his big dick in her mouth.
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