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Genre: Transsexuals, Shemale, Anal, Bareback, Big Ass, Big Dick, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Bubble Butt, Cumshot, Hardcore, Male Fucks Trans

Genre: Trans, Transgender, Latina, Big Tits, Deepthroat, Gonzo, Blowjob, Big Dick, Tattoo, Bubble Butt, Cumshot, Rimming, Face Sitting, Handjob

Video Description: Raven-haired, hard-bodied TS beauty Rafaela Colucy strokes her curved meat to full erection. Wearing a bikini-top with panties pulled down to her knees, her outfit shows impressive body art. She undoes her halter to unleash tan-lined big tits. Tattooed, bald stud Jin Matsui enters to tongue Rafaela's bunghole and worship her big ass. Perched behind Rafaela, Jin pulls her big cock between her legs, giving her curved boner a blowjob. While he's at it, he rims her too. Jin sucks Rafaela's cock in various positions, flaunting awesome BJ talent. And Jin sucks her tit while she vigorously masturbates her she-meat. Rafaela reaches orgasm, spewing a cum facial geyser that splatters Jin's chin. He jacks his meat until he launches a fusillade of jism, showering their torsos with milky spunk and climaxing the nasty hookup.

Genre: Shemale, Anal, Big Tits, Blowjob, Ass Licking, Bareback, Hardcore, Cumshot

Genre: BDSM, torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

Video Description: Bella Luxx pics the wrong partner to go into business with. When Bella's partner thinks she has screwed him over he is going to teach her a lesson. Bella is tied on screen as she berates her partner even as she is bound and eventually ball gagged on screen. The more Bella struggles the tighter the ropes get including an extra tight crotchrope. Once Bella is totally bound and helpless her partner leaves her alone and takes all their money. Bella is furious at her fate and struggles with all her will to get loose. The more Bella struggles the more she drools from behind her ball gag. Her partner may be in trouble when she gets free but that will be a while!

All bondage is consensual, and storyline is tongue in cheek.

Genre: BDSM, torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

Video Description: We are always looking for new talent to keep the pages of Kink full of fresh faces. Today we present you with Angelina Moon, a brand-new model to Kink who has never really done any BDSM. She says she tried a few things here and there, but never at the level that Kink operates. The Pope feels her out and comes up with a plan, but it becomes apparent almost immediately that Angelina is far from a pain slut. She like to feel helpless, and she is comfortable in bondage, but pain is not her thing. The Pope navigates this well, as to not cross any lines with her, but to still get us a fresh face. Not all that enter are going to be heavy pain sluts, and some are meant to be hot girls in bondage and made to cum against their will. Angelina is one of the latter, so he gets to work experimenting with different sensations to stimulate her as well as make her cum uncontrollably.

Genre: BDSM, torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

Video Description: Latex Rapture keeps coming back for more bondage, even though I gave her a really hard time in every shoot we did. She must like it! One thing is for sure: she definitely is going to like today's plan: the orgasm frame! Strapped in a super tight harness ring gag, Latex Rapture is locked to this very restrictive kneeling frame with a magic wand placed firmly against her clit. All we have to do is wait for the drooling orgasms!

Genre: BDSM, torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

Video Description: We first worked with Alexa a couple years back...she was a cute, limber, little nymp then and she hasnt changed much at all, besides her hair...I knew I could have some extreme bondage fun with Alexa and that's what I set out to do...Her elbows tied together very easily, but not so much when I anchor her feet to them for a hogtie...Splits make the second scene the masterpiece that it is, along with some frustrating times for Alexa ending in her punishment...A reverse prayer makes the bent over scene a bit more uncomfortable than normal as I beat her ass and use electricity to make it bounce...then, laid back, legs spread wide and thoroughly roped down, Alexa is left with the vibrator directly on her clitoris...she can hardly move her hips to escape the sensations as she cums multiple times...


Video Description: Mistress can be romantic too. For example, today I arranged a romantic dinner for My slave. Are there any sushi lovers here? My whore is delighted with them! Though you can't tell from her face that she is happy .. Maybe when I feed her, she will be happier? It seems not .. Maybe My plentiful spit will please her? It hangs so from her disgusting face it's funny. But something is wrong. The bitch is still not happy. My boot pressing her ugly face into the neck didn't help either. I even kindly gave her water when I felt that she was thirsty. What's wrong? Who knows what the problem is? In any case, I'm tired of this ungrateful scum. Let him stay there and think about his behavior, and I went to make the world happier.


Video Description: As this scene opens we see BBW Ruby happily sitting on her slaves face, his tongue up her ass giving her a look of bliss, and him starting to kick for air. "Sometimes when he's licking my ass I get so aroused that I forget he's even under there" she comments. When she leans forward he gasps heavily but she tells him to lift his head up to continue to lick her ass... and now you can see his tongue at work. "That's right, get your tongue in there all the way" she tells him. She then tells him to take a deep breath and she sits down firmly, to take his mind off having to breathe she tells him to touch himself.

Ruby then turns into a reverse position which creates great angles of her large plump ass. She sits up and arches her back so he gets all her weight and the slave is rock hard. She surprises him with a fart that squeezes out between her ass and his face. She strokes his cock and says "He loves my farts." As she sits the slave keeps licking her asshole and you can see no one enjoys being rimmed more than Ruby as her eyes literally roll back in her head. The slave catching a breath is the last thing on her mind.
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