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Video Description: The insatiable anal Queen ' AlexBreeCooper ' stars in this shocking insertion movie, devouring the colossal 'Stan' dildo from 'Bad Dragon' toys entirely to the balls in her ruined ass! This beautiful, young, anal slut loves shoving the very biggest dildos in her butt, and not just halfway! But to the very bottom with every toy she fucks! Her latest weapon of ass destruction in the Stan, a colossal hook shaped, demonic dragon cock with an extremely large head, that totally rearranges Alex's internal guts! It measures 14" tall x 4.2" thick, making it no easy challenge to insert, but Alex devours it with ease! See her stand it beneath her, squat her loose ass over its head, then impale herself right down to its fucking balls! That's 12" insertable length of this dragon dick that she's devouring in her hole, relentlessly bouncing up and down with all her weight and mutilating her rectum! She soon reaches an explosive, screaming climax, then lifts off her toy, spreads her ass cheeks directly at the camera, and proudly shows us her humongous, gaping anus, totally blown out and wrecked in the aftermath of this unmissable scene!

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Video Description: The beautiful, young Size Queen 'StarryFawn' returns in this incredible update, devouring the gigantic 'Ky'El' and 'Chance' dildos from 'Bad Dragon' toys deeper than ever, in her cavernous, wrecked cunt! This stunning babe has to be the youngest we've seen destroying her pussy so severely, at just 21 yrs old! She's also a very petite 4'11" tall, but can bury the very biggest dildos straight up to her belly. Enjoy watching StarryFawn begin this scene with the huge Chance dildo, a 12" tall horse dick that she stands on the floor and impales herself all the way down to its balls! She masturbates her clit with a vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager, whilst slamming up and down her horse cock, till she erupts in her first explosive climax. She's now gasping in ecstasy and already reaches for her next toy, the gigantic Ky'El! This colossal anthro-feline hybrid dick measures 17" tall x 4.2" thick, with a bulbous head that causes some severe damage when inserted. StarryFawn totally shocks us with the depth that she fucks this toy, burying it way up into her belly, till it bulges from the inside out. She bounces up and down relentlessly, devouring the Ky'El's shaft till her eyes roll in her head, and she screams in a mind blowing orgasm that cannot be missed!

Aidens Beefy New Toy 1 Starring Davin Strong [FullHD 1080P]

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Aidens Beefy New Toy 1 [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom And Strapon, Aidens, Beefy, New, Toy

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Video Description: The stunning American Size Queen 'Marie Kaleida' returns in this outrageous insertion movie, devouring the XXXL 'Boss Hogg' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys', deep in her belly, till she reaches the most explosive climax! This incredibly hot lady has thrilled us with every performance, devouring the most enormous dildos on the planet, straight to the balls and enjoying the most captivating orgasms. See Marie conquer her latest, humongous toy, the mighty Boss Hogg which measures 14" tall x 4.5" thick! Its gigantic bulging shaft is no easy challenge to insert, but Marie swallows it up like every other! See her bouncing up and down with all her weight, till she's just 2" inches away from its base, rolling her pelvis around in circular motion, and penetrating her belly with the Boss Hoggs head! She screams in ecstasy whilst impaling herself so deep, her eyes roll back and she explodes in a body shattering climax. The insatiable MILF's orgasm was so intense, she wants another right away. Marie turns around with her ass facing the camera and continues bouncing up and down her gargantuan toy from its head towards the base, making her blown out hole gape and drool profusely with her orgasmic bodily fluids!

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Video Description: The sensational insertion Goddess 'Queen Selene' returns in this incredible update, triple fist fucked in her 'Worlds Biggest Pussy', till she erupts in an explosive climax! The mesmerising MILF has stunned us with the very biggest and deepest insertions we've ever seen, totally devouring the biggest dildos ever made, often entirely to their balls! But when this insatiable woman isn't bouncing on a humongous toy, there's nothing she loves more than multiple fists penetrating her hole! Enjoy watching Selene laid back on the bed, as her husband lubricates her snatch, and shoves two large rubber fists inside her to their wrists! They grab a toy in each of their hands and blast Selene's twat till its farting and drooling with her juices, but her insatiable pussy needs a lot more to stretch it out to the limits, so her husband slides his own hand in-between the two toys, stretching her out to bursting point! Listen to her intense groans of ecstasy grow louder and louder, as he blasts all three fists in and out, wrecking her hole just the way she craves. Selene edges close to an explosive orgasm, then her hubby removes the two fist toys and pushes his arm deeper inside her, till he's almost up to the elbow, making her erupt in a mind blowing climax that really must be seen, if you're a fan of this incredible insertion Queen!

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Video Description: Our beautiful Size Queen ' AlexBreeCooper ' returns in a shocking new update, fucking the humongous 'Asmodeous' dildo from 'Twisted Beast' toys, insanely deep in her ass! We've been proud to present you with the most insatiable women, fucking the very biggest toys on the planet for many years, and this latest video from Alex has to be amongst the most outrageous of all! The Asmodeous is a terrifying dildo sure to strike fear in the heart of most women, but not Alex! As soon as she laid eyes on this demonic dong for the first time, she knew she had to bury it deep in her guts! And that's exactly what she does! See her stand the inferno colored, 23" tall x 4.5" thick Prince of Hell dong, covered in spinal ridges, bumps and grooves in front of the camera, squat over its tip and devour it to insane depths! HOLY FUCK! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw just how deep Alex fucks this toy! It slithers its way over 16" inside her body, penetrating into Alex's belly, as she bounces up and down, screaming in wild orgasmic pleasure with every ridge that bursts in and out of her anal ring. The end result is a very happy, young anal whore, conquering her terrifying toy to record breaking depths, and totally breaking her ass apart in this unmissable scene!

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Video Description: The beautiful size Queen ' CrazyWifeSlut ' returns in this outrageous update, slamming her loose, bucket cunt on the giant 'El Rey' dildo, from 'Hankeys Toys', till she erupts in multiple, gushing orgasms! This stunning super model has the most impeccable physique and enormous holes she loves destroying for the ultimate orgasmic pleasure! She is highly addictive to watch and never stops thrilling us with every performance. See CrazyWifeSlut grab the colossal El Rey dildo, measuring 15" tall x 4" thick, stand it beneath her and impale her drooling snatch straight down its bulging shaft! Its enormous girth stretches her cunt apart to tearing point, and she just cannot get enough! Enjoy watching her blast up and down El Rey with all her weight, whilst frantically masturbating her clit, till she explodes in one almighty gushing climax. She floods the floor with her orgasmic juices, but the ravenous beauty isn't finished just yet. She wastes no time jumping right back on her giant toy, this time with her ass facing the camera and continues slamming her hole even harder! Listen to her scream in ecstasy, as she reaches another explosive orgasm, then spreads her humongous, drooling cunt apart to show us just how wrecked it is in the aftermath!

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Video Description: Our stunning new anal Queen ' AlexBreeCooper ' returns in this incredible update, devouring the humongous 'Atlas' dildo from 'Hankeys Toys' and 'Sveinn' dildo from 'Bad Dragon' entirely to their balls, in her greedy ass! This beautiful, young nympho has really impressed us with every performance, burying the most gargantuan dildos deep into her guts! She is simply ravenous, and won't stop fucking every toy until its bulging her belly from the inside out! Enjoy watching her begin this scene with the XXXL Atlas dildo, measuring 14" tall x 4" thick, which she stands beneath her, with her ass facing the camera and swallows up the whole fucking thing without an inch to spare! That's a whole lot of monster cock buried in this beautiful babes butt right now and she bounces up and down from its tip to balls! Alex groans in ecstasy, as she edges close to a mind blowing orgasm, then grabs the next toy, which is the Sveinn dildo, that has a much taller shaft and devours it to the fucking floor! Holy Shit! Where does she put it? We have no idea! But Alex rides both toys one after the other, whilst masturbating her clit with a vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager, till she erupts in a body shattering climax, then shows us her gigantic anal gape in the aftermath!

Inch Challenge 8 - Tutor [HD 720P]

Genre: Masturbation, Solo, Dildo, Toy, Sex Machine, Asian

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