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Alex Coal, Leah Gotti - I'll Be Your Valentine [FullHD 1080P]  - SheSeducedMe

Genre: She Seduced Me, SheSeducedMe, Alex Coal, Leah Gotti, Lesbo

Video Description: Adorable Leah Gotti was stood up, AGAIN, by her boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Seeing her crying and sad, her lesbian friend Alex Coal decided to cheer her up with a little surprise. She bought her some sexy lingerie and craved to see her in it, as this was a perfect moment to try and seduce her. First,...

Jayden Cole, Liz Jordan - I Learned From The Best [FullHD 1080P]  - AllGirlMassage

Genre: All Girl Massage, AllGirlMassage, Jayden Cole, Liz Jordan, Lesbo

Video Description: Jayden Cole is waiting patiently on a massage table but is surprised when Liz Jordan enters the room. Jayden questions where her usual masseuse is and Liz explains that the usual masseuse had to step out, so she'll be filling in. Although Jayden's a little thrown off, she easily accepts this and strips down, making herself comfortable.Liz then begins rubbing warm oil all over Jayden's smooth, naked body, working magic with her skilled hands. Jayden is impressed and relaxed, thankful that Liz is such a good masseuse who clearly learned from Jayden's usual masseuse. But as things heat up between them through all the sensual touching, Liz cheekily offers Jayden to show her what else she's learned!

Kay Lovely, Lexi Stone - Keep It Close [FullHD 1080P]  - SweetheartVideo

Genre: Sweetheart Video, SweetheartVideo, Kay Lovely, Lexi Stone, Lesbo

Video Description: Young babe , Kay Lovely is craving experienced mature pussy! Watch smoking hot lesbian Lexi stone get nasty with younger hotties! These lesbians are ready for everything! All girl climaxes are something you just cannot miss!

Kay Carter, Rachael Cavalli - Lesbian Sex Toy 2 [FullHD 1080P]  - GirlfriendsFilms

Genre: Girlfriends Films, GirlfriendsFilms, Kay Carter, Rachael Cavalli, Lesbo

Lulu Chu, Leana Lovings - The Cure [FullHD 1080P]  - Parasited

Genre: Parasited, Lulu Chu, Leana Lovings, Lesbo

Video Description: Lulu Chus marital life has taken a hit, she no longer performs her duties as a wife up to her husbands standards. He had to lock her inside the room and find a solution for Lulus sudden drop in sex drive and increase in hysteria. Luckily shes about to get introduced to a remedy that will solve all those problems.Leana Lovings comes in with the cure, or as she says Gods Gift, it will make Lulu whole once again. Its a big alien worm, and the sight of it in Leanas hands makes Lulu panic. She overpowers Leana and puts the parasite inside her mouth instead. For a moment Leana is pissed off, but then she starts feeling something, a tingle, and then an incapacitating arousal, soon followed by a transformation into a vessel for the alien parasite.In the meanwhile, Lulu is trying to escape, albeit unsuccessfully once Leana gets to her and throws her onto the bed, transferring the parasite to Lulu, as intended from the start. Soon she transforms into a horny succubus as well, with translucent liquid streaming out of her mouth and down her chin.All healed up, Lulu grabs Leanas head and guides it towards her pussy. Shes itching to have it licked, and the moment shes pleased, Lulu will gladly pounce at Leanas crotch and slurp up all of that pussy juice and translucent alien parasite liquid in a heartbeat. By the looks of it, that was just foreplay and theyre both craving to go primal at each other.

Lexi Lore, Ariel X - Swapping Subs Part 1 [FullHD 1080P]  - LezBeBad

Genre: Lez Be Bad, LezBeBad, Lexi Lore, Ariel X, Lesbo

Video Description: Lexi Lore is sitting across from Maya Woulfe, both obediently wearing collars and gagged. Meanwhile, Ariel X holds Maya's leash while Helena Locke holds Lexi's, and it's clear that Ariel and Helena are the ones in control. In fact, all of them thrive within the BDSM lifestyle, although the dommes have decided to mix things up a little. That's when they swap leashes, handing their subs over to each other. As Helena walks away with Maya, Ariel is left with Lexi.Alone with Lexi, Ariel admires the goods, going over every inch of Lexi's body. Although Maya is a very good sub, there is plenty to admire about Lexi, too, and Ariel can't wait to put Lexi to the test. They start with Lexi crawling over Ariel's lap and having her ass spanked, although there's still more spanking to come as Ariel even pays attention to Lexi's feet. From fisting to assertive facesitting, Ariel dominates Lexi however she can until they are both left hot, sweaty, and satisfied.

Carmen Valentina, Mocha Mona - Orgasm Challenge [FullHD 1080P]  - EvolvedFightsLez

Genre: Evolved Fights Lez, EvolvedFightsLez, Carmen Valentina, Mocha Mona, Lesbo

Video Description: Last Week we saw the incredible sex fight between two competitive sexual gladiators. Now we leave the victory in the hands of the Orgasm. The girl who cums the Most loses. Mochi is on a mission to redeem herself after her loss in the wrestling match and Carmen is determined to maintain her image as a dominant sex fighter. Carmen thinks she has Mochi figured out after 3 rounds with her last week. No one really loses today and the biggest winner is us, the viewers as we watch these beautiful lesbians empose their will on each other.

Jennifer Mendez, Maddy Black - Bouncing Busty Super Squirters [FullHD 1080P]  - Karups

Genre: Karups, Jennifer Mendez, Maddy Black, Big Tits, Lesbo

Video Description: Busty besties Maddy and Jennifer love working out together. Today they do some weights and cardio then end with some jumping rope. Hopping up and down in their tight tops causes both the babes' big tits to spill out of their shirts. Watching each others tits bounce gets them both pretty damned worked up, making them decide to end the workout and turn their attention to pleasing each other. Their clothes hit the floor as these two hotties kiss passionately and use their hands to explore each others bodies. Hands give way to mouths as the babes roll into a sexy 69 so they each eat pussy at the same time. Using her skilled fingers and tongue, Jennifer makes Maddy cum hard then she is a little surprised when Maddy breaks out a powerful vibrator for them to share. Scissoring, they rub their pussies together then put the vibrator between them so they can grind on it until they cum together. Best workout ever!

Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks - First Time Fucking In The Mansion [FullHD 1080P]  - TabooHeat

Genre: Taboo Heat, TabooHeat, Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks, Lesbo

Video Description: Nikki and Cory giggle as they run across the mansion, completely naked. It doesn't take long for Cory to lie down on a table and her step-sister Nikki starts to eat her pussy out! She keeps licking her clit until she cums in her mouth! Then Cory bends over on the table and Nikki starts to lick her ass hole! Afterwards, Nikki lies down on the table and her step-sister begins to eat her pussy out next. They start to make out with each other while rubbing their nipples against each other. They sit next to each other on the table and they spread their legs while they rub their own clits. They walk up the stairs and they flash their asses at you from the top of the staircase...

Kira Noir, Olivia Jayy - Playing Doubles [FullHD 1080P]  - WhenGirlsPlay

Genre: When Girls Play, WhenGirlsPlay, Kira Noir, Olivia Jayy, Lesbo, Ebony

Video Description: Kira Noir and Olivia Jay get nice and limbered up before their tennis lesson, bending over in their little skirts and helping each other stretch. Their coach tries to keep them focused, but soon Kira is pulling up her top for Olivia to suck her tits and then ripping open Olivia's shorts to lick her pussy. They'd much rather serve each other some pleasure, so they wrap the coach up in a net and start tribbing on a bench. The ladies head inside to lick each other and 69, as their match ends in love all!

Millie Morgan, Nina Nova - Lesbian Sex Toy 2 [FullHD 1080P]  - GirlfriendsFilms

Genre: Girlfriends Films, GirlfriendsFilms, Millie Morgan, Nina Nova, Lesbo

Serene Siren, Frenchy - Lesbian Sex Toy 2 [FullHD 1080P]  - GirlfriendsFilms

Genre: Girlfriends Films, GirlfriendsFilms, Serene Siren, Frenchy, Lesbo

Zazie S, Casey A - Taking My Chance [FullHD 1080P]  - VivThomas

Genre: Viv Thomas, VivThomas, Zazie S, Casey A, Lesbo

Video Description: Gorgeous Casey A is having a furious argument with her girlfriend Liv Revamped, as Sandra Shines erotic lesbian movie Taking My Chance begins. Cute blonde Zazie S cant help overhearing their row in the hotel restaurant, and when Liv throws a glass of water over Casey and storms out, Zazie consoles her sweetly. Her spontaneous kiss gets a passionate response, and Casey is soon all smiles as Zazie slides the straps of her dress from her shoulders and fondles her lovely breasts, sucking her nipples avidly. Casey perches on the edge of the table and Zazie peels off her panties and nuzzles her fluffy bush as she starts to lick her pussy. Sucking and lapping at her clit, Zazie gives Casey an intense orgasm that leaves her trembling and glowing with pleasure. Shes eager to taste Zazie now, undressing her and bending her over the table, then fingering and eating her from behind. Zazies nipples are hard as diamonds as she lies on the table and Casey licks her pussy and ass to a mind-blowing orgasm, the earlier drama forgotten. Hide
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