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DungeonCorp - Sara and her Huge Tits, 1 - Sara Stone [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bdsm, Bondage, Dungeon Corp, DungeonCorp, Sara Stone, Society SM, SocietySM

Video Description: Sara hasnt had too much experience with bondage and as I sized her up, I knew this would be memorable. Speaking of size; her massive, natural tits pr ovided an excellent target and I decided that I would go straight for them. Once I had her restrained thats exactly what I did. Her massive orbs filled my hand and then some as I groped her fully and began to put her through her paces. I whipped her body thoroughly as I demanded she pinch her pouty nipples and Saras pale flesh quickly glowed crimson red. The sensations were overwhelming when I first smashed the vibe up against her clit and Sara would realize that this was only a taste of what was to come

The Dresden Diary presents: Welcome to the Dungeon 2 (2024) [SD 480P]

Genre: Aja, Anna Malle, Bdsm, Big Tits, Bondage, Compilation, Deva Station, Domination - M On F, Femdom - F On F, Fetish, Hardtied, Jeanna Fine, Lesbian, Lisa Ann, Lorreta Sterling

Video Description: This is a collection of our award winning movies, scenes, and award nomination from our top selling the Dresden Diary series.

Where She Belongs (Part 1/2) - Rachel Greyhound - 6/12/2023 [HD 720P]

Genre: Bdsm, Bondage, Bondage Life, BondageLife, Rachel Greyhound

Video Description: In this bondage and predicament stream, we find Greyhound right where she belongs, bound and in her cage! As the stream begins we find Greyhound hooded and secured nicely inside her cage where she has her pussy teased and cropped, she is soon released from her cage and ordered to present down on all fours where she soon has a nice rubber tunnel butt plug inserted into her ass then gets locked in her regular cage and has an anal hook inserted into her plug!

Dr dementos clinic - Dirty Hospital [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bdsm, Ben Kelly, Bondage, Dirty Hospital, DirtyHospital, House of Era, Sahara Knite

Video Description: Artists: Sahara Knite, Ben Kelly

Bodybuilder ballgag training - Alexis Luna - Belt Bound [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Alexis Luna, Bdsm, Belt Bound, BeltBound, Bondage

Video Description: Strong girl Alexis Luna is hard to tame! Her only weakness is her sensitive nipples. So the best training for her is a ballgag predicament. I chained her in a strappado, so she was standing on her tip toes. A ballgag is in her mouth, connected to her nipple clamps. She better not drop it!!

Kristyna - The Mummys Curse - Cinched and Secured [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bdsm, Bondage, Cinched and Secured, CinchedandSecured, Kristyna

Video Description: Desperate for something different to do to celebrate the spooky season, Kristyna decided to summon an ancient demon. She never expected the spell she found in that old book to work, but still, it would be a fun way to pass the time on a dark Halloween night. She recited the summoning spell, and began to masturbate, having read that th demon was attracted to wanton displays of sexuality and fertility. When she came, she was startled to hear an ethereal voice accept her sacrifice and offer of eternal servitude! Frightened, she looked around as her candles blew out and a horrific monster appeared in the room with her! With a loud scream of terror, she was instantly captured and wrapped in tight bandage, her large breasts sticking out for the dark spirits to torment! As she struggles, she was thrown into a panic when er face was completely sealed in the bandage, plunging her into eternal darkness. She had learned a terrible lesson never mess with the dark arts!

Thiccy Niccy - her first Sybian session - Hucows [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bdsm, Bondage, Hucows, Thiccy Niccy, Tits Torture

Video Description: Thiccy Niccy is fully trained and owned by the farmer. She received her permanent nose ring long ago, and she has been a very good submissive HuCow ever since. Niccy can roam freely in the farm, she doesnt need any bondage. This is how she discovered the Sybian, and she started playing with it. She was supposed to have a double breast pump session today, but Niccy got distracted by the power of the Sybian, even reaching a strong orgasm before the farmer found her. To finish her session, he made her stay on the Sybian to have more orgasms (by strapping her legs, cuffing her hands, and gagging her). The double breast pump was turned up high to keep stretching Niccys nipples while the Sybian kept going and going. She shouldnt have been playing with the farmers toys!!


Video Description: Syonera's slave was locked in the jail cell overnight. Now he has to serve in the dungeon of his mistress. The beautiful female sadist is wearing a black leather coat, boots and gloves. He rested only 4 hours. Now he has to serve in the dungeon of his mistress. The slave now has to greet in detail his rule. On his knees he must lick his blonde goddess's boots clean. Furthermore, he must serve as an ashtray, gets slaps and is spit on. He is really stressed. In addition he gets continuously to feel Syonera's verbal humiliation. After he has thoroughly cleaned the boots with his heels, his mistress expresses her cigarette on his tongue.

Syoneras Sklave war uber Nacht in der Knastzelle eingesperrt. Nach nur 4 Stunden Schlaf im kalten Kellerverliess, wird er von seiner strengen Herrin in den Strafbunker gefuhrt. D ie schone Sadistin tragt einen schwarzen Ledermantel, Stiefel und Handschuhe. Der Sklave hat nun ausfuhrlich seine Herrschaft zu begrussen. Auf Knien muss er seiner blonden Gottin d ie Stiefel sauber lecken. Weiterhin muss er als Aschenbecher d ienen, bekommt Ohrfeigen und wird angespuckt. Er hat richtig Stress. Dazu bekommt er ununterbrochen Syoneras verbale Erniedrigungen zu spuren. Nachdem er d ie Stiefel mit den Absatzen grundlich gesaubert hat, druckt seine Aufseherin ihre Zigarette auf seiner Zunge aus.


Video Description: One slave is kneeling in the corner, his face shows his emotions quite clearly. The other naked slave is on the metal bed, ankles and wrists are cuffed. Mistress Dyanna and Mistress Anette are standing beside him with riding crop in hand and they punish his cock and balls with it brutally hard.


Video Description: Mistress Sidonia is taking control of her cute sissy Melissa, who has been caught playing with the other subbies rather than doing her domestic chores. Mistress puts her in the sit sling and explains she is going to be punished, her nipples put on the suction machine and hard cock bound tightly. Melissa is then put on the bondage bench, legs spread, her asshole stretched with Sidonia's latex clad fingers and then by a giant strapon cock, pegging the naughty xdresser hard. Finally, she is subjected to CBT and nipple torment, as her throbbing dick is teased and edged by a latex clad handjob until Mistress decides she can have her final orgasm and then locks the errant cock up tightly.


Video Description: Two sadistic women team up against an helpless slavem hanging like a puppet about to get his balls destroyed. The Dommes have made it clear: his ball sack is merely a funbag for them. They pull on it, squeeze it, punch it and ultimately kick it like its a kicking bag. They laugh and laugh at his faith and sadistically turn his balls into mush.

DungeonCorp - Getting through to Bailey - Bailey Bradshaw [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bailey Bradshaw, Bdsm, Bondage, Dungeon Corp, DungeonCorp, Society SM, SocietySM

Video Description: Bailey Bradshaw is a kinky young womanshe just doesnt know how kinky yetshe thought she had been through it all in her own young kinky lifebu t she learns quickly that BDSM could be something that she hasnt truly even encountered yetin the first two scenes, it seems Bailey is almost in shockit takes her a bit to get comfortable in this new world of total restraintand Feenix plays her welltesting with clamps and floggersIn the 3rd scene Bailey peaksmaybe it was the leg spreading bondage, maybe it was the trap around her neckmaybe it was the pussy clamps that Feenix rigs into a zipper down her legwhatever it was, Bailey seemed to find her placethen we get the shrieks and moans, the convulsions and loss of controlIn the last scene, Feenix rigs her into an amazing pretzel tie and takes his time to finish off her swollen and sensitive pussy with more orgasms

Whipping On The Table - Rachel Greyhound - 6/19/2023 [HD 720P]

Genre: Bdsm, Bondage, Bondage Life, BondageLife, Rachel Greyhound

Video Description: In this fun bondage stream, Greyhound gets hooded and bound face down on the bondage table and gets a nice whipping! Sit back, relax, and watch as our helpless little slave gets flogged, whipped, strapped and more until her ass and back are glowing a nice shade of red!
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