Penny Barber, Kendra Spade, Rob Piper [MILF Agent Botches Undercover Anal & Sacrifices Step-Daughter] [HD] INTENSE BDSM FAMILY ROLE PLAY

Name roliks: MILF Agent Botches Undercover Anal & Sacrifices Step-Daughter

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 2.69 GB

Roxana, Fatima [The Competition - Roxana vs. Fatima Part 3] [FullHD] Graias

Name roliks: The Competition - Roxana vs. Fatima Part 3

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.93 GB


Name roliks: The Competition - Roxana vs. Fatima Part 2

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.75 GB

Roxana, Fatima [The Competition - Roxana vs. Fatima Part  1] [FullHD] Graias

Name roliks: The Competition - Roxana vs. Fatima Part 1

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.60 GB

Description: A beautiful colorful world. A world of BDSM films showing simulated punishment. I like watching them myself, too. I have also made such films and I always will. The top of BDSM is to record real brutal torture though. I will show you such a video now. Two girls are competing for the money and my appreciation.

Sheril [The Receptionist Part 1] [FullHD] Graias

Name roliks: The Receptionist Part 1

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.02 GB



Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 638 MB

Description: So me n Alpha have really found that we LOVE beating my cuck-slave sort of as "foreplay" before we fuck. Like, we beat him as much as we want until we get totally turned on from it, and then we go fuck in the bedroom. But then we thought, wait, why don't we beat it WHILE we are fucking around in the bedroom?? So we did! Basically we just make out in bed and play with each other under the covers while we take turns BEATING my ugly, bald, scrawny cuck-slave! Is that weird that abusing my cuck-bitch turns us on so much?? Watch this clip and then write in to me if you want to come serve us as your Masters, slave! How much would YOU pay to be beaten by Us?? haha
[] Miss Twisted [TWISTED PASSIONS] [FullHD]


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 2.20 GB

Description: A little twisted, super sexy and quite evil could be a good description of UK based Miss Twisted. This scene was the first that Miss Twisted filmed with us, and I will call it a good start. Slave Tom obey entirely to his new Mistress taking her verbal humiliation, trampling, and more while eating crushed fruits from her dirty boots.
[] Mistress Mia [WORSHIP YOUR MISTRESS] [FullHD]


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 832 MB

Description: A classic scene, featuring British female domination, as it should be [with a special focus on boot worship]. Who could be better to present this than British Mistress Mia Harpsichord? Dressed in latex and a pair of sexy high-heels boots our Mistress is ready to teach slave Wannabesubmale a femdom lesson. Mistress Harpsichord makes her slave worship her perfect latex dressed body and feet while humiliating the slave as only she can do it. For the real submissive Mistress Harpsichord fan, this is a must-see.


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.59 GB

Description: After a hard caning "50 Hard Strokes" - if you missed it. It's time for the slave to get his reward. Not that rewards are usually issued, but I guess it must have been this slaves lucky day. Synopsis: Miss Hunter and Miss Rebekka Wood get their slave back on the spanking bench, but this time for some breathplay and bottom worship. With the slave laying down obeying the request of these beautiful Mistresses - the breathplay can begin. The slave will have to do his best not to fade out, as the Mistresses places their perfect bottoms and full weight to his face, leaving no room for a breath of air.


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 329 MB

Description: The IRS has instituted a new tactic to punish taxpayers that are late with their tax payment to the government. They are now sending hot women to male taxpayers' homes to literally "extract" the $$$ from them! The IRS has found that this strategy is VERY effective...and "Ms. Platinum" is their top agent. She has been sent to this taxpayers house because he is literally ONE day late on his payment...and he owes BIG money. Ms. Platinum is in charge of "hard cases" and "high dollar targets". When she barges into his home and announces who she is, he says he cannot pay "right now" and says he needs an extension. She explains that the IRS has authorized her to "make arrangements for that". But in order for that to happen, the first step is that he has to BEG. He has to literally kneel at her feet and BEG for the extension. After explaining the power that she has, he eventually relents and drops to his knees. Ms. Platinum is so beautiful...he is soon literally groveling at her feet, showering them with kisses and BEGGING for his extension. The dire nature of his financial predicament combined with Ms. Platinum's incredible beauty are just too much for him. Ms. Platinum decides that she will grant his "extension", but the length of that extension will be determined by what he is willing to endure in order to "earn" it. The taxpayer doesn't understand? Ms Platinum casually explains to him that he is to strip naked and spread his legs for her. She will then kick him in the balls as hard as she wants over & over- until he just can't take it anymore. Each kick he takes to his balls earns him one more week to pay his taxes! He can't believe that this is the "deal", but he has no choice but to take it! Soon is getting his balls destroyed by this smoking hot, no-nonsense, and extremely CRUEL IRS agent...and he soon finds himself as another powerless taxpayer cruushed under the heel of "Agent Platinum"!


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 695 MB

Description: Goddess Valora has her play toy slave for the day. She has already caned and fucked his cock with urethral sounds. Now she has her bitch on his hands and knees at her feet. Its time for this slut to get whipped. Goddess Valora forces him to stick his ass out like a dirty whore and beg to be whipped by her. She spits in his mouth and slaps his face before securing him on the whipping platform. There will be no way for this slave to escape Valoras merciless beating. The Goddess gives the helpless slave a thorough thrashing with her single-tail whip. You can tell that she loves every moment of inflicting pain to her slave. She laughs and smiles with glee as her bitch cries out in agony. Goddess Valora loves it so much that she might never stop!
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