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Video Description: Rea Lil Black is the leader of the female sports team but her performance has been lacking during todays game. Jia Lissa, Jennifer Mendez, and their friend are not happy about the situation.

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When Im on the hunt, I usually look for fertile teens that I can fuck bareback and impregnate. Its one of the greatest joys in life. But sometimes, especially after a long week of twice-a-day fucking, I just want to lay down on the bed and have a cute, obedient slut completely take care of me. I want to see my 9-inch cock disappear into her pretty little face and I dont want to have to move a muscle.

So last week I needed an off day. I had already bred three different girls that week and it was only Wednesday! So I took a stroll down Beach Road in Pattaya to see what was available from the local meat market. Being the middle of the day, it was slim pickings, but I did see one girl selling her wares on the side of the road that I thought would look great bobbing up and down on my cock: Sukhonn. After a two minute chat, we negotiated on 500 baht ($15) for a 30 minute blowjob. Goddam I love this country!

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After busting my nut all over the naive hookers face, I gave Sukhonn the 500 baht I promised her. Now go buy yourself a sandwich and get the fuck out of my hotel.

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