Lydia Black, FX Tim - Keep Your Mouth Shut and Fuck Me [HD 720P]

Genre: Black Hair, Blowjob, Crop, Dildo, Domestic, Edging, Facesitting, Feet, Femdom, Foot Worship, Handjob, Latex, Leather, Natural Boobs, Paddle, Pussy Eating, Slim, Smothering, Spanking, Spit, Straight, White

Video Description: It is a morning like any other morning for Mistress Lydia Black's live-in sex toy, FX Tim. He follows his routine of spit shining Mistress Lydia's high heeled boots before Lydia pulls him out of his dark closet quarters to use him for her enjoyment. He begins by oiling Lydia's latex, enjoying the cool touch and crinkly noises, before she takes his breath away by sitting on his face, smothering him with her perky ass. FX licks and sucks on her latex clad feet while staring at her pink pussy. He is craving the sweet taste of her cunt and asshole but he knows he must contain himself until he is instructed to taste her divine pussy. Lydia takes delight in his angst and teases him mercilessly. She spanks him with a red leather paddle before moving on to her crop while he stoically takes his punishment. Lydia strokes his hard dick so that she can use them in all her holes. She edges her sex toy with a handjob and blow job. He knows she owns his orgams and that his main role is to be her human dildo. This day, and everyday, is all about her sexual satisfaction and naturally, his pleasure is far from her concern. He begs her to let him cum only to get laughed at and denied. This game turns Lydia on endlessly. She has one orgasm after another as she rides his thick cock. He works tirelessly to satisfy her. He plows deep inside her pussy as sweat drips off both their bodies. Once she is done with him she allows him to ejaculate his sticky white cum on her ass. What a blessed life this dildo has.

Dollidoll - Latex Fisting and Gaping [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ManyVids, Fisting, Gape, Huge Dildo, Humiliation, Latex, Dollidoll

Video Description: I'm just a desperate little slut begging for your attention and approval Master. After teasing you and edging in my latex body suit I start fisting my pussy with no warm up. I keep mentioning how loose my hole is while fucking a huge 12" dildo. Your fist gapes my stretched out cunt wide until your wrist deep and I finally cum all over your fist!

Purple Bitch - Black Widow loves Hulks dick 4K [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Purple_Bitch, Purple Bitch, Cosplay,Amateur,Teen, Anal, Big Toys, Cosplay, Creampie, Latex, Dildo

Meli-Deluxe - Spermasuechtig - Schlampe in Latex geil durchgenagelt [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Amateur, Germany Amateur, Sex, MDH, Germany, Big7, Porn, Meli-Deluxe, Milf, Latex, Leather, Vanilla Sex

Video Description: Sperm and whore whores, that just belongs together. Even better if the #Fotze is fucked without rubber. I'm addicted to sperm and often don't have enough. The more often I am inseminated, the more willing I become over time. With every thrust his spanking fucked me even harder and could hardly keep his sperm in the eggs. I'm just addicted to hot cocks that want to leave their juice on me. I had every drop of sperm sprayed on my ass. #fuck #latex #fotze #cumshot
Spermasuchtig! Horny bitch nailed in latex

Young-Devotion - Dirty-Talk in Wetlookleggins [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Amateur, Germany Amateur, Sex, MDH, Germany, Big7, Porn, Dirty-Talk, Latex, Leather, Masturbation, Young-Devotion

Video Description: In skin-tight wet look leggings and a white tight body without a bra underneath and in leather heels, I present myself to you! Honey I know you like this look! It makes me totally horny when I imagine how you grab me and do nasty things with me! I want you to spurt your sperm out for me today and the whole load on my ass! But first I want to come!
Dirty talk in wetlook leggings !!!

Maja-Bach - Mein Date - Als Latex-Hobbyhure gefickt [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Amateur, Germany Amateur, Sex, MDH, Germany, Big7, Porn, Maja-Bach, Deep Throat, Extreme Hardcore, Latex, Leather, Teen, Boobs

Video Description: I just couldn't let it go !! I just had to look for another great date and in a really nice hotel! The wish was to wear something cool with nothing underneath !! Well, I've found just the right thing to do it as a horny hobby whore to get him really horny with deep blow and 69 lick my holes beautifully on it! ;) The fuck was so hot that I almost hosed down and was extremely wet !! The fat load of sperm at the end was the icing on the cake what a great date !!! ;)
My date !! Fucked as a latex hobby whore !!!

House-Owned Whores Earn Their Place at The Halloween Fuck Fest [HD 720P]

Genre: TheUpperFloor, Aiden Starr,Maestro Stefanos,Ana Foxxx,Chloe Cherry,Donny Sins, Anal, Athletic, BDSM, Black, Black Hair, Blonde, Bondage, Bottom, Brunet, Caning, Collar, Corporal Punishment, Discipline, Fake Boobs, Feet, Female Slave, Flogging, Halloween, Hitachi, Humiliation, Latex, Master, Mixed, Natural Boobs, Oral Sex, Petite, Role Play, Rope Bondage, Rough Sex, Shaved, Slim, Stocks, Straight, Swingers, Tattoo, Threesome, Top, White, Zapper

Video Description: In our final installment of the Halloween Sadists Ball, Governess Ana Foxxx is up for some serious discipline at the hands of busty Governess Aiden Starr. Ana has been a sloppy, cum-hungry slut, unable to hold her position, ask for her orgasms, remember the rules, and what's worse is that her uniform is already shredded. Aiden stares with sadistic disdain at Ana's bare feet poking through her torn stockings while Ana wiggles nervously in her tight shibari frog tie. The guests look on with much pleasure as Aiden lectures Ana about the importance of her uniform and offers her a new pair of red and black, submissive-issue stockings... at a price. Ana's torn pantyhose are stripped away, leaving her tender toes vulnerable to cropping and shocks with a zapper. Ana squeals and apologizes, but Aiden moves on to her pert nipples, pinching and biting them until they are swollen and covered with vicious teeth marks. Aiden then applies some brutal metal clamps to both Ana's nipples and labia, pulling them tightly in her hands and she teaches Ana the house rules one final time. Every orgasm Ana will have from here out will only come when she has recited the rules and has a clamp pulled off of her tender bits. Ana screams and sweats through her punishment, and eventually succeeds in delivering her recitation through the suffering painful punishment orgasms. The crowd cheers and claps as she collapses with a new pair of stockings. The party goers find themselves horny from this display and begin working each other over. One latex submissive endures a hard flogging and anal hook, while another submissive is locked in stocks and made to take a strict caning with a metal rod as swingers fuck each other and look on. Gorgeous women are tied and spanked heavily, while others suck cock and take a paddling while having their nipples clamped together in a painful daisy chain. A beautiful femme domme teases her man with a bound face sitting session, and others beg for orgasms from a hitachi as their asses and thighs are beaten red. Stefanos is perturbed to find that Ana has earned her red and black stockings before senior submissive Chloe Cherry. He bring Chloe over and demands that she find her stockings among the crowd while her pursues her with a zapper, and our guest of honor Donny Sins takes her pussy and mouth for fucking. Chloe is a sweet and desperate mess as she crawls through the party, begging for her uniform, finding sadist female party-goers who will give her each garment at a price. Her tits are clamped with wooden pins and she is given a glass to hold on a silver tray and told not to drop it, as Donny rails her from behind. Ana is a crafty little whore, and crawls over to steal the cock, almost sending Chloe's tray crashing to the ground. But Chloe holds tight and manages to keep the dick and her new uniform. Ana is sent to service Donny in an intense reverse cowgirl to earn her collar, but it is Chloe who comes out victorious with a rousing anal fuck, coaxing the cum from Donny and orgasming to the admiring cheers of an impressed party.

Livecleo - Sloppy BJ Dildo Spit On Tits Solo Latex [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Big Boobs, Dildo Sucking, Latex, Solo Female, Spitting

Video Description: Latex with my glasses - big dildo I was about to play PS4 on my Twitch channel as I do most nights alone when I felt a bit To alone. I dressed in soft black latex with my big boobs exposed in case my neighbors might see me. I oiled my tits so they would be shiny in the dark like my latex. It was so dark & windy outside & I could hear my back gate banging a little in the wind & imagined a stranger asking me to put there big dick in my mouth, I miss pleasing a man. I decided to do a blowjob scene against the glass looking out & put the camera outside in the cold outside my house im renting. I shot in a few different angles sucking & feeling its large size & hardness in my mouth I was getting slobber everywhere. When I finished I pushed my wet tits against the glass for the camera to see.. the whole time thinking someone might be watching me through the big gaps in my fence behind the camera. It was so noisy when I played the footage back that I kept wondering if someone was watching me. I thought id give this tiny section away for free as im so happy that after only a few months on ManyVids im in the top 20

Mistress Susi - Worship Slave [SD 576P]

Genre: Mistress Susi, KinkyMistresses, MistressSusi, Femdom, Latex, Fetish

Mistress Susi - Worship our Asses [HD 720P]

Genre: Mistress Susi, KinkyMistresses, MistressSusi, Femdom, Latex, Fetish

Mistress Susi - Whipped Carriage Pony [HD 720P]

Genre: Mistress Susi, KinkyMistresses, MistressSusi, Femdom, Latex, Fetish

Mistress Susi - Waterpunishment [HD 720P]

Genre: Mistress Susi, KinkyMistresses, MistressSusi, Femdom, Latex, Fetish

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