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Video Description: She's one of those ladies who really enjoys being filmed while she's having sex... Lilie, 34 years old, has gone to great lengths to get Sandy to set her up for another round of intense sex. And to calm her down, she decided to take matters into her own hands with her partner of the day... Very excited both of them, they make so much noise while dabbling that friend Vlad, until now outside of the frolics, feels obliged to participate in this sensual and bestial party!

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Video Description: Dazzled by the beauty and the goddess physique of the beautiful 21 year old Ashley, our team was expecting a lot from the return of the beautiful nymph in front of the camera. With a smile on her lips, the beautiful student from Poitiers is very happy to see us again, and more particularly our friend Tony. Admitting unvarnished that she really liked her first perversion session, she was obsessed with the idea of banging two guys... Max comes as a reinforcement, our lascars can cheerfully shake her up, and discover with surprise that the girl takes a monster foot during her very first double penetration!

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Video Description: Kesha is a candy from South America, and more precisely from Venezuela, that friend Rick is taking for a sightseeing trip to Paris. Incredibly sexy and with curves to fall on the ground, the Latin bomb certainly didn't expect to find herself naked in front of our camera. But it was without counting on the persuasive force of our lascar, who thus makes him reveal his phenomenal chest and his crazy ass, but also and above all a taste for the most exciting sex...

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Video Description: The naughty pulpy girl from Deauville, Maryline, wants to take full advantage of our team's sex skills to forge an experience that matches her ambitions. Still a bit on the reserve despite a successful first, the 28-year-old with superb curves wanted to rub shoulders with two guys for the very first time in her life. After an appetite proposed by our national Sandy, here she is very busy with our boys, who bring her very far in her entrenchments, until the famous double penetration ...

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Video Description: How to resist the charm of the sublime Marina, 55 years old? The body of a goddess, a smile as exciting as her natural grace... So when on top of that, this milf grinds herself into an ultra sexy maid with the sole purpose of having fun, it's enough to drive you crazy! It's this lucky Pascal who has the honor to enjoy the endless appetite of this mature, and even sodomize her most naturally in the world!

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Video Description: Without consulting each other, Shanna, 27, and Lou, 20, pulled out the heavy artillery to be as attractive as possible... It is in the country of the first one, Belgium, in front of the Atonium, in Brussels, that the adventure starts. The bakery saleswoman, who is not at her trial run concerning the sapphism, wanted to have fun in a trio with another woman. Led by the impetuosity of her youngest daughter from Bordeaux, who won't let go of the sextoys at their disposal, but also by the ardour of her friend Antho, the blonde bombshell takes terrible pleasure in the various perverse games that each of the protagonists offers her!

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Video Description: She defines herself as follows: Louise, 42, is a real "breeding bitch"! Very experienced and a patented gourmet, this milf from the Loiret region particularly likes hard fucking, and regularly engages in gang-banging in the libertine clubs she frequents. If her record of achievements is very extensive, she had never fooled around with a kid from Marseille... Antho has therefore volunteered to mistreat this incredible slut, and sodomises her to the max to keep her happy!

Naomie, 24, always wants to have fun! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: She hasn't changed a bit since we first met: Naomie, 24 years old, still has that sparkle in her eyes that we really like. But what is even more important is that she is totally ready to continue the infidelities made to her man! She had explained it on a television show and then in our videos: cheating on her boyfriend is a priesthood for her. So Lorenzo tastes this very sweet delicacy, and takes advantage of it to sodomize her more than rightly...

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Video Description: Two rascals with crazy bodies and overflowing libido are having fun figuring out who's going to be the sluttier of the two... Tiffany and Kirsten are sex bombshells with an innate talent for sex, who play perfectly with their curves to get what they want. And when in addition they're specially dressed as irreverent students, Rick and Olivier can only give them a good lesson, in an orgy that mixes sodomy, fetishism and even creampy!

Johana, 25 years old, record store in Rennes! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: We wished to receive the beautiful Johana, 25 years old, in the best possible way. So it was normal to bring her to a creperie in Paris, she's the pure Breton! In front of a good pancake, the young lady, who works as a record dealer in Rennes, explained the reasons for her coming. Having a strong taste for sex, the naughty girl came in front of our camera to learn, in the company of a lascar in particular. Indeed, during an erotic show in her hometown, she had fallen in love with the generous assets of our friend Tony, and was eager to take advantage of them!

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Video Description: Back to Bourges, under a weather that is decidedly not clement. Francoise, 61 years old, was obviously looking forward to this second episode in our company, because she knew that the cursor would be placed much higher. Indeed, she was not mistaken: two men are on the program for her ... With a big smile that betrays a beautiful excitement, the mature rascal lets herself be carried away by the expert hands of Doryann and Tony, who push the vice to the point of making her try the double penetration!

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Video Description: The concrete definition of perfection could certainly be the incredible Kitana... This young woman of 30 years old has all the assets on her side and knows very well that she is an atomic bomb to which nothing resists to anything. Settled in Paris for two years, the beautiful bachelor, who had already made appearances in front of our camera, speaks a Frenchman with an accent that gives her a crazy charm... So when our team offers her to have fun with our friend Pascal in a shot where she will be his submissive, we could only expect an explosion of the senses, but also a festival of sodomy!

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Video Description: With her eternal smile hanging from her lips, the very pretty Julie, 25, still has her say in our team. Because this real estate agent in Fuveau (13) is always hungry, and she lets us know! Not so shy as that, she explains waiting to taste the plurality, in a gang-bang... So we find four fans ready to fight with this naughty Gabonese girl, who takes infinite pleasure in getting covered with hot cum after a dazzling fuck!
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