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Video Description: It was in her car that the pretty Ludivine, 33, was waiting for us. This athletic lady with shapely legs contacted our team in order to put a little crazy in his life, but in a qualitatively way! Indeed, if she is single for a while, she is not the type to get laid with the first comer. That's why this dental technician appealed to us, with the idea of satiating the fantasy of enjoying a guy well spoiled by nature ... In other words, Ninos was the perfect man to fulfill this well naughty mission !

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Video Description: To say that Candice, 20, is a woman in a hurry is a euphemism. Psychology student, the girl does not want to lose a minute to review! Fortunately, she decided to give us an hour or two to deal with her case ... Recently single, she became aware of the importance of having fun as much as possible to vary the pleasures sexually speaking. Tony, expert in the art of perverting the girls who ask it, makes her a lot of miseries but finally takes at least as much pleasure as her!

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Video Description: Let's go to Montpellier for the beautiful and luscious Caroline, 44 years old. The Swiss girl knows well the city of Herault and spends a lot of time in a particular place. Called "Chez Pierrot", this sex shop often receives the visit of this slut, who comes to frolic with appetite. But no luck for her today because there are no customers for her! Fortunately, our two lads are there to entertain her, thanks to the glory-hole of the establishment, but also and especially through intense double penetrations!

Maria, 40, wanted action in Soissons (02)! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: We are very surprised when Maria, 40, gives us his age, because she looks much younger! The fresh forty-year-old housewife has decided to have a little fun and have some action in her life, which she leads to the side of Soissons (02). Former commercial, the one who defines herself as a real naughty wants to reconvert as an auxiliary life, not without taking a little fun before. And if she explains that it takes skill to sodomize her, Antho does not put much time before visiting his great little ass ...

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Video Description: In the heart of the upscale Kensington district in London, Beau, 50, fits well with the decor. Secretary and mother, she has a very sexy BCBG side. However, it is with some reserve that she explains how she came to contact us. After consulting the internet history of one of her sons, she came across our site, which came back very regularly! Initially shocked, she ended up getting excited about our videos regularly, so much so that she decided to use our services to spice up his sex life a little too flat for his taste ...

One more man in Rebecca's bed, 35 years old ... [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: In a small square in London can be hidden the most beautiful slut in England, or almost ... April, 24, is a pretty blonde waitress in a typical pub where the British love to meet after work. Single recently, she has taken her sex life in his hands since her separation, and has been bouncing from all sides since. But if she contacted us, it's thanks to another naughty girl we met, Amber ... And since the latter was dithyrambic about us, she decided to explore the fucking filmed in our company!

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Camille, 32 years old: two men in the viewfinder! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Impatience has won the spirit of Camille, 32 years old! This very open nurse from Tours is looking forward to seeing our team, especially Tony. Because the latter promised her one thing, namely to frolic with two guys, a thing that she has never done before! Dressed in a very provocative way, this femme fatale has all the trouble in the world to contain her furious desire to fuck... Fortunately, our service firefighters are there to fill and calm her for a few minutes!

Zora, 24, wants to innovate with Laura, 33 years old! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: All dressed in blood and gold, Therese is waiting for us at the Bollaert stadium, in Lens, for once more sporting adventures. After admiring the players in training, she decided to have fun with supporters of RC Lens! Welcome by the songs of support, she also takes under his wing a lady who wanted to participate in this experience ... In the end, it is a very intense orgy that takes place in the middle of this group of football fans unleashed!

Sofia, 24, had to shop, but ... [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: At 24, Sofia has opened her first clothing store in Prague, where she is from. To keep up with the trends of the moment, she decided to come to Paris to shop and bring them home. But lack of luck for her, all wholesalers are closed! No worry for this luscious naughty girl, who explains to us that she has no problem with the idea of shooting a video with our team, without her husband being aware ... This is all good forTonio, who can have fun with his big natural tits and especially his beautiful ass!
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