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[] Carmela [PASSED OUT FROM PAIN] [FullHD]


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 876 MB

Description: This clip is hilarious. I have my personal real-life slave restrained out in the garage (where I keep him most of the time) up against a pole. His precious little cock-n-balls are pulled out and stretched across a table so I can literally walk all over them in my stiletto boots. The funny part is that this slave is SOOOoooo concerned about his precious little balls that he is literally scared for his life. He has some sort of "phobia" about his balls being damaged- which I think is just fucking hilarious. And he has felt my wrath so many times in the past (yes, in real life- not in videos) that he knows what I am capable of. So he thinks this will like literally be the "end" for his tiny little manhood. HAHA To be honest, I am barely touching his cock n balls in a lot of this clip. But he is just SO scared of being this helpless and even the "threat" of what might happen to his little nuggets- that he literally paasses out! LOL! We have to cut the video, unlock him from his restraints, lay him on the ground, and then the clip opens up again with me standing over him as he FINALLY comes to- and sees his pissed off Princess standing over him lol.


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 2.66 GB

Description: The teasers at the edging salon begin every day with the intention of making as much money as possible. Every time the teasers bring their clients slave to the edge and then deny him an orgasm, they earn a monetary bonus. This really motivates the teasers to bring their clients slave to the edge of orgasm over and over because they love money. The teasers have decided that for today, they each want to earn enough for a new designer handbag. They dont care how crazy they make the slave with edging and denial, they are driven to do whatever it takes to get their handbags. Everything at the Edging Salon has been automated, to limit the amount of actual work the girls have to do. All the teasers need to do during their shift is stimulate the clients slave with their sexy bodies and machines do the rest.

A computer monitors his heart rate and cardio pressure, detecting his orgasm levels. A machine tirelessly pumps up and down the shaft of his cock. Automation varies the stroke speed and grip, to keep the stimulation interesting to the clients slave for long durations. The teasers can manually adjust the program. They can also administer shocks at their discretion. Teasers do whatever they can to seduce the slave to get to the next edge. They whisper sexy things in his ear, sit on his face, and change outfits multiple times within the shift to keep the male interested. The teasers are so greedy! No matter how hard they work the slave, they always want more and more. Their desire for money is truly insatiable. Beta males have a natural instinct to try and make pretty girls happy in whatever way they can. Hot girls know this and use it to their advantage. To a hot girl, a beta male is just a pawn.

The clients slaves session comes to an end, but the computer prompts the girls with the option of starting the session over. The teasers are thrilled at the idea of overtime! At the end of a double shift, they will have more money for designer handbags! With no hesitation, the girls follow the computers prompt to start the session over. With just a little bit of coaxing from the beautiful Natalya, the slave agrees that he thinks he can power through a double shift for his teasers.

During the second shift, the teasers remind the clients slave that he does not matter to them. They will use him however they can to get money. Its very exciting for the teasers that they are allowed to orgasm as many times as they want, but the slave is never allowed to orgasm. They are only paid for edges. They do not get paid for the edge if the slave climaxes. The automation keeps that mistake from happening very effectively, anyway, so the slave never would really get a chance to cum. The clients slaves are always kept bound very tightly. Not only to keep them from escaping but to remind them that they are not allowed to touch the girls.

After each edge the slave must do one more, then one more, then one more. It never ends. Amazing how pleasure can become its own kind of hell. When the second shift is done, and the girls have made enough money for their handbags, they have no further use for the slave. They electrocute him with multiple high-voltage shocks, just because they dont need him anymore. Mariah enjoys one final orgasm on the slaves face while the slave cries out in agony. The girls realize that they can do a third shift and still have enough time to get their handbags. They tighten the slaves restraints and go in for round three.
[] ArgenDana [Ultra Gape & Rose] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Ultra Gape & Rose

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.11 GB

Nataly Gold [The Slut Throat Abuse] [4K UHD]

Name roliks: The Slut Throat Abuse

Type SiteRip: 2160P Size: 1.24 GB

Description: Andy discovers during his birthday party that his girlfriend is a slut she betrays him. He asks his friends to help him to punish her. So they make her drink a lot, before to leave Andy alone with her in their house. Andy takes advantage on her, drunk, and ties her with a rope to the bed, blindfolded and with a tape on her mouth. Then he leaves the apartment. When he comes back few hours later, he finds her awaked. So he faces her, asking for some explanations. She doesnt answer anything, cause is clear she is feeling guilty. Andy tells her he is going not to treat her like his girlfriend anymore, but as a slut. SLUT is even written on her body, with red lipstick.
Andy compels her ti suck his dick deepthroat. He merciless fucks her throat, stuffing his dick all the way down, pushing her face and nose on his tummy. She has gag reflex, with a huge amount of saliva. But he doesnt care about it: she is filthy like a whore, so thats what she deserves. He continues fucking brutally her moth and throat, without any pauses. He orders to her to lick his saliva filthy balls. She does all he wants, like an obedient sexual slave. Finally, with her face completely covered in saliva, Andy cums on her face. He punishes her with the filthiest face fuck and deepthroat action.

Nataly Gold [Fake Photographer Fucks Her Face] [4K UHD]

Name roliks: Fake Photographer Fucks Her Face

Type SiteRip: 2160P Size: 923 MB

Description: Nataly really sucks!!! She is a gorgeous tall and skinny model from Russia, a celebrity in modelling. She is also knew to be a pain in the ass for male photographer. In fact she is an aggressive lesbian, also a diva. That means lot of troubles for male photographer.
Andy is trying to convince her to shoot a photo set in a kitchen. He wants her to sign the release for to start working. Nataly, as usual, is questioning with him, about location, about his look (not so professional) and so on. What Nataly doesnt know, is that Andy isnt a real photographer, but a skilful mentalist. Nataly is complaining mechanically, like a robot cause he has already started to mesmerise her. At one moment, he imposes his hand on her brow and she becomes completely enslaved to his will. Now its time to have fun with the bitch !!!
Andy orders her to get on knees, then he pulls out his dick, ordering her to suck it. As long as she is willingness, Andy plays with her like a sexual dummy. He literally hummers his dick in her throat: harder and harder, his dick reaches her tonsils, making her drooling like a filthy whore. Nataly does a mess on the floor, tons of withe saliva, from her mouth, nose. She is tearing too for the harsh deepthroat action. Andy doesnt stop hammering his dick inside her mouth and throat. She doesnt oppose any resistance, so he could do the worst messy things he has got in mind. He uses her pitiless, with absolutely no regard !!! Andy breaks her dignity, using her more roughly then a cheap street hooker. Maybe now she has got what she deserves. Off course he cums on her face !!

Nataly Gold [Break Down Her Dignity] [4K UHD]

Name roliks: Break Down Her Dignity

Type SiteRip: 2160P Size: 875 MB

Description: Nataly is drunk, lying on bed at his boyfriends birthday party. He comes into the room and finds her limp on bed. He tries to wake up the girl, without a great success. Finally he could wake her up, but the girl seems to be confused. He is sure she not gonna remember anything on the next morning, so he takes the opportunity to take advantage of her. Nataly is a gorgeous but so cold Russian girlfriend. She always puts so meany limits in sex maybe she thinks she is the only beautiful girl on heart. So Andy is gonna take the opportunity to break down her dignity, making this Russian fair beauty, a filthy pig whore.
He stuffs his dick without any regard straight in her throat, fucking like a sex machine her mouth and tonsils. Nataly doesn't react anyway, so Andy goes rougher and rougher. Her makes her suck and lick his balls, completely covered in saliva. Then is the time for a reverse wild throat fuck. Now Natale gives her best: she produces a HUGE amount of white saliva, covering her face, that becomes a saliva mask. When she is reduced like a pig in the mud, Andy continues to sticks his dick in her mouth, till he cums on her face. Nataly now learns how a gorgeous fair could tumble soooo deeply down.

Katie [MILF Katie in hard fisting action] [HD]

Name roliks: MILF Katie in hard fisting action

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 823 MB

Klara [Blonde MILF Fisted] [SD]

Name roliks: Blonde MILF Fisted

Type SiteRip: 576P Size: 463 MB

Timi Twat [Crazy slut: Casting in the city center] [HD]

Name roliks: Crazy slut: Casting in the city center

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 794 MB

Fatima, Teen Anita [Teen piss orgy in the woods] [SD]

Name roliks: Teen piss orgy in the woods

Type SiteRip: 576P Size: 681 MB

Monica Horselover [Double fisted pussy and Bukkake public Party] [HD]

Name roliks: Double fisted pussy and Bukkake public Party

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 305 MB

Karina [Kinky bitch Karina summer fisting] [HD]

Name roliks: Kinky bitch Karina summer fisting

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 843 MB

Gipsy [Pregnant Gipsy sluts in Emergency!] [HD]

Name roliks: Pregnant Gipsy sluts in Emergency!

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 653 MB

Rita Cunt [Rita outdor Anal] [HD]

Name roliks: Rita outdor Anal

Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 744 MB

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