Mistress Victoria - No Strippers FULL NUDE [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Milf, Femdom, Hairy, Boobs, Dirty Talk

Video Description: I'm on the phone with my husband and it turns out he is not going to be making it back on a flight this evening for boys night out. That is too bad...he wanted me to tell his friends who are waiting here, no strippers...and he means it! no strippers tonight without him! I think I know a way to make sure this won't happen, don't husband would be perfectly okay with this. (Full nude rarely released content)

Alexandra Snow - Blackmailed By My Bare Breasts [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Milf, Femdom, Dirty Talk, Boobs

Video Description: I know you crave my breasts. Youre so desperate to see them, you watch every video for just a hint of nipple, or a glance at some side boob. What would you do to see them bare? Would you hurt yourself for them? Would you humiliate yourself for them? Would you risk it all? Thats what I want. I want you to risk everything in order to see my glorious breasts. I want you to send me a video with every piece of information you can come up with. I want your bank information, your work information, contacts, embarrassing photos. I want it all. I want you to drain yourself dry for these breasts. You want this too. You want it so badly.

Madison Stone - Step-Mom Muscles Vs Wimpy White Boy [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Milf, Dirty Talk, Femdom

Video Description: You just can't stop jerking off to older women. Something about milfs just get's you going....but what really excites your cock is a step-mommy with muscles flexing and teasing you. Go ahead wimpy young boy...stroke to my muscles. My power, strength and pretty face makes you even weaker than you already are! Can you believe after all these years I'm still fit, flexible and my good looks haven't faded yet?! It's a good thing with my age & intelligence I know how to maintain a healthy body & mind. All these things turn you on...knowing I'll kick your ass at any time. With my Ju-jitsu skills I'll have you tapping like the little wimp you are. Go ahead take out your hand, place it on your raging boner and stroke your young cock to me. Jerk to my ass, abs, big tits and biceps. Bonus I'm wearing your favorite fun yoga leggings which make my ass to super juicy. You're be hooked on my milf muscles.
Features: bicep flexing, ass worship, ass grinding, ab flexing, double bicep, tease, flirty, older woman, milf, spandex.

Elouise Please - Stepdaughter Jerk Off Instructions JOI [HD 720P]

Genre: Dirty Talk, Boobs, Big Tits, Fetish

Video Description: Why do you always seem to need to come into my room whenever I'm getting changed? Don't think I don't know your secret! But I'm your step daughter, imagine if Mum found out! Ok heres the deal, either I tell Mum everything or you follow my instructions and we have some fun together Wink *** Step Daughter Jerk Off Instructions / JOI ***
Video contains: Step Daughter, Step Father, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Dirty Talk, Elouise Please

VictoriaVeritas - Mommy Ganged Banged At School [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Dirty Talk, Milf, Fetish

Video Description: Your step-mommy has come to school to see you because you left something at home. While you two are cornered in your home room, she closes the door and reveals to you the real reason she is here to see you. She has arranged a gang bang with all of your best friends this morning and you're going to watch her... while strapped to your assigned seat. She loves making you jealous and you cannot help but explode when you see her suck off your best friend's cock! Do not let the length of this video fool you. It is action packed from beginning to end and dirty talk is through the entire live show.

Bettie Bondage - Movie Night - Interracial POV Virtual [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: You invite one of your closest friends over to watch a horror movie. She's been saying she wants to see it but she's never been great about scary movies. She's jumpy and easily startled, but she seems dedicated to watching it! Barely 30 minutes in and she's jumping at every half-way decent jump scare. The first time she grabs you, her hand grazes your cock. You try not to react but you've always had a thing for her and now your mind is wandering...and the next time she jumps and grabs for you, she gets a handful of your now rigid boner! You try and play it off like its a fear response but you can tell she's curious.
She moves her hand back to your lap, leaving it there, stealing glances at you every once in a while..."Do you mind?" she asks, and you shrug, not wanting to come across as overly eager. She takes your cock out and you can tell she's hungry for it...bringing her mouth closer...sucking you...teasing you...talking so dirty, your best friend, as she plunges herself onto your cock...rides you until you fill her hole with cum, which she fucks into her tight pussy, creaming your cock with your combined juices.

Katie Banks - Jerk 2x Mor My Legs [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Big Tits, Brunettes, Dirty Talk, Exclusive, Fetish, JOI, Lingerie, Self Shot, Milf, Boobs

Video Description: A sexy pair of long toned legs can be a dangerous thing. Especially when a lady knows thats your kryptonite and knows how to work them and you over. This video is all about my long sexy legs, my tiny cute bare feet and me wanting nothing more then for you to cum not once but twice for me and my sexy legs. Be ready to spray when I say to.. dont worry I will count you down and tell you exactly where I want your hot load.

Sadie Holmes: Your Hot Wife Forces You To Watch Her Worship BBC & Dirty Black Ass! [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Video Description: You've messed up honey. Once again. Oh don't give me that stupid pathetic look you fuckin moron. That's right. I know all about the little bimbo that you've been flirting with at work. Did you really think you could keep that secret from me? My friends tell me every day about how you're drooling over this new girl. But guess what? She doesn't like you. Look at you. She can tell how small your dick is. Shes disgusted by you.

And you know what? Im disgusted by you too. I've tolerated you because of your money. Because that is the only thing you have going for you. You're fat, ugly, stupid and I dont need you. I dont want you. I dont love you. But you know what I want? What I've ALWAYS wanted? BIG. BLACK. DICK. That's right. Something you dont have. Something you can't buy.

Meet Branden honey. He works in your office building. I know you noticed him. He's bigger, stronger and way hotter than you. And you know what I'm going to do to Branden. I'm going to drain his cock and balls. I'm going to worship his black body in a way I have and will NEVER do for you.

I bet you'd like to share this with me wouldn't you? Share this BIG BLACK COCK. Taste the sweet precum from his bulging black balls. It's better than any of those vitamins you take honey. After he fucks my face and turns me into a slobbering can clean off the juices dripping down my face...clean up all the tears and spit and precum like the little worm you are. Better than any of those vitamins you take.

And to reward you for being a good boy? Im going to give you a kiss....right after I stick my tongue and my lips in his sweaty, dirty, nasty black asshole. He works so much harder than you at work honey. He has that manly musky smell everywhere. His ass and balls get so wet with sweat. And he didn't have time to shower before he got here. Which means his dirty black ass will taste sooooo good when I tongue kiss you.

So sit back honey bunny! Relax. Try to control that tiny little shrimp in your pants as you watch a real man put his big black bull cock in my sweet little mouth. Oh and please try not to dribble on yourself as you watch me clean his filthy asshole with my tongue. I know how quickly you climax. Ill make sure my wedding ring gets plenty of cum and ass juice on it to symbolize our new beginning. Because honey...this is your new normal.

London Lix - Just Jerk Off Instructions [FullHD 1080P]


Video Description: NOT A CUSTOM! ONE OF MY *NEW* CLIPS. I know you all LOVE my JOI clips, but there's often not an actual lot of pure 'jerk off 'instructions', are there? My JOI clips are mixed into roleplays, or with humiliation, or CEI, or some other fetish. So here's a treat for you. Nearly 25 minutes of JUST jerk off instructions, and LOTS of them. Explicit instructions. Not 'now go fast, now go slow'. Nuh uh; I'm going to tell (and show) you EXACTLY how I want you stroking (or not stroking) for me, every step of the way. Of course I'm going to tease you too, peeling off this top to reveal my hot cleavage and slipping out of my mini skirt to show off my fishnets and thong-clad ass. Of course I'm going to work in some edging, some orgasm control, some tease & denial. Of course I'm going to dirty talk to you, simulate a blowjob and deepthroat this dildo...wait what? Wink Yeah this is hot, and you'll be lucky to make it to the end, but if you do...I'll bet you'll cum harder than ever before.

Jocelyn Baker - Fucking Your Ex Raw: Impregnation Fantasy [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: You love your new girlfriend, she's the kind of girl you always knew you'd be with. The one you were SO proud to take home to mom & dad - she's proper, prim, conservative & never steps out of line. But, she SUCKS in bed! Every time you fuck her you find your mind wandering back to your ex girlfriend..the crazy, confident, slutty siren who your parents hated & you couldn't get enough of. One day while you're driving near her neighborhood, something in you compels you to stop by her house to see if she's home. Sure enough she is, & she greets you with that wicked smile you can't get enough of. After catching up a bit she invites you upstairs to her room where she starts reminiscing on old times while simultaneously taking off her clothes. She's telling you how great your new girlfriend must be, but that she knows why you're here. You want to tell her no, but you just can't stop enjoying her sexy body. Your new gf never even dresses half as slutty as she is right now! By the time she's naked and on the bed, you're already so entranced that you know you'd do anything she said. & suddenly you're snapped out of your fantasy world when she tells you: "I don't have a condom" know your ex, and there's no stopping her when she wants something. She simply says you'll have to do without one, and go inside her raw. You didn't plan any of this, you didn't even think you'd have the balls to go up to her door let alone be inside her! Now you're really scared..fucking your ex? With no condom? She can sense how scared you are, and she eases your mind by telling you all about how fun it will tight she is..and how her warm pussy will make you forget. Before you even know what's happening she's climbing on top of you and sliding you inside her, it feels so good you don't resist. God! You forgot how good she is at dirty talking, & before long you're blowing a pent up load inside her as deep as you can and she's draining every drop. You want to be worried but it just feels too good. Only after you cum do you realize your gf has been calling non stop to see where you are..

Bettie Bondage - Mom Makes You a Porno [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: mother son , mom , taboo virtual , virtual fucking , pov virtual , confession , family , wincest , fauxcest , dirty talk , erotica , plot , porn with plot , bettie bondage

Video Description: Your mother has always been so open about what she does, using flowery terms that do nothing to hide the truth: adult performer, erotic artist, adult entertainment producer.
She's a porn star. A good one, too. She doesn't do hardcore stuff, though, just POV virtual videos. Here's the kicker, though: her main role is that of a horny, son-hungry mother. The first time you came across her stuff, you were sort of relieved to know she wasn't getting it on with a bunch of different dudes, and then you realized that she was talking to the camera as though the viewer! Like everyone watching your mother finger herself and fuck a toy was her son. And you admit, you couldn't help but pull down your boxers and go to town on yourself. It was hot! And the look in her eye...well, it was hard to believe it was all an act.
That's what started it. Soon enough, you were going to her site all the time, buying everything she put out. You even picked up extra shifts at the pizza place in order to pay for it. One day, while browsing her site, you saw a link titled "Custom Vid." Hmm...a little out of your immediate price range, but the perfect thing to save up for over the summer. Should you feel bad, leading your mother into doing something like this? I mean, maybe, but when opportunity knocks, you don't shut the door. You answer.
Of course, she knocked it out of the park. She wore that outfit you love, and she used the pet names you told her to (all the names she uses for you and your brothers). You made your mother look right into the camera and say everything you always dreamed she'd say. It's perfect! And, you paid extra to make it exclusive. Within 24 hours of her delivering the custom, you've cum countless times. Its insane how much cum your mother can coax from your balls! But, you were careless. You left your laptop at home, open, with the video paused at the mid-point. And she saw it.
How did you get a copy? She has to know. Why did you want it? Of course, you can only pretend for so long. You were never very good at lying to her. Besides, you've long believed that there is a seed within your mother, something deep and maybe even denied by her, a tiny seed of intense longing...for her son. The way she reacted to your idea for a custom, the picture you sent of your cock so she'd know which toy to use...she loved it. And as you confess to her, her indignation falls away, replaced by tentative arousal. Her hand brushes across her breasts, wanders to the zipper of her jeans as you take the plunge and show your porn star mommy your rock hard cock.
It works just as you hope, just as you always dreamed it might. She can't deny what she wants, what she's always wanted - what's made her such a starlet in the world of taboo porn. She wants it, really wants it, and today, she's finally going to get it: her son's hard, horny cock, pumping and cumming deep inside her hungry pussy.

Ashley Alban - Getting Freaky With the Babysitter [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ashley alban , joi , tights , tease , dirty talk , teach , encouragement, boobs

Video Description: Your babysitter comes over after school to watch you while your mom works late. She tells you that she is going to try on some new clothes upstairs, but shell start making you dinner after. You have a huge crush on her, and you want to see her change, so you sneak upstairs to spy on her. She slides off her plaid skirt, and you cant believe shes not wearing any panties underneath! She tries on a pair on nude pantyhose first, and her ass and pussy look so hot. Next, she tries on some leggings. As she is checking out the camel toe they give her, she notices you watching. She smiles and says that shes not mad. She sees that you have a boner and asks if it is your first one. She tells you it is ok and to come into the bedroom with her.
She tells you that it is ok to touch yourself if you get turned on; its perfectly natural. She asks if you have seen breasts in real life before. You say no, so she takes off her tank top and shows off her perky boobs. Then she stands and asks if you liked staring at her butt when she was changing. She removes her leggings and bends over and spreads her cheeks to show you her asshole and pussy. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She says that since you liked her pantyhose so much, she wants you to put a pair on. She shows you how to do it by putting on a black pair herself. She tells you to rub yourself through the pantyhose and she continues to tease you. Then, she rips open her tights from the back, freeing her ass, and she instructs you to do the same. She tells you to stroke your dick. As she bends over and spreads again, she tells you that it would be fun if you fingered your ass while you stroke. She shows you how to do it. Then, she gets on the bed and fingers herself as she tells you to continue to stroke and finger your asshole. Its so hot and naughty, it isnt long until you both cum!

Goddess Jessibelle - Jerk To Your Self Hate [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: What kind of a person wants to hate themselves as much as you do? What kind of person wants their insecurities and flaws brought to light? What kind of POS wants someone to make them feel this way? I can count off all of the ways that you are disgusting and gross. I bet you want to be able to put your dick into something other than a blowup doll, but no one is ever going to want to fuck something as nasty as you. As if life werent bad enough to you already, you want to be humiliated, this is the only way you can get hard. You jerk off to how much everyone around you hates you. You jerk off to how much you hate yourself. Only someone truly pathetic could jack off to these things. I bet you cry yourself to **** knowing that you are the reason why you dont get laid or why you have a terrible life. I dont pity you!
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