Zoe Sparx - Dirty Pig Whore: Teacher Zoe Sparx Oinks for Cock, Stuffed Airtight [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Hot young teacher Zoe Sparx is in hot water with the Board of Education because she's been posting lewd nudes online. The Board decides they have no choice but to make an example out of Zoe and they call in for a meeting. Zoe apologizes profusely and agrees to submit to whatever punishment the Board demands in order to keep her job. They tell her to write on the chalk board that she will not post nudes online. While Zoe writes, they discover she's wore a glass butt plug to work today! They push her to her knees and make her suck all their cocks, one after the other. Mouth full of cock, Zoe repeats her promise to never post nudes online again. They inspect her holes as she drools all over their cocks. They tie a bimbo lip gag around her head and take turns fucking her face. Next they tie her hands behind her back, use nose hooks to pull open her nostrils, and push a pig tail plug in her ass. Zoe oinks and snorts for cock as her tight pussy gets rammed by hard cock after hard cock. The board members step on her head and make her lick their dirty boots. They stuff her ass full of cock too and Zoe comes hard as they paddle her thighs and fucks her ass. Zoe squeals as she gets stuffed from both ends. She loves the attention and squirts all over the board as they make her come. Then Zoe is put in a head harness bit gag and stuffed airtight. She moans as the board members use all her holes at the same time. She thanks them for giving her the discipline she craves. Finally, she begs for their cum and is rewarded with five hot loads on her face.

A Christmas Whore: Goldie Glock Stuffed Airtight on Christmas Eve [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Christmas is Goldie's favorite time of the year and tonight is Christmas Eve. Goldie tries to wait up for Santa but falls asleep waiting. Suddenly she is awakened by the entrance of men wearing Santa hats. Goldie's no fool, she knows these men aren't Santa but when they tell her they are Santa's helpers and come bearing gifts, Goldie decides to be on her best behavior. She gets on her knees as directed and tells all Santa's helpers to come and touch her. Their hands grab at her tits and smack them. They push her head down on their dicks and tell her to open her whore mouth. Looks like Christmas has come early! Goldie loves cock and eagerly swallows every inch of cock in front of her. Drool from her mouth down past her tits as Santa's helpers make her choke on their cocks. They tie her hands in front of her and fuck her tight little pussy. Goldie moans as their cocks penetrate her. She loves getting fucked roughly and used like a nasty little slut. Next, they move to the couch and shove their fingers into both her holes. Goldie squeals and soon squirts all over herself. They replace their fingers with their cocks and soon Goldie is getting fucked in her ass! She cries out as they take turns fucking her ass and before she knows it, she's double stuffed with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass! Santa's helpers fuck her every which way, filling her mouth and making this Christmas whore airtight. Goldie cums hard as they fuck her holes with their rock hard cocks. She begs them for their cum and is rewarded with five hot loads, one in her ass and the rest all over her cute little face. Santa's helpers finish delivering her presents and leave her tied up and covered in cum.

House-Owned Whores Earn Their Place at The Halloween Fuck Fest [HD 720P]

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Video Description: In our final installment of the Halloween Sadists Ball, Governess Ana Foxxx is up for some serious discipline at the hands of busty Governess Aiden Starr. Ana has been a sloppy, cum-hungry slut, unable to hold her position, ask for her orgasms, remember the rules, and what's worse is that her uniform is already shredded. Aiden stares with sadistic disdain at Ana's bare feet poking through her torn stockings while Ana wiggles nervously in her tight shibari frog tie. The guests look on with much pleasure as Aiden lectures Ana about the importance of her uniform and offers her a new pair of red and black, submissive-issue stockings... at a price. Ana's torn pantyhose are stripped away, leaving her tender toes vulnerable to cropping and shocks with a zapper. Ana squeals and apologizes, but Aiden moves on to her pert nipples, pinching and biting them until they are swollen and covered with vicious teeth marks. Aiden then applies some brutal metal clamps to both Ana's nipples and labia, pulling them tightly in her hands and she teaches Ana the house rules one final time. Every orgasm Ana will have from here out will only come when she has recited the rules and has a clamp pulled off of her tender bits. Ana screams and sweats through her punishment, and eventually succeeds in delivering her recitation through the suffering painful punishment orgasms. The crowd cheers and claps as she collapses with a new pair of stockings. The party goers find themselves horny from this display and begin working each other over. One latex submissive endures a hard flogging and anal hook, while another submissive is locked in stocks and made to take a strict caning with a metal rod as swingers fuck each other and look on. Gorgeous women are tied and spanked heavily, while others suck cock and take a paddling while having their nipples clamped together in a painful daisy chain. A beautiful femme domme teases her man with a bound face sitting session, and others beg for orgasms from a hitachi as their asses and thighs are beaten red. Stefanos is perturbed to find that Ana has earned her red and black stockings before senior submissive Chloe Cherry. He bring Chloe over and demands that she find her stockings among the crowd while her pursues her with a zapper, and our guest of honor Donny Sins takes her pussy and mouth for fucking. Chloe is a sweet and desperate mess as she crawls through the party, begging for her uniform, finding sadist female party-goers who will give her each garment at a price. Her tits are clamped with wooden pins and she is given a glass to hold on a silver tray and told not to drop it, as Donny rails her from behind. Ana is a crafty little whore, and crawls over to steal the cock, almost sending Chloe's tray crashing to the ground. But Chloe holds tight and manages to keep the dick and her new uniform. Ana is sent to service Donny in an intense reverse cowgirl to earn her collar, but it is Chloe who comes out victorious with a rousing anal fuck, coaxing the cum from Donny and orgasming to the admiring cheers of an impressed party.

Kira Noir: Happy Little Plaything [HD 720P]

Genre: BrutalSessions, Anal, Athletic, Black, Black Hair, Bondage, Choking, Crop, Discipline, Dungeon, Flogging, Leather, Natural Boobs, Nipple Clamps, Other Hair Color, Pain, Pain Slut, Rope Bondage, Shaved, Straight, Sub, Tattoo, Toned, Top, White

Video Description: Pain slut Kira Noir is Derrick Pierce's Happy Little Plaything in this weeks Brutal Sessions. Rope tied and suspended in mid-air Kira takes punishing discipline from Derrick's relentless flogging. He plays with her pussy in between bouts of beating her cute ass and lets her suck his hard cock and then fucks her good and hard as she hangs from the ceiling. Next Kira is on her knees stretched out and tied up on a wooden cross. With predicament rope bondage tight on her pussy and nipple clamps on her tits Derrick gives Kira strict rules to follow while he whips her firm sexy belly. Her screams echo throughout the dungeon as he strikes her with the leather single-tail but she takes it like a good pain slut. To counteract the pain he rubs her clit and brings her to a wild orgasm. Derrick stuffs his dick in Kira's mouth and pulls the nipple clamps off making her suffer and moan but it gets her pussy so wet. She begs to keep sucking his cock, it makes her happy. Now Kira is tied up laying down on her knees so her holes are exposed and ready. Derrick fucks her slutty pussy and she thanks him for his cock. She is a people pleaser and wants to use all her holes to serve him. Fucking and flogging and more fucking take Kira over the top with a hot blend of pain and pleasure. She loves it and can't get enough as Derrick pounds her tight ass and then lets her clean it all off with her whore mouth. Finally Kira is on her back tied down with legs spread open. Mr Pierce busts out the crop on Kira's tits, belly and sensitive swollen cunt. Choking her delicate neck with his strong hands Derrick fucks Kira's pussy and ass back and forth driving her crazy until she begs to cum and Derrick covers her fucked hole with his hot load.

Nina Rotti - Taking The Bunnies Anal Virginity [FullHD 1080P]

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Nina Rotti - Macana Man Taps Nina Rottis Ass Good [SD 540P]

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Nina Rotti - Gets The D From Jovan Jordan [FullHD 1080P]

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Nina Rotti - Discovers That She Loves Anal [FullHD 1080P]

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Nina Rotti - Big Booty [HD 1072P]

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Youmi - Huge black bitch sucks fat white cock [HD 720P]

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Video Description: This big bitch is no "Little Rascal", but she could easily pass for Buckwheat's sister. With occasional assistance from her slutty mentor, this dirty skank gets help oiling up her ass and guided through the art of properly sucking fat , white cock .

Swimming Sucking And Fucking a Bbc [FullHD 1080P]

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Sucking White Boy Dick [HD 810P]

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Selfie Cam Gogo Fukme Riding Yb Dick [SD 360P]

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Pussy Eating Lesson [FullHD 1080P]

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