Goddess Platinum, Goddess Draya, Princess Alexandria starring in video (Princess Alexandria)s First Time Ballshocking) of (The Mean Girls) studio [UltraHD/2K 1530P]

Genre: Female Domination,Electric Play, Submissive, Slave Training, Cbt, Verbal Humiliation, Ballbusting ,Goddess Platinum, Goddess Draya, Princess Alexandria, Ginger Slave, Ball Shocker, Electric Play, Ball Shocking, Cock And Ball, Painful Training, Loser, Cfnm, Mean Girl Manor, Slave Punishment, Ball, Slave Lifestyle

Video Description: **This clip was originally released within the video Introducing the Brand New Princess Alexandria (Full First Shoot) as one of four clips contained within video highlighting Her initial day shooting and slaves at the Mean Girl Manor. This clip is now available for the first time on its own. Please note, if you previously purchased Introducing the Brand New Princess Alexandria you already have this clip**After being welcomed to the Manor by all the slaves on the premises, Goddess Platinum and Goddess Draya take Princess Alexandria into another room in the Estate to look at all the devices and instruments that were available to the losers. Of all the toys, the ballshocker caught her eye, and Platinum and Draya knew just the slave to let her ZAP!Draya strapped the electric shock collar for stubborn pets onto her ginger slaves nuts and made it wait in the corner as Platinum explained how the remote worked. It can deliver 21 different levels of electric shock to the thing and is made for large pets with heavy coats of fur. Needless to say, the ginger slave is neither large nor exactly furry.After Draya pulled the thing from the corner, and Platinum handed Alexandria the remote, it was off to the zapping and blitzing the hapless slaves worthless boy parts into oblivion. As it flopped helplessly on the floor while getting shocked countless times the girls all laughed and made fun of how pathetic it was for actually letting them treat it so terribly. All three girls took turns zapping and shocking it as it begged for mercy, and cranked the dial all the way to the highest setting to see how much more the slave would cry out in pain.And as if that wasnt enough to have the slave broken and completely at their mercy, they added one final indignity to its torment. They the pathetic loser to use the remote to shock itself while they watched and made fun of its sad, pathetic, life. There is no denying you are a beta-bitch loser for the Mean Girls after going through what this ginger went through in this clip.Get the clip now and watch as all three girls destroy one pathetic little slave.

Goddess Lindsey starring in video (Oiled Up Shiny Bikini Denial) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Blonde Goddess, Brat Girls, FemDom POV, Goddess Worship, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Oil Fetish, Verbal Humiliation

Video Description: My slippery oiled up body is the motivation you need to fall to your knees. you succumb to all your inner urges of servitude. you stroke for Me without any reservations. Each pump of your cock is all that matters in this moment. you want more, so much more. My buttery smooth body brings you to the next level of arousal. How does it feel to lust so hard knowing that you will never get this? use codes IWANTMORE 50% markUP, give2lindsey 100%, Expensive 150%, because 200% , idiot tax for 300% markUP and NotEnough for 500% markUP

Domina Jemma starring in video (Interactive Foot Stand) of (Merciless Dominas) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Gagging,Foot Humiliation, Smoking, Foot Domination, Classic Smoking, Verbal Humiliation ,Domina Jemma, The Uk, 2020

Video Description: What does it mean to be an interactive foot stand? It means to stick your tongue out and make yourself useful. In this clip, Bristol-based Domina Jemma dominates her slave Eyemblacksheep, by sitting on his chest and making him lick and worship her gorgeous feet. Gagging and a struggling slave, all whole our Mistress enjoys a cigarette. Femdom at its finest.

Domina Jemma starring in video (I will Make You Cry) of (Merciless Dominas) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Strap-On, Female Domination, Pegging, Caning, Verbal Humiliation ,Domina Jemma, British Domme, Otk Spanking, Corporal Punishment, Cane Marks, Hard Caning, Intense Fuck, Femdom

Video Description: For this scene, Domina Jemma asked the slave how he would prefer to be punished and how not. The answer was that he would love to be strap-on fucked and would prefer not to be caned. So what combo of punishment did Domina Jemma choose to dish out? Strap-on and caning of course! This is a scene, where you really want to have your speakers turned on since the strange sounds that are coming from the slaves mouth just makes this scene that much better. So sit down, relax, and find out if Domina Jemma actually made the slave cry.

Goddess BDSM Mia starring in video (You Dont Need to Breathe) of (Merciless Dominas) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bbw Female Domination, Bbw Domination, Smother, Bbw Goddess, Foot Smother, Foot Gagging, Bdsm Mia, Bristol, 2020, Verbal Humiliation, Chubby Mistress, Breath Control

Video Description: All a good slave like Eyemblacksheep need to breathe in to survive, are the smell and words of his Goddess BDSM Mia. You can see the smile on the slaves face, when BDSM Mia orders him to comfortably lay down on the floor, relax and take whatever comes his way. And what is then coming his way? Most of all, breath control in various formats, making the poor slave almost pass out several times. That mixed with verbal humiliation as just BDSM Mia can practice it.

Perfect Sin starring in video (Breath Me In) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Smoking, Smoke, Cigarette, Human Ashtray, Verbal Humiliation

Video Description: Isnt James the classic British name for a house servant/waiter? Well, at least that is the name coming to my mind, when thinking old British commedy movies. In this clip slave James will have the chance to serve Domina Jemma in this classic smoking clip. The slave have to inhale lots of smoke, being spat into his mouth, have his nipples tortured, used as an ashtray and of course take lots of verbal humiliation. Classic Bristish Femdom at its finest.

Goddess Allexandra starring in video (Helpless Gooning Ass Addict, There Is No Escape) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Addiction Training, Ass Addict, Ass Humiliation, Brat Girls, FemDom POV, Jerk Off Instruction, Loser Training, Mental Domination, Princess Ass, Verbal Humiliation

Video Description: You find yourself back here again. You cant resist. Your cock always betrays you. Its an addiction. And as much as you try to run away, you always come crawling back, back to me. Ready to stroke your dick all over again. On your hands and knees ready to worship, ready to give me everything because this is everything to you. This is your life. It doesnt get any better than this for you. You choose to spend your life locked away, spending your hard earned cash on hot brats like me, who youd never have a chance with.And you know that I only want you for one thing, and thats what attracts you to me, to women who dont give a fuck about you. You see Im more than happy to use your addictions against you. I love using you and you think thats so hot. And you are so desperate for my attention that you cant help yourself. You allow this to happen to you. You want this. You need this. I do things to you, I make you so fucking horny. And you cant say no to me.And theres nothing you would rather do. Youre so willing to live your life locked away in your bedroom, stroking to me night after night, devoting yourself to me. You want me to feed your addiction. My face, my eyes, and my voice, you cant ignore them, they speak to you. And already youre falling deep down the rabbit hole. There is no escape for losers like you. You are a weak little addict. And now Im going to make you stroke for my ass, youre going to stare at it, youre going to obsess over it while you stroke your cock and allow yourself to become addicted to my ass.You fall so easily to my words, you want to stroke, you want to give in. You want to be a good boy. It really is that simple. You are that simple. You will binge for me and add to your collection because thats what your cock tells you to do. Stare at my ass. Binge on my ass. It does things to you, doesnt it? You keep looking at it. You cant look away. You sink down into a desperate spiral, never being able to escape. There is no escape, this is your escape.You cant move, your brain is mush, you cant resist, your cock will betray you every single time. And this is only the beginning. Youre gonna go so deep down the rabbit hole, so addicted to my ass. Stroke faster for my ass, fall deeper. This is the start of your addiction. Stroke for me. Stroke for my ass. Pump your cock and lose your mind for my ass. Feel the addiction take hold. And when you cum for my ass my programming will fully take over, you will be so helpless. Helpless against my ass.

Goddess Zephy starring in video (Owned by smelly feet) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Foot Humiliation, Foot Smelling, Verbal Humiliation, Pov Foot Worship, Smelly Feet, Foot Kissing, Foot Slave, Foot Bitch, Foot Domination, Zephy, Foot Goddess, Foot Slut, Toes, Toe Worship, Toe Fetish

Video Description: Fresh out of my reeking Vans sneakers, bow down and worship my smelly goddess feet, loser!! My stinky feet could clear out a room of normal people, but you foot slaves bury your faces in my sweaty soles and hump the floorthats why you live on your knees haha! My loser foot cucky is verbally humiliated throughout.I love foot slavesthe mere site of my superior feet and they collapse to their kneesone sniff and I own them forever!!

Mistress Anuska, Mistress Athena starring in video (Corporal Punishment Challenge  Complete Film)  of (Femme Fatale Films) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, 2 Dommes, Boots, Cane, Caning, Mistress Anuska, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Mistress Athena, Anuska, Athena, Mistress, Canes, Canning, Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Degradation, Rubber, Verbal Humiliation

Video Description: Five slaves take up the CP challenge with both Mistresses giving hell for leather with their canes. Who will take the most? Cold hard canings with little or no warm up for the participants.

Miss London Lix starring in video (Omega Male) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Verbal Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Mental Domination, Boot Fetish, Femdom Pov, Masturbation Humiliation, Leather, Boots, Ponytail, Fishnet, Red Lips, London Lix, British, Accent, Milf, Humiliatrix, Psychological Humiliation, Miss Lix, Mocking, Pasties, Big Tits

Video Description: The term beta male gets thrown around in femdom a lot, and whilst it fits many of you, some of you are the lowest of the low omega males. You truly have given up on trying to fit in, trying to please women, and have come to accept that some things (like sex with anything other than your hand) are off limits for you. But far from having quiet confidence in your subversion, youre aware of your place in the food chain. Youre aware youre even more invisible to me than the betas. Youre not a leader, and not a follower, either youre just an omega male.

Miss Sarah starring in video (Cry for your useless cock) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Face Slapping Fantasy, Humiliation, Boot Domination, Caged, Cock Humiliation, Dominatrix, Impotent, Jerk Off Encouragement, Masturbation Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Spitting, Verbal Humiliation

Video Description: Men are all around My dungeon, one tied on the cross, one tied in the toilet but this pathetic slave somehow managed to get himself trapped in the cage begging for Me to set him freelittle did he knew that not only I will not release him but I will heavily humiliate, slap and spit him while hell gonna struggle to get his useless cock hard as I ordered him to do. That wannabe cock is literally useless and once again it is proven that I am right. The humiliation he receives from Me along with the frustration level of his impotence will make some tears to be shed.

Domina Alexandra Snow and Ezada Sinn starring in video (Just a worm under Our boots) [HD 720P]

Genre: Boot Domination,Shoe, Boot Worship, Bondage Device, Verbal Humiliation, Double Domination, Femdom, Ezada Sinn, Alexandra Snow

Video Description: Domina Alexandra Snow and I are of the same mindset: males look so much better at Our feet. Any slave who firmly grasps this basic Femdom principle intuitively understands his place oh his knees before Us. Today, We have a boot worm: a slave whos so low that hes only granted permission to crawl and snake about on his belly. But, despite his position, his performance in cleaning Out boots with his tongue is lackluster, and Alexandra has the idea that We might consider beating the slave to encourage a more positive submissive posture. Yes, he is in arm bondage and can only locomote on his belly, which We find amusing to watch. Still, Our both pairs of high heel boots require attention and its entertaining to witness his mouth and tongue continually searching out Our leather boots to lick and worship properly. Unfortunately, Were both growing a bit tired and bored of this worm, so Maybe its time to take him for a walk, or should I say, naked crawl in public?..

Lady Dark Angel and Mistress Athena starring in video (Spin the Wheel) of (Merciless Dominas) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Biting, Cbt, Spitting, Smother, Face Sitting, Mistress Athena, Lady Dark Angel, British Domme, Verbal Humiliation, Double Domination, Nipple Teasing, Nipple Biting, Punishment, Face Slapping, Blondes

Video Description: When mistresses decided to make a better version of you, you should be grateful to them and to strictly follow their orders. And if you, big fat pig broke the diet, you will get your punishment! To make it more exciting for them, Lady Dark Angel and Mistress Athena didnt tell slave which torment follow each number on the wheel. Also, as dominas prefer silent victim they use the most fascinating way to close the gluttonous mouth facesitting. P.S. Award for Best Supporting Actor goes to the pervert in the cell behind

Lady Bellatrix, Mistress Esme and Miss Tiffany Naylor starring in video (Show Us Your Tits, Sissy Bitch) [HD 720P]

Genre: Femdom, Sissy Training,Female Domination, Femdom, Verbal Humiliation, Sissy Sluts, Spitting ,Lady Bellatrix, Mistress Esme, Miss Tiffany Naylor, British Dominatrix, Triple Domination, Triple Domme, Sissy Humiliation, Sissy Bitch, Objectification

Video Description: On a hot summers day, Mistress Esme and Miss Tiffany Naylor and I cool ourselves down in the dungeon. Trying to take our mind off the sweltering heat, Mistress Esme tells us about her pathetic sissy bitch so she calls him in to amuse us. As it turns out, this sissy has abnormally large natural tits, so we start cat calling him in his lingerie. Dressed in a red body suit, we start bossing him around and make him do a slutty dance for us. He must be getting off on the humiliation as hes really getting into it which only spurns our laughter on. The sissy has such big nipples so Esme pinches them hard with her long manicured fingernails. Getting the oil out, we make him slather his tits up then he does a strip tease for us and really twerks his fat ass. Although we are highly amused, Esme slaps him in the face just to remind him what his place is. Twirling around in circles for us, we each decide to reward this sissy loser with big balls of our spit. But we soon grow tired of his sissy antics and wonder what we can do to amp up the humiliation next.
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