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Video Description: You're a naughty son, I see you and your lil friends always staring at my round tits all the time, Do you jerk to your mom's tits at night in your bed? in the morning in the shower? I know you do, you filthy perv! Well you're going to worship mommie's titties in real life now! I'm going to make you jerk to your mommie's titties, the humiliation will be much to much to bare! OR are you turned on by the humiliation? I suppose you are since you're such a filthy perv!

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Video Description: *Virtual Sex* Your Step Mom catches you leaving late at night and asks where your going. You say your going hangout with friends but she's suspicious. Your Step Mom is young and reasonable, so you confess its a party. She doesn't really care and wants to know your opinion of her outfit, she's trying to impress your Father for when he gets home from work.. He's an ass man. You like it. She asks what kind of man are you? You embarrassingly tell her your an ass man too. She notices your big boner now and points it out. Now your Step Mom is curious to see your cock. She is shocked at the size and ends up sucking it. You made her so horny by showing your dick. She wants it inside her before your father comes home. You slide your cock inside and fuck her in missionary with her tits out. Then she switches to doggy style for a little and back to facing you. She likes your cock so much more than your Fathers, she tells you to cum inside her. You cream pie your Step Mom just before your Dad comes home.

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Video Description: Spying on your sister again?!? You naughty boy! Don't worry your sexy sister doesn't mind, in fact let her help you cum

Annabelle Rogers - The Fertility Statue [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: A conservative, religious couple is having problems in the bedroom. The husband brings home a statue that is supposed to help. It upsets his wife for two reasons: it goes against her beliefs, and there is also something unnatural about the statue. The story takes place over a couple of weeks, as the statue slowly changes her son from a nice respectful young man into a dominant alpha male who wants to supplant his father as the man of the house and take his mother. This both frightens and arouses her: the more he humiliates his father and the more he comes on to her, the more turned on she gets, until she cant take it anymore and gives in to become her sons woman. She makes her husband move into the son's bedroom from now on as he is no longer the man of the house and on top of that, the son and her are now trying to have a baby together.

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Video Description: We've been friends forever and it's not surprising that I turn to you to help me pick a dress for my upcoming date. Whilst unwittingly teasing you with my curves I notice you have a hard on. That'd be wrong to fuck but you make me and there's only one way this is going to end - we'll both cum

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Video Description: In this video I'm roleplaying as your mommy who is jealous that you've been dating girls. Dressed in a low cut red dress paired with red heels & pantyhose underneath, I assertively scold you about bringing "that tramp" around. I assure you that mommy's the only one who knows what you really like. I tease with my heaving tits because I know you can't resist. You're still my baby & she's not getting in the way of our special bond. I pull my big tits from my dress while I talk about how much better they are than those young girls. I then unzip my dress & bend over, lifting it up so you can see my pantyhose and white thong underneath. You want mommy to get naked? Then you better be a good boy & promise not to bring that slut in my house. I start to undress, showing off my long slender legs in pantyhose as I take my heels off. I know my hairy body is your weakness. I spread my legs & lift my arm, showing off my hairy armpits while I make fun of your girlfriend for shaving. Come to mama & forget about her. I bend over & lay on my side as I slide my pantyhose off, spreading my cheeks to show off my furry pussy peeking out from the sides of my thong as I talk dirty to you. I tease some more with my ass & talk dirty while sliding my white thong off. Next scene shows a POV view of my big tits as if you're looking up & they're in your face. I simulate that you're sucking them, moaning as I encourage you. I give you instructions, telling you to swirl your tongue around my nipples. Yes, make mommy wet so I can ride your cock. The more horny you get, the more I use it to my advantage, saying you better not fuck anyone else but me. I shake my big tits in your face, smack them together, & make them jiggle around. I slide my fingers in my pussy as you suck my nipples & you can hear the wetness. I then simulate guiding your hand down there & tell you to slip your fingers inside. The dirty talk in this scene is very heated & detailed. After you suck my tits, I tease you some more by putting my armpits closer to your face while I talk about how real woman are hairy. I back up from the camera & show off my curvy body & rub my hairy pussy, smearing my wetness around. You can see it glistening in my bush. I bend over & back my ass up to the camera, telling you to worship my bushy pussy. I start to rub it from behind & you can hear how soaked it is. You want mommy's wet cunt? I continue to taunt you while I order you to tell me I'm the best. I then lay spread eagle on the bed & finger my hairy pussy while I keep talking dirty. The dialogue in this video is some of my best & I am very vocal. Next scene shows a realistic dildo suctioned to my mirror & I pretend it's your cock as I spit in my hand & begin stroking it. I say that your cock belongs to mommy as tease the head between my lips. I slide down on it & moan while continuing to talk dirty. My tits jiggle as I start riding it, progressively getting faster. I get more & more possessive over you, boasting about how I please your cock the best and own it. You gonna cum for mommy? I bounce faster, talking about how good your young cock feels as my huge tits swing & clap. I simulate you cumming all over my bush & the vid ends with me bringing my face close to the camera & saying "Mommy loves you so much." Alternative, redhead, blue eyes, red hair, pale, curvy, big clits, roleplay, young, mom and son, sensual, huge labia, fetish, kink, ygwbt, tall, long legs, makeup, chubby, cute, huge boobs, huge tits, big boobs, lipstick, lipstick fetish, eye contact, dirty talk, dirty talking, roleplay, red, heels, mirror riding, riding, dress, ginger, asshole, asshole fetish, ass spreading, big nipples, pov, hairy armpits, armpit fetish, dildo fucking, thong, pantyhose, ass, orgasms, toys, bouncing boobs, boob bouncing, body worship, boob worship, hairy bush, jealous, masturbation, solo

EnigmaMGF - Getting Mommy Pregnant [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: In this video I'm in a low cut purple dress with a black bra/panties & nude pantyhose underneath. Everything is shot in a POV perspective. I'm roleplaying as your sweet but depraved mother who is feeling restless & lonely after your father leaving us. I come into your room late at night saying I know that it's late but I wanted to check up on you. Things have been tough lately but I assure you that I'm here for you. As I'm speaking, you can't help but stare at my cleavage. I flirt with you, saying I've always found you more handsome than your father. I vent about how he was never home & how I haven't been touched in months. This may seem weird, but have you ever thought about what it'd be like if we made our own family? I need a new man in the house & I can see how hard you are. I think my boy is ready to step up to the plate. We're both fertile. Haven't you ever wanted to see what's under mommy's dress? I stand up & tease, turning around to lift my dress & show off my pantyhose. I bend over & then ask if you want to see my big boobs. I get up close to the camera & pull my dress off before pulling my heaving tits from the dress & simulate letting you suck on them. I then pull away & finish taking my bra completely off. I talk about my big my tits are gonna be after you get me pregnant as I stand up again & take off my pantyhose and lacy black panties. I give a brief view of my fully nude body before crawling back into bed with you. You know I'm ready to finally see your cock when I'm shocked at how big it looks through your pants. Next scene shows my realistic dildo. I simulate it's your cock & start sucking it passionately. Mommy's so excited to be your first blowjob. Your father never wanted his cock sucked. I love pleasing my sweet boy. Next scene shows me on the bed facing the camera with your cock in front of me as I ask if you're ready. Mommy wants your cock. I back my ass up on it & simulate being fucked doggy style all while talking dirty about how much better you are than him & how I want you to put a baby in me. I start slow & go faster until I'm slamming up & down, fucking you hard. Lots of sexy and surprised moans. I can't believe how big my son's cock is. Next, the camera is down looking up as if I'm top of you riding. Watch my huge tits bounce as I moan & ride. My heavy jugs make slapping sounds against my stomach when I go fast. I lean in close to the camera & simulate you sucking my tits again. I tell you what a good boy you are as I tell you what to do & where to put your hands. You gonna give mommy lots of cum? Last scene shows me spread eagle on the bed, your cock plunging in & out. Show mommy who the new man of the house is. I beg for your cum as I gyrate my hips back & forth, milking your young cock. After I simulate you cumming, cum floods from my pussy when I pull the squirting dildo out. I spread my pussy lips & talk about how excited I am to have a family together before saying "Let's clean up this mess & go take a shower." Alternative, redhead, big tits, blue eyes, red hair, pale, curvy, big clits, roleplay, young, mom and son, sensual, huge labia, fetish, kink, ygwbt, tall, long legs, makeup, chubby, cute, huge boobs, huge tits, big boobs, lipstick, lipstick fetish, eye contact, dirty talk, dirty talking, jewelry, purple, dress, ginger, asshole, asshole fetish, ass spreading, big nipples, pov, bra, bra fetish, dildo sucking, lace, panties, tank top, pantyhose, ass, orgasms, toys, dildo fucking, big toys, squirting dildo, blowjob, bj, oral, bouncing boobs, riding, doggy, doggystyle, creamy, cowgirl, masturbation, solo

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Video Description: *Disclaimer: I am a little shy & by no means am I professional. Please keep that in mind when buying* In this video I'm dressed in a floral top & denim shorts. Underneath is a blue/white bra with lace detail. I'm roleplaying as your mother who just got home & caught you on the bed surrounded by my bras while masturbating. I'm angry at first, asking how you could do this. I ask if my big bras turn you on while teasing & pushing my chest out. I sit down with you on the bed & show you the stains on one of my bras. Why do you like cumming in my bras? You tell me why you're so turned on by me & I say that I wanna help you cum. Next scene shows a realistic dildo in front of me. I stroke it while I imagine it's your cock & tell you mommy's gonna help you cum. I tease with my big tits as I stroke & tell you what a naughty boy you've been for cumming in my bras while I've been at work. I should punish you but I know my sweet boy just needs release. Let mommy take care of you. It makes me feel so good to be the one pleasing my boy. We've both wanted this so bad. I finally take my bra off while I talk about how my tits are so much bigger than those young girls at school. They'll never compare to mommy. No more cumming on my bras. You're gonna cum on my tits today. I caress your balls while I stroke it, talking about how those young girls can't please a man. No one can please you like mommy. Let mommy make you cum. I want your cum on my tits. I get more aggressive, authoritative, & nasty as the vid goes on. I start spitting on your cock while I jerk it faster & rougher, demanding you to cum for me. Do what mommy says. Yes, that's a good boy. Cum on mommy's fat tits. I rub your cock between my cleavage when you finally cum, telling you what a good boy you are. When I'm finished I tell you to get your pants on now. Mommy's gotta go make dinner. Alternative, blue eyes, red hair, pale, curvy, roleplay, young, sensual, authoritative, fetish, ygwbt, tall, long legs, makeup, chubby, cute, huge boobs, huge tits, joe, jerk off encouragement, handjob, big boobs, lipstick, lipstick fetish, redhead, eye contact, jewelry, ginger, big nipples, pov, bra, bra fetish, lace, denim, ass, toys, realistic dildo, solo

OfficerJane (Joslyn Jane) - Teaching my horny daughter how to suck [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Video Description: I walk in on my slutty daughter sucking her boyfriend's cock and she's doing it all wrong! I decide to get on my knees and show her how a blow job should be done. I show her my techniques and then she tries again. We suck her boyfriend's cock together and he comes all over huge tits. We take turns licking the cum off each other.

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Video Description: Scene One: Mom Helps Me Study for a Test
Johnny is sitting at the living room table doing his homework, when his step-mom walks in. He is trying to study for his Chemistry test and his step-mom offers to help him study. Johnny keeps getting the answers wrong, so he tells his step-mom to please leave the room so he can just study by himself! Cory offers to teach him a little differently than his science teacher at school does. Once he gets an answer right, his step-mom pulls her shirt off to reward him! "If you get the next answer correct, I will take my bra off next!" she tells him. He gets the next answer wrong, but she stands up and starts to pull her skirt down while she continues to teach him. He gets a few more answers wrong, but when he finally gets one correct, she pulls her bra off and exposes her tits to her step-son. Johnny tries to focus but his step-mom is making it really hard for him! She strips out of her panties next and she tells him that she really wants him to get an 'A' on his test! She tells him that if he gets an A, he will get rewarded by having some fun with her sexy, MILF body!
Scene Two: Mom Clears My Head Before Big Test
Johnny walks in to the kitchen before school and he tells his step-mom that he doesn't think he is going to get an 'A' on his test today! His step-mom starts to rub his shoulders and she tries to help him relieve some stress before he leaves for school. She pulls his belt off of his pants and she tells him to stand up so she can pull his pants down. She pulls his cock out and she starts to suck his cock! She wants to make him cum in her mouth so he will be completely stress free by the time he gets to school! She starts to quiz him on his chemistry notes while she sucks his cock. She throws her black, silky bathrobe on the ground and she continues to suck his cock. She takes her big, Silicone-enhanced tits and wraps them around her step-son's cock. She titty fuck's him while teaching him about silicone and the other elements in the periodic table! She jerks his cock with her hands before she goes back to sucking his cock. She tells him how she really wants him to cum down her throat. She titty fucks his cock some more, before he cums down her throat and she swallows all of his cum! Johnny starts to get nervous that he will be late for his test now... He quickly puts his pants back on and runs off to catch the bus!
Scene Three: Reward for Good Grades
Johnny is sitting in his bed when his step-mom walks in to his bedroom. She is eager to ask him how his Chemistry test went, and he is happy to show her that he got an A+ on his test; All thanks to her help! She is ready to reward him with her body since he did such a great job on his test! Johnny is nervous that his dad will find out and get mad at him, but she promises not to tell his dad. She pulls her blouse off and he starts to touch his step-mom's big tits. "You can kiss them! Go ahead!" she exclaims. He starts to lick her nipples, and then she pulls her panties off. "We're going to have so much fun and relieve a lot of stress today!" she tells him. She pulls his cock out from his boxer shorts and she starts to give her step-son a blowjob. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, she asks him "Should I sit on your cock?" He tells her to suck it for a little longer first! Then she hops on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she flips around and rides his cock in the cowgirl position while she kisses him. She licks her pussy juice off of his cock and then she asks him if he's ready to fuck her now. She lies down on her back and her step-son starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. He leans down to kiss her and thank her for all of her help with his test! "Fuck mommy nice and deep!" she whispers in his ear. She hops back on top of her step-son in the reverse cowgirl position and he fucks her pussy hard. "I want you to feed me your cum!" she tells him. He fucks her in the missionary position until he gets close to cumming. Then, he pulls his cock out and jerks it off in to her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much of her step-son's cum as she can!

Siena Rose  Taboo Vacation  Momma Rose Gets Nasty [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I'm pretty much nude for almost the entirety of this vid. I have taken you on vacation with me and I tell you to go hang out with your friends because I am going to be on the nude side of our resort. You leave, but you decide to hide and spy on your mother instead. You watch me pull off my sundress and walk down the beach. I come back to my beach bed to nap and wake up to find you right there looking at me totally nude. I'm surprised, embarrassed and tell you that since you are here you should put some suntan lotion on my back. Suddenly I realize you're hard-on is poking me in the back. I am shocked until I look down again and realize how big your cock looks in your pants. I tell you I wouldn't mind seeing it and that no one here at the resort knows we are related. I take you up to another area in the resort where we can have some real fun - at the bar. I order and as I am talking to him, I slide my hand down to rub your crotch. The bartender says he will be back in a few minutes so I climb onto the bar and tease you. You slide your cock in me and fuck me 2 different ways. I start to realize there is quite a crowd coming around and that security is close by so I take you to my room. I fuck you POV in missionary and doggy style and then I clean your cock up and suck a nice load out of you. I'm lots of fun to vacation with.

Jocelyn Baker  BDay JOI From Mommy [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: It's your first year at college..which means, your FIRST birthday away from Mommy! Though, she certainly didn't forget about you. You open your email to find a video attachment - naturally, you're curious & click play. Mommy made you a SPECIAL birthday present because she knows how much you miss her and the family. The conversation begins with small talk, but soon Mommy is drifting into her memories of when you and her would fuck all over the house as soon as Dad went to work. She pulls out her favorite dildo and demands you to follow a long. She may not be there physically, but she WILL make you cum on your birthday one way or another. Mommy instructs you exactly how to stroke it, and shows you what she wants by jerking off her toy. Soon your balls are swelling and you're aching to cum..but Mommy won't have it. Not until she's sang Happy Birthday to you, only then are you able to cum. The video ends with Mommy singing to you as you cum. Best birthday ever! Tags; Role Play, POV, Jerk Off Encouragement, Big Boobs

Reagan Lush - A Mother Son Connection [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Scene One: MOTHER AND SON: BEGINNINGS
I am laying undercover in bed. Mom (Reagan Lush) comes in wearing only a bathrobe and sits beside me. She smiles at me and starts stroking my hair. She says, "How are you doing baby? Excited about starting school tomorrow? I bet. Daddy? He's already gone to bed. I just wanted to see if my little man is ready for his big day tomorrow." She keeps smiling and stroking my hair. She says, "You're getting so big and strong aren't you?" She starts unbuttoning my top and says, "Ooo! You are getting big and strong aren't you? Look at all your muscles, can you make a muscle for me?" She reaches out and playfully squeezes my flexed bicep. She then looks down and pulling my unbuttoned PJ top open and says, "Oh yes, my baby is growing up. Yes he is." She stroking and massaging my chest. She works her way down my chest to my crotch and starts playing with my pecker. She asks, "Does that feel good sweetie? Does it feel good when Mommy does that?" She pulls my cock out, gasps and says, "Oh, look at that. Look how hard your little thing is." She stares at me for a moment, she undoes her bathrobe, pulling it open and starts rubbing between her legs. She plays with herself and my pecker staring at it as if . After a couple of minutes she cums and masturbates me very quickly until I cum almost at the same time as her. She stares at my pecker open mouthed for a moment, she stares at me with glazed eyes and asks, "Did you like that? Did that feel good?" She smiles and says, "Okay you need to get to rest now. Tomorrow is your big day. And don't tell anybody about this. It'll be our little secret okay?" She smiles, kisses me on the forehead and leaves.
Scene Two: Bath time
Mom, wearing only a bathrobe, leads me by the hand into the bathroom. She turns on the water, puts in the suds, etc. She gets on her knees and says in a normal tone of voice, "I'm going to give you your bath now and I'll make a deal with you. If you behave I will do something very special for you. Deal?" She smiles and helps me undress and get in the tub. She takes off her bathrobe and gives me a bath him. Lots of splashing and laughing. At the end, she gets a very serious look on her face as she starts playing with my pecker. She says, "Let's get you out of the tub. You've been a very good boy and Mommy is going to do something for you." She helps me out of the tub and dries me off. She gets a very serious look on her face. She gets on all fours and gives me a blowjob. She says, "Now let's get you dressed before Daddy gets home and remember this is our little secret."
Scene Three: Montage
A) She is on the couch almost naked and I am fucking Mommy Doggie Style. Really bouncing up and down, making her boobs bounce up and down.
B) She is bent over the side of her bed giving me a blowjob.
C) Mom is on the couch riding my cock, cowboy style.
D) I am fucking my Mom on the floor with my hand around her throat, she is begging me to squeeze tighter.
E) We are back in my Room and Mom is riding me, she begs for me to cum in her pussy...
Scene Four: Me and Mommy Make a Sex Tape
Mom found videos on Dad's phone. He was fucking his secretary...Mom wants to leave him and take me away. First we make a sex tape and leave the video on his phone for him to find later. Mommy fucks me so hard and even lets me fuck her ass. She swears Daddy has never done this and I believe her.

Lil Olivia - Paying for your slutty daughter [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Braces, Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Video Description: Part 2 to daddys little whore - you tell me to come talk to you when mom leaves... you let me know you want my "services" again but I tell you that it was a one time thing so I woudn't get in trouble & so you wouldn;t tell mom.... but then i think about it and tell you I'll do it but you have to pay up like the rest of the boys. I suck and fuck daddy in different positions until he cums... maybe next time you'll have enough cash to cum in your daughters pussy
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