Nadia Noja - Nadia's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Glory Hole Secrets, GloryHoleSecrets, Nadia Noja, Teen, Oral, Sperma

Video Description: It's been a good run recently of young nubiles in the gloryhole. This week's contender is no exception. Newbie Nadia is just 23 years old and has only been shooting for a few months. Ours will be her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE! She must have some beginner's luck because she gets a couple of the guys off in record time. Her awesome hand and mouth combo technique might have something to do with that too. Kudos to Nadia for not being intimidated, because three is the highest number of cocks she has ever sucked in one day before. She has way more than that waiting for her in her stable of faceless strangers. She also has never blown somebody she doesn't know before...

Cecelia Taylor - Cecelia's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Cecelia Taylor, 8 cumshots, Blow Jobs, Cum in mouth, Cum Swallow, First Time, Interracial, Petite, Redhead, Shaved, Teen, BBC, Sperma

Video Description: Irish eyes are smilin' today in the gloryhole as we welcome redheaded, green-eyed lady, Cecelia to the booth! She's a newcomer who has only shot five scenes before stepping into the booth today for her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER. Cecelia hasn't had much time to shoot more scenes than that considering she's only 18 YEARS OLD. Even though she hadn't even watched a gloryhole video before doing some homework this morning, Cecelia has been sucking dicks for six years. She's been swallowing since then too that's why we like these Midwestern girls. Cecelia comes to us from America's Dairyland, Wisconsin. She's also licked a little pussy growing up, having had a girlfriend on-and-off for a few years. However, Cecelia was the half of the couple that couldn't give up the cock. She rates herself a nine on the dick sucking ten-scale. Watch to see if she measures up. This will be the most sausage she has ever sucked at once. Two was her record before today. At 5'3, 100 lbs, 32B, and sporting a totally smooth runway, Cecelia is definitely fun-sized. She'll have a lot of fun with all the woodies coming her way and cumming down her throat today. Hopefully we can have her back before she is old enough to drink. That's up to you, though, subscribers. Vote Cecelia back if you like your gloryhole girls petite, fire-haired, smooth, and with a valid high school I.D. See who gets on her knees next week in the booth and if she has voted in a presidential election yet on GloryholeSecrets!

Cindy Crawford - Gangbang Creampie 292 [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gangbang Creampie, GangbangCreampie, Cindy Crawford, Milf, BBC, Sperma, Creampie

Video Description: Cindy is back for the FIRST GANGBANG of her triumphant comeback tour and she is surrounded by Cocksmen! You can see the excitement in her eyes as her team of studs moves in closer and closer. GUESS THE V winner, Scotty P. gets to dive into Cindy first with his unpredictable strawberry guess this week. Who saw that coming? Cindy will certainly see Scotty cumming soon enough as he instantly declares he will cum early this week with Cindy's tight pussy. She will not only make her Cocksmen cum easily with what's between her legs, but she will also challenge them to last with her talented mouth. Cindy has a magic tongue with muscle control normally reserved for Olympic athletes. To make things even hotter, it's pierced. All the Cocksmen manage to hold off popping through the first round, then Will takes Cindy up for an air-ride, just as she requested in her interview. Will ally-oops her onto Scotty P. for the first in a series of rides, first in reverse on him, then back to traditional cowgirl on Randy. The action transitions to the floor where Cindy gets to enjoy more of her other favorite position, missionary. She starts working her magic with her tight sugar walls and the creampies start droppin'! Randy puts load 1 in Cindy, followed close behind by Rex, then it becomes a whirlwind of 'pies as she racks up all her creampies in under ten minutes. The fun isn't over yet, though. Cindy cleans up the excess off the floor, then goes back up on the pedestal for some vibing with the wand to get herself off and mix up all those gooey 'pies. Her gangbang ends with a group photo and Cindy sloshing around in all the lovely mess she made. With a legend like Cindy so early in her comeback, it feels like she was just warming up and needs to come back for another round, right? However, that only happens if you vote her back. Sound off in the comments and we'll see which other queens we might be able to pull out of early retirement for next week on GangbangCreampie!

April Storm - First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, April Storm, Sperma, Oral

Video Description: It might not quite be April on the calendar yet, but it's already April in the gloryhole. This week features another new blooming starlet, April, in her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER, and one of her first scenes ever! She is so new that she has never swallowed more than two loads of cum in the same day before. That will all change in the booth today once she gets down on her knees. Even though April is only 25, she likes older guys with dad bods fluffy, as she calls them. Clearly opposites attract, because April is not the fluffy type herself...

Kianna Dior - Bonus-kianna Dior Bj, Titty Fuck, Facial! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Evil Angel, EvilAngel, Kianna Dior, Milf, Boobs, Asian, Sperma

Video Description: Mega-buxom Asian MILF Kianna Dior, naked, talks dirty and shows off her huge tits. She coaxes forth director Jonni Darkko's cock. Kianna gives him a messy, drooling blowjob. Jonni jams his joint between her jugs for a titty fuck. Their lewd oral session includes ball lapping and throat reaming. A massive cum facial frosts Kianna's face.

JC Silva - Gangbang Creampie 291 [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gangbang Creampie, GangbangCreampie, JC Silva, BBC, Group, Sperma, Creampie

Video Description: J.C. told us in her interview that she was a total submissive. Now is the fun part when she gets to show it. She starts out perched on the pedestal with Scotty and Chris whispering dirty nothings in her ears from both sides. Randy takes advantage of his GUESS THE V win this week and goes down on J.C. before being the first one to sample her clean-shaven, 26-year-old pussy. This may be J.C.'s FIRST GANGBANG, but she sure knows how to keep her hands, mouth, and pussy full to entertain her FIVE COCKSMEN as they all take turns sampling her already wet pussy. J.C. also told us she is multi-orgasmic and she wasn't lying. We see the evidence while she's still in missionary during first rounds. After taking an air-ride with Will, he ally-oops her onto Scotty's dick for some traditional rides in reverse cowgirl. Randy is up next as J.C. does some serious grinding on his cock. Chris finishes the rides in regular cowgirl before the action moves to the floor. Remember J.C. told us she had never had DOUBLE VAG before, but wanted to try it? Today is that magical day. The "D.V. Twins," Scotty and Randy give J.C. her first double-dicking in the same hole. Will steals her away briefly for some wall-fucking before J.C. gets some more D.V. while flipped over the other way. Chris planks her out for a minute before it's time for some creampies in J.C.'s pretty pussy. Randy flips her over and drops load #1 in her on the floor before Scotty flips her over again and shoots 'pie #2 in her deep. The rapid-fire creampie train keeps chuggin' with deposit #3 going in J.C.'s love tunnel, courtesy of Will. Rex brings up the caboose and puts another messy one in her. J.C. squats up on her feet to make them all ooze out. Rex is Mr. Two Times this week as he paints another one all over her pussy. Chris makes it an even bigger mess before pushing some of it in to make it a true creampie. Will breaks out the wand to vibe J.C.'s sensitive clit to her ump-teenth orgasm before the gang groups up for their final photo. This girl was good to her word when she said she likes to be a total fucktoy. Shall we have her back to be played with again? That's up to you, subscribers. Get to votin' and makin' those comments down below. If this is what J.C. can do in her fourth scene ever, just imagine what it will be like if we bring her back next time to GangbangCreampie!

Kianna Dior - Worships A Massive Cock [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Evil Angel, EvilAngel, Kianna Dior, BBC, Asian, Boobs, Sperma, Bukkake

Video Description: Wild MILF Kianna Dior looks sexy in sheer lingerie, high-heel boots and a choker that reads 'whore.' The busty Asian cum slut meets Black stud Brickzilla for an epic oral date. Amazed at the massive dimensions of Brickzilla's big Black cock, Kianna sucks and worships it with a sloppy blowjob. Messy action includes lewd titty fucking, rude throat reaming, and crude cum facial climax.

London Rose - Gangbang Creampie 290 [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gangbang Creampie, GangbangCreampie, London Rose, Milf, Boobs, BBC, Sperma, Creampie

Video Description: London is so excited to get her FIRST GANGBANG EVER started that she has already developed a significant wet spot on her panties. Randy is happy to help her remove those and make her entire pussy wet by playing GREET THE PLEATS between London's legs. With her lady parts ready to slip and slide, Rex jumps in first with his Viking saber, having earned the right as winner of GUESS THE V. His guess was a "sweet pea" flower. Looks like London's formerly nameless pussy just got a new nickname. All FIVE COCKSMEN rotate through London in missionary for their first tastes before flipping her over to admire that world-class ass of hers. She gets spit-roasted, which turns into an entanglement with four cocks in her pussy, hands, and mouth. Can you believe this is London's first gangbang? At the very least, she has been doing some serious homework. Will straddles London across the pedestal and gets the first SQUIRT out of London. It looks like the Cocksmen were listening in her interview when she told them the trick to get her fountain running. The towels get broken out as the cameras and the bench get soaked in London's squirt. Next she heads to dry land on the floor, but it doesn't stay that way very long as Randy loads her up with creampie #1. Remember London is NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL, so things just got risky. She likes it down there and stays in that position for a while as the Cocksmen switch off between her mouth and pussy until Will busts load #2 in London's unprotected pussy. The paternity tests are getting progressively more difficult as the rest of the Cocksmen plant their seed in London before her pussy ends up a gooey mess with more creampies than she has ever taken before. She sits up in the puddle of cum and squirt she made herself as the Cocksmen surround her for a team photo. Impressive work for a girl who didn't get sexually liberated until her college years. London set a new personal record today with how many men she had at once and how much cum she took inside her. Can she beat her new personal best? Do you want to see her come back to the Gangbang Station and try again here? Vote in the comments and we'll save London's number. She has plenty more sexual firsts to work out as she makes up for lost time in her youth. We would love to help her tick some more items off her sexual bucket list here on GangbangCreampie!

Lauren Phillips - Second Glory Hole [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Lauren Phillips, Milf, Boobs, Big Tits, Oral, Sperma

Video Description: Everybody is seeing red today in the gloryhole and they couldn't be happier about it! That's because the red they're seeing is on redhead and self-proclaimed firebush queen, Lauren. She is back for a second round in the booth since her first appearance three years ago. Like a fine red wine, Lauren has improved with age. Her 38DDD boobs have gotten bigger, her butt is rounder, and her mouth has become a fine-tuned sucking machine to extract and swallow all the loads of her anonymous strangers on the other side of that wall. They may be anonymous, but Lauren tells us that while she may forget a face, she never forgets a dick. Who knows? She may recognize one when it pokes through the hole! After her interview and a light fondling in her tight bodysuit, Lauren is so excited to get a cock in her mouth, she starts sucking the first guy before the interviewers are done giving her the instructions. That's the kind of initiative we like to see around the gloryhole, though. Lauren's intoxicating giggles continue as she sucks cock after cock, sometimes giggling and jiggling while she still has a dick in her mouth. This woman worships at the altar of cock and Sunday School is fully in session for Ms. Lauren. No wonder she spends so much time down on her knees! Do you want this Jersey Girl to have a third revival so she can save the souls of all those babies she swallowed these last two times? If so, touch the screen to send your support for Lauren or just tell us in the comments so she can make her congregation rise again on!

JC Silva - JC's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Glory Hole Secrets, GloryHoleSecrets, JC Silva, Sperma, Oral, 8 cumshots, Blow Jobs, Brunettes, Cum in mouth, Cum Swallow, Deepthroat, First Time, Interracial, Petite, Shaved

Video Description: Newcomer J.C. has lots of guy friends, and there is good reason for that. She loves giving handjobs and sucking dicks. That endears her to many men and explains why she has just recently entered the adult industry. While J.C. may appear a bit quiet and reserved at first, put a few cocks in front of her and she turns into an absolute fucktoy slut! Even though she is new to this and today is her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER, J.C. has sucked as many as five dicks at once before. That's higher than the average, especially for a girl who has shot fewer scenes than you can count on one hand so far. 27-year-old J.C. looks like she's not old enough to drink yet and appears somewhat conservative in the outfit she chose today. However, that short skirt of hers gets hiked up pretty quickly and she starts playing with herself unprompted while she is interviewed. Additional clothing falls off too before the interview ends and J.C. gets on her knees to suck off more guys and swallow more loads than she ever has before. Notice how much she plays with herself as she takes on that wide variety of cocks in her mouth. Most girls can't get themselves off just sucking and swallowing the cum of strange men, but J.C. can. She even uses the wand to give herself a few extra orgasms at the end. This girl likes being used and getting her stomach filled with cum. Watch J.C. get her womb filled with cum over on soon too, but she'll have her work cut out for her to improve upon her performance today. Shall we have J.C. back after she has been in the business longer than a seven-game series of basketball finals? Maybe she can suck off an entire professional team! Tell us what you'd like and we'll coach J.C. on the finer points of her first film on GloryholeSecrets!

Nicole Sage - Gangbang Creampie 288 [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gangbang Creampie, GangbangCreampie, Nicole Sage, Anal, Big Butt, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Busty - Big Boobs, Creampie, Creampie Eating, First Timer, Gangbang, Interracial, Natural, Boobs, Big Tits, BBC, Sperma

Video Description: To say Nicole is excited to begin her FIRST GANGBANG EVER, surrounded by SIX COCKSMEN, might just be the understatement of the new year. That satin pink dress is struggling to contain her ample boobies and loses the battle pretty quickly. Chris fondles the left one as Nicole lays back and gets ready to be devoured by the rest of her men. Chris GREETS THE PLEATS with his tongue while Rico and Junior Cocksman P.F. Bhangs use their tongues to stimulate Nicole's prominent nipples. With more guys than usual (or than she has ever had before), Nicole does an admirable job of keeping busy with her mouth, hands, and pussy. That epic ass, her showpiece, hasn't even gotten involved yet! Since GUESS THE V was not traditional this week, Scotty P. takes first round inside Nicole after a spirited game of rock, paper, scissors with Chris. All the Cocksmen take their first turns with Nicole as she continually extends her hands, reaching for cocks instinctively as she gets fucked. Scotty can't wait to start the rides to watch those titties bounce as Nicole thrusts up and down on her Cocksmen. Chris is up next for more cowgirl, but in reverse so everybody gets a good view. It's here from this unique perspective where Chris notices Nicole's dermal piercings in her back. Next Jon Jon puts Nicole on her side for some spoon love before the action moves to the floor. It's here where the main event takes place as Nicole starts taking two dicks at once for some DOUBLE PENETRATION. She told us in her interview that she likes it better in her ass than she does in her pussy. Everybody wins in this scenario as she gets double-stuffed by just about every combination possible of her SIX COCKSMEN. After Nicole's fantasy comes true and she gets stuffed AIRTIGHT, the Cocksmen have worked themselves up to the point where it's time to drop some creampies in both holes. Scotty lays Nicole out on her back and gives her creampie #1 in her pussy. Jon Jon gets her back up on the pedestal to load her up with creampie #2 in her ass. From here begins a whirlwind of creampies in both holes from the rest of her SIX COCKSMEN. After she has been filled to the brim, the Cocksmen surround Nicole for a final photo op before letting her hit the showers (unless she wants to go home filled, that is). It's hard to believe this was Nicole's first gangbang and first D.P. with real cocks! Now that she's had a taste for it, she wants to come back. The only ones who can grant her wishes are you, the members. Tell us in the comments if you want to see Nicole get filled again with more cum, and how soon. We'll be eagerly reading and tallying the results as we prepare for another Gangbang Queen next week on THE WORLD'S BEST FIRST GANGBANG, GangbangCreampie!

Urma - Misterious woman bukake [HD 720P]

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Urma, Teen, Latina, Sperma, Bukkake

Video Description: Urma is a mysterious woman, who comes ready to do her first Bukake, she has never done a similar scene before, so she comes ready to swallow all the milk that these studs are going to give her. Urma is excited and happy, the more milk enters her mouth the hotter it gets, to be her first Bukake she has surprised us for good, the scene has ended just as she expected, with all her mouth full of semen, don't you miss it friends.

Gia Di Bella - Gia Di's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Gia Di Bella, 8 cumshots, Asian, Big Tits, Blondes, Blow Jobs, Cum in mouth, Cum Swallow, Deepthroat, First Time, Interracial, Shaved, Teen, Sperma, Oral

Video Description: They don't come much fresher than this week's gloryhole girl, Gia, who just started shooting recently. Her appearance in the gloryhole today is only her THIRD SCENE EVER. Of course, it's difficult for Gia to have a lot of footage under her belt when she is only 19 YEARS OLD! She tells us she likes older guys, but at this point in her life, they're pretty much all older guys. Not only is she young, but she also possesses a beautiful, unique look. It comes from her uncommon ethnic mix of Italian and Filipina heritage. It's unclear which side gave her those amazing natural 34DDs, but we'll just thank her mama for those. Thankfully Gia hates wearing a bra, much to the delight of the anonymous hands that come through the holes to feel up her unrestricted calcium cannons. Gia comes across initially as somewhat quiet and reserved, but as soon as she gets on her knees and those strangers' cocks get in her face, she turns into an absolute freak! Because she is so new, Gia only rates herself a seven on the cock-sucking ten-scale, but watch her scene and you'll see she was being modest. It's usually the girls who give themselves low ratings who end up doing the best. Three was Gia's record for number of dicks sucked in one day before this; however, it came up in her interview that her actual record was five because she shot for just the day before. Either way she is going to crush both numbers in the booth today. Now it's up to you to decide if Gia comes back for a second round in the hole. At the end of her session she tells us she already has plans for her return, should she get voted back. Gia wants to back up on some of those faceless strangers and do some fuckin'. We told you she was a freak! Watch her scene and see just how freaky she gets this week on GloryholeSecrets!

Dafeny Miles - 24 years old NEW!!! [FullHD 1080P]


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