Mia Lopez - That Cuban dude everyone's talking about in Valencia... I WANT HIM TO FUCK MY ASS. I'm Mia... Shall we do it? NEW!!! 22-02-2021 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: If any of you were still doubting that FAKings is a true public service for any young babe in need, we're going to clear it quickly. Today Mia Lopez is again with us, a broad from Valencia that came to us some time ago with Ukra, that had promised her a fuck without cameras (except ours, tee hee hee), and that some time after she came to us again without shyness and proved us her skill for porn. Once again she's asked for a comeback, but this time she wants something special. 'Cause back in the day she clamied us how she loved, while alone at her place, training by sticking a dose of dildos up her ass (it looks like some girls go running, some lift weighs, and Mia trains her butthole). But her coveted anal orgasm didn't come. But that's were FAKings comes in. 'Cause Mia needed a good meat stick, not a rubber one. So she contacted us demanding, for her anal drilling, a BIG OLD COCK. And it had to be a Cuban one! In order to prove us she wasn't bluffing about it and that she wouldn't back down at the moment of truth, she came to us wearing no panties, with a plug inside her ass and showing it around the city: In a fast-food restaurant, at the grocery store... Fuck, Mia, you've come in style today! After her showing we took her to our riding arena so she could face the trending Cuban dick. There's barely time for introductions: Everything Mia wants is his cock! How did things ended? A bit of pain at first that quickly becomes pleasure for the girl from Valencia. It seems all that training was worth it for Mia ;-)

Lucia Nieto - Multi-orgasmic Masseuse [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: The smell of incense, relaxing music and lubricated hands of Lucia Nieto lead us to Alberto Blanco relaxing in a soothing serenity. His white towel begins to lift up with an unstoppable erection requiring urgent attention of masseuse's hands. The excitement is mutual and keeps growing, simmering slowly without any rush, to deeply enjoy the final explosion. A massage in exchange for several orgasms is certainly a good deal.

Rebeka Brown - Spanish teen 18 y.o. loves sex [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Rebeka Brown is an adorable teen who loves sex. You just have to see her, look at her face when she is near a cock, how she likes to put it in her mouth and do wonders with it inside, when this teen rides it is amazing, what movements of the ass. This young woman is perfect, any scene is perfect. You cannot stop observing that perfect body and that face, it melts every time it is fucked. Rebeka is a machine, don't miss her scene.

Onix Babe - Hardcore Department [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Nick Moreno has an appointment with Onix Babe to talk to her about their next scene together in which she has to wear a costume. They go into a store so she can try on a few different costumes and they end up having an amazing hardcore fuck inside the fitting room. One of the customers catches them in the act and they have to leave the store before they get in more trouble.

Canela - Hot Creampie into the teen [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Cinnamon comes today with a lot of desire to march, she wants me to leave her her pussy filled with milk, so I am not the one to oppose the wishes of this monument. After giving me a good blowjob, she is eager to fuck and this teen is very addictive, what a fuck I give Canela and how I cum inside her. Don't miss this scene, this girl is a goddess who drives us crazy.

Monica Hole - I stole my dad's porn and at 15 I would break my hand from jerking off to Monica. TRUE STORY!!! [HD 720P]

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Sexy Kitty - Russian Girl Loves To Fuck [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Sexy Kitty has a great time, you just have to hear her moan, look at how this Russian enjoys, what an orgasm face she makes when I put her in, she loves to fuck, what a way to move her perfect ass while riding and going blowjobs that she does, Sexy Kitty She is a wonderful teen, do not miss this brutal scene, this young woman is a beast in bed.

Roma Amor - Interview and fuck [HD 720P]

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Taylor Shay - Passionate Sex [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Taylor Shay needs to feel loved. Her last relationship didn't end very well and her ex-boyfriend annoyed her so much that she even grew to hate sex for some time. To help her regain the desire, we're gonna give her a passionate sex session with one of our most lustful and devoted lovers

Masonia Lafarte - From TRASHY to FANCY in 10 easy steps and without renouncin to A BIG OL' DICK. Masonia's radical makeover NEW!!! 15-02-2021 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: We all remember Masonia Lafarte. After pickin her up in the street while making her believe she was left stranded, or after tricking her once again by making her believe she had to fuck the dirtiest guy imaginable, we already know she's not a standard for refinement. She's a hearty city girl. But today we have a special challenge for her: none other than becoming a lady. That's because a guy has come to our casting with potential to become a good performer. But, as it happens, the guy is pretty posh and claims the people around him wouldn't accept watching him"fucking any trashy". And since Masonia is thrasy among the trashies, the challenge consisted in us being able to fool this elitist guy. And so this is what FAKings is bringing you today: The class struggle, taken to porn. Spoiler: At the end we all understand each other by fucking. It couldn't be otherwise!

Francesca Palma - Blowjob at the park [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Do you want to see BTS from this scene? Do you want to see scenes like this before anyone? Do you want to see fresh new girls before publishing here? then just join my Onlyfans.comtorbexxx and enjoy it! Welcome to the Onlyfans Personal Account of Torbe. Every day New fotos, unreleased videos, BTS and lot of unedited stuff. And remember that you always can talk to me directly.

Naomi Rivas - Dominican MILF having sex [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Naomi Rivas is a dominican 30 years old and she is doing sex for first time.
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