Rebecca de Winter - Working Hard for the Gold DSP [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Deepthroat, Facebusting, Milf, Spit Fetish, Spitting, Virtual Sex

AstroDomina - Laid Over Delayed [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Handjobspov Sex, Asian Goddess, Public Nudity, Spit Fetish, Fuckingasian, Asian Goddess, Asian Princess, Fuck, Sex, Public Sex, Penetration, Kinky Sex, Astrodomina, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Woman On Top, Spitting, Denims

Lola And Natalya - Slave Is Fed Spit On Food [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mistress Lola, Fat Slave, Food, Slave Feeding, Forced Feeding, Spit Eating, Bdsm, Kinky Femdom, Femdom Kink, Extreme Spitting Humiliation, Saliva, Mucus, Phlegm, Spitting, Spit Fetish

Video Description: Lola is shooting a POV video for Natalya when they get so rudely interrupted. Their fat pig of a slave is hungry. He knows he is not allowed to eat unless his masters have blessed and spit on his food. So, like a good piggie he comes crawling in with his food bowl in his mouth. He is ready to beg and do ANYTHING for their spit. He is so hungry and wants to eat his bowl of fettucine alfredo. But what he really wishes he could get filled up on is their spit. We don’t know whats wrong with him. He is a fucking rabid beast who scavenges around the B ra t Princ ess house begging for spit, food, piss. He is a fucking weirdo and if he could, he would live off of their spit. Is he worthy enough to get spit on food? Maybe if he begs hard enough. And oinks for us. When the fat pig finishes his meal he is humiliated because they make him sexually licking the bowl clean. This is the only action he is allowed to have. LOL pathetic. Now that they fed their ugly house pet they can go back to shooting. :)

Menareslaves - Impress Me, Part 2 [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Butt Kissing, Ass Worship, Ass Licking, Asslicker, Ass Licker, Ass Fetish, Ass Domination, Ass Humiliation, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Femdom Spitting, Spit In Slave'S Mouth

Video Description: Featuring Mistress Kayla (Ass Worship).

Goddess Zephy - I Spit In Your Face, You Lick My Ass! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Feet On Face, Foot Fetish, Footdom, Foot Domination, Foot Humiliation, Barefoot, Bare Feet, Spit In Slave'S Face, Femdom Spitting, Spit Fetish, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Goddess Worship, Milf Feet, Oral Foot Service

Video Description: I love spitting in loser's faces! It's such a turn on to degrade men like this, plus I need to practice my aim so I use my slave's face as target practice. he's a pretty good lil human spittoon: just sits there on his knees and takes the degradation, thanking me lol! I wipe my spit all over his face with my foot and make him beg me for more! THEN during the clip I have to go to the bathroom (off cam). I take a shi(t) and decide to return without wiping and make dumbass lick my dirty asshole clean haha!! Taste my shi(t) loser! his tongue makes the perfect toilet paper.

Miss Fantastic - His First Session With An Alphacouple [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Spit In Slave'S Face, Ficken, Spucken, Lecken, Dessou, Arsch Lecken, Sperma, Kondom, Fickreste, Alpha Couple, Cuckie

Video Description: His Cuckold fantasy came true. My lover and I agreed to meet him even though he only speaks English. It was fun to use him as our Cuckold and the highlight was our hot sex. while my boyfriend and I kissed and touched the loser first massaged my feet and then his feet. Cucki help me to put sexy high heels on and then brought us the condom. we have so hot sex, I humiliate him directly in his face, spit on him and he can be very close and watch me riding my friend's cock. while he is allowed to kiss my feet and legs and has a direct view of it when my friend comes to orgasm during sex. Of course, our cucki is now deflowered with sperm. He swallow sperm the first time. He lies down and I put the full condom into his mouth and he has to swallow. Then he had to put on the used condom and was able to feel alphacum on his Beta cock!

Mistress Enola Fetish - Enola - Taste My Feet And Spit - Foot Gagging With Spitting Using Pantyhose Free Toes [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Nylon Fetish, Nylons, Mistress In Pantyhose, Goddess In Pantyhose, Domina In Pantyhose, Nylon Legs, Pantyhose Legs, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Femdom Spitting, Spit In Slave'S Mouth, Spits Eating

Video Description: Lets try some foot gagging with my slave with my new pantyhose with open toes. I bet my feet taste really good! Slave on the floor and I start reverse foot gagging to see his tolerance in this new position, also he receives my spit on his mouth and his face several times just because I want :)

Alizae Baby - Kinky Jerk Off Encouragement [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Creamy, Masturbation, Masturbation Encouragement, Spit Fetish, Tit Play

Petite Princess Femdom - Badass Princess Kira Throat Sitting In Pink Leggings For Spitting In Slave'S Mouth And Made Him Full Swallow Her Saliva [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mistress On Top, Domina On Top, Dominatrix On Top, Throat Sitting, Throatsitting, Mistress Kira, Spitting Humiliation, Spit On Slave'S Face, Saliva, Spit In Slave'S Face, Femdom Spitting, Spit Fetish, Female Spits, Women Spits, Amateur

Video Description: A petite but bratty Princess Kira in tight pink leggings enters the room and immediately stands on the lying slave, trample his balls with special coerce. Then Kira sat down on the slave's neck (throat sitting), fixing a submissive face between her legs so that the open slave mouth was as conveniently located as possible so that she could spit into it. In addition, the Mistress fixed the hands of the slave with her knees so that he could not move. And sometimes, changing the position, the inventive dominant makes a scissor hold to the slave. Kira loves to torment her submissive guy like that, so the impudent girl ordered to open the slave's mouth and hold it like that while the Goddess spits at him to fill him completely. The teen perverted Mistress loves to watch when her obedient slave's mouth is completely filled with her divine saliva. And when Kira's mouth was already beginning to dry, she thought that such an amount of her saliva would be enough for her insidious plan. Therefore, at the end, the Cruel Princess covers the slave's nose so that he cannot breathe, as a result he had to quickly swallow all the delicious saliva of his brat Queen while she taunts him.

Petite Princess Femdom - Merciless Sofi With Her Divine Ass Smothering The Guy Only Occasionally Letting Him Breathe [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Femdom Spitting, Spit In Slave'S Mouth, Spits Eating, Yoga Pants Facesitting, Facesitting In Leggings, Chair Slave, Face Chair, Pussy Smother, Pussy Smothering, Amateur

Video Description: Inventive and bossy Mistress Sofi in pink leggings torment a submissive guy with her ass. Sofi order the slave to lie down and put his head on the corner of the sofa, and then sat with all her weight right on his face so that he could not breathe. It can be seen that the captive guy is trying to somehow turn his head from under Sofie's divine ass, but the cruel Princess presses his face even more with her ass. Because Mistress Sofi loves to watch the slave gasp while facesitting femdom. Mistress sarcastically taunts the wriggling slave and counts out loud the time after which she will allow the slave to breathe.

Menareslaves - I Won'T Do Bad Ever [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Spit On Slave'S Face, Femdom Spitting, Spit Fetish, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Mistress Mina, Foot Fetish, Barefoot, Bare Feet, Footdom, Foot Domination, Foot Humiliation, Foot Kissing, Face Slapping, Faceslapping

Video Description: Featuring Mistress Mina (Humiliation, Foot Worship, Whipping).

Mistress Iside - Red-Hot Balls [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Short Leather Dress, Sexy Clothing, Fetish Clothing, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Female Spits, Woman Spits, Femdom Spitting, Spit In Slave'S Mouth, Italian Language, Italian Mistress, Italian Femdom, Italian Goddess, Italian Dominatrix

Video Description: Today in the femdom Castle in Rome my powerful kicks will solve another problem. My only goal this time will be to make him spit the miserable balls straight out of his mouth. I really want to see if after this punishment he will still have the courage to rub on my new boots just to get aroused. Actually I no longer tolerate similar behaviors and it is precisely for this reason that I have decided to give this slave some hot moments that he will hardly forget. I immediately load the first kick and the effect is devastating. Perhaps he did not expect such power, evidently this worm has not yet understood anything. I have only begun to warm up my diabolical legs, it will be the second kick that will give him a real perception of what I have in mind. The kicks at this point follow one after the other without stopping, we are in the heart of the situation and I can not wait to see the final effect of my punishment. his balls are now reduced to two small peanuts and while I continue to always maintain the same intensity the suffering soon gives way to an unbearable burning that makes this filthy worm totally unable to think of anything else. At this point, all I have to do is finish off with a flourish and deliver the final coup de grace. I have something very special in mind ...

Club Stiletto Femdom - Kenny'S Arranged Marriage - Under My Ass, Where You Belong [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Family Fantasy, Human Furniture, Objectification, Heavy Smothering, Sadistic Ass, Erotic Asphyxiation, Asphyxia, Breath Play, Breathing Torture, Male Masturbation, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Spitting Humiliation, Spit On Slave'S Cock, Pussy Smother

Video Description: Stunning Milf Mistress Keres married the younger kenny under the guidance of her neighbor Auntie Paige who explained she had spent years training him to be the perfect slave with no limits, one who would willingly accept that his wife fucked whoever she wanted while controlling his orgasms, subjecting him to daily discipline, and more.
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