Dreamgirls in Socks  Crystal)s Dirty Punishment [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Worship,Foot Slave Training, Shoe Fetish, Foot Humiliation, Foot Smelling, Foot Domination ,Foot Slave Training

Dreamgirls in Socks  Felicia)s Midnight Feet [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Humiliation, Foot Slave Training, Pantyhose, Stockings, Foot Domination, Pantyhose Domination, Shoe Fetish

Angel The Dreamgirl - Cums In My Pump Shoe 4K [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Brunetteshoe Fetish, Pantyhose Footjobs, Shoejob, Cfnm, Povcustom Clip, Red Toenails, Foot Fetish, Angel The Dreamgirl, French Manicure, Red Lips, Cock Tease, Tights Fetish, Blue Eyes, Cum In Shoe, Shoe Fetish, Office Outfit, Ankle Bracelet, Lipstick Fetish, Mini Skirt

Mistress Gaia  Sexy Silky Sharp [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Tramplinggaia, Trampling, Shoe Fetish, Bdsm, Pain, Female Domination, Stiletto Heels, Mistress Gaia Clips4Sale, Domina Gaia, Padrona Gaia, Mistress Gaia, Femdom

Sin Sisters (SHOE, BOOT WORSHIP) Sucking Goddess Healah toes before her date [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Cuckolding, goddess Healah Sin, Foot Fetish, Foot Slave, Foot Worship, Shoe Fetish, Shoe Slave, Domination, Humiliation, Cuckold, Cuckolding, Feet Fetish, Mistress, Slave

Sin Sisters (BALLBUSTING) Ingenious CBT game. Starring Maya Sin and Healah Sin [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Cbt, mistress Maya Sin, Goddess Healah Sin, Cbt, Whipping, Caning, Humilaition, Spit Fetish, Spitting, Domination, Shoe Fetish, Shoe Slave, Mistress, Ballbusting, Ball Punching, Ball Slapping, Femdom

Sin Sisters (SPANKING F/M) Bad student receive cruel punishment for having bad marks. Starring Madame Juliette [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Otk Spanking, madame Juliette, Teacher Fetish, Foot Fetish, Spanking, Shoe Fetish, Otk, Face Slapping, Domination, Otk Spanking, Whipping, Caning, Mistress, Slave, Student, Teacher

Theenglishmansion - Butt Crush [HD 720P]

Genre: Sexy Clothing, Latex Miniskirt, Sexy Miniskirt, Fetish Clothing, Masked Slave, Latex Mask, Bondage Male, Bondage Slave, Tied Slave, Tied Male, Bound Slave, Bound Male, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos

Video Description: Miss Vivienne is using her slave in the cell, she has the special electric queening chair place, controlling the slaves movement and tongue position. She enjoys sitting on his face, making him press deep into her magnificent voluptuous bottom. Mistress opens her thighs and positions him with a view of her Goddess cunt, directing him to lick her as she controls the pressure and his enjoyment.

Chloe - Pay Pig Humiliation And Rinsing Q And A [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Locked Dick, Caged Cock, Cock Cage, Dick Cage, Keyholder, Key-Holding, Mistress Chloe, Blonde Mistress, Femdom Interview, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Edging Games, Masked Slave, Black Mask

Video Description: Chloe opens her fan mail and decides to answer questions from her simps. While she is answering questions, she makes her slave edge! She answers questions about an edge and release schedule, fin-dom questions and how he pays his own bills.

Spoilt Princess Grace - My Toilet Slave [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Masked Slave, Black Mask, Blonde Mistress, Real Slave, Personal Slave, Arrogant Woman, Cleaning Slave, Toilet Fetish, Humiliation Slave, Loser Abuse, Young Mistress, Young Goddess, Young Dominatrix

Video Description: I have just finished using this toilet and I haven't flushed it yet ... I'm leaving that treat for my toilet slave, I demand it to kneel in front of my porcelain altar and to clean my disgusting unflushed toilet with its toilet brush gag. As it starts brushing the dirty bowl and around the rim I push his head deep into the bowl and flush without warning, all My glorious Princess waste in his face. I supervise this filthy toilet slave as it cleans up after me. He scrubs as hard as he can to make it shine, but it's never good enough for me. So I just push his head into the bowl and flush again and again till he cleans it to My satisfaction. I sit on my little toilet slave as he works hard to clean the toilet hope you enjoy the views, all he saw was inside of my toilet. Naturally, he has to clean the toilet floor after too, but I just close the seat on his head flush again and have him carry on cleaning as I get ready for the day. And he's paying me for the privilege ... I love my Princess life.

Natalya And Nika - Smother Box Bitches [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mistress Nika, Chastity, Locked Cock, Locked Dick, Caged Cock, Cock Cage, Dick Cage, Sexy Bodysuit Facesitting, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Ass Bouncing, Butt Drops, Blonde Mistresses, Fetish Clothing

Video Description: The level of humility and desperation these 2 bitches make their slave feel is unbelievable. He is 100 % helpless. Strapped in the smother box in his chastity device and cant even speak because of their fat asses on his face. He cant move. He cant get hard. He cant talk. And he cant breathe. The only little bit of air he is allowed to consume is from deep in their ass crack. On top of being completely dominated, he is being extremely humiliated. The girls really let him know how much of a beta he is. This is as close as he will ever get to a hot girl. All day long he can be used as their chair or as their gym equipment. He should be so thankful that all day long he has a sexy ass bouncing and grinding on him. Even if its at his despair.

Chloe - Foot Slave Humiliated In Bedroom [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Blonde Mistress, Asian Slave, Asian Slut, Financial Dominance, Financial Domination, Findom, Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Shoe Worship, Shoe Licking, Shoelicker, Shoe Licker, High Heels Domination, High Heels Humiliation

Video Description: Old. Ugly. Gross. Are the words to describe this little foot slut. Chloes slave is an old man. Ugly as fuck too. He drools and nearly faints being near Chloes beautiful feet! In this clip he is allowed to worship her heels and feet for a few minutes before taking Chloe to the ATM. If you have a foot fetish then this clip is for you! Watch him smell her toes, lick the bottoms of her high heels and suck and kiss her bare feet.

Mistress Iside - Anal Impalement [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Shoe Fetish, High Heels, Stilettos, Masked Slave, Black Mask, Latex Corset, Giant Dildo, Giant Cock, Bdsm, Glove Fetish, Black Latex Gloves, Extreme Abuse, Extreme Degradation, Extreme Humiliation, Fetish Clothing

Video Description: I just don't think this slut's ass will come out unscathed this time ... and who ever could after having suffered an anal penetration with a cock very similar to that of a horse ... I'm talking about a huge cock which measures over 35 cm. Actually a beast !!! But basically this is the only way to have a big enough asshole like a pussy and today I need just this to satisfy my sadistic pleasure. After I impaled this slut I start fucking him hard by pushing my big beam deeper and deeper. Obviously the beginning is completely traumatic but I don't care, what I want is to own this slut completely. And so I have to be able to put all the cock inside his ass before proceeding to fuck him with faster and faster movements. Now the slut no longer has an ass but a pussy-like slit the real fun begins. My movements are in fact easier and I can give space to my fantasy as an excellent fucker. In fact, today I want more, I am not yet completely satisfied .... and therefore to my ferocious thrusts I add some real dry and repeated "breakthrough" movements ... At a certain point I have the feeling to have literally broken it in two parts and the results are now more than visible .... but obviously this is only the beginning, the best is yet to come .... hahahahahhahahah
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