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Sara Villegas - Swallows Up To 12 Cumshots! [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Sara Villegas

Video Description: Second scene of this wonderful woman called Sara Villegas, and believe me when I tell you that you are going to be amazed!!! If you thought she was a lioness in bed after seeing her in the tremendous PILLADAS that I recorded a few days ago, get ready because what I bring you today is going to make you shiver.... jojojojo Sara dives headfirst into the most brutal black box and darkest of all Spanish porn! Miss Villegas kneels in a Spanish Glory Hole that is one of the best we have ever produced to date!This chick is a cannon, she has no limits, she loves sex, she loves everything dirty and above all she loves cum, she is capable of swallowing a lot of cumshots, one after the other without even flinching . Honestly, she didn't expect it at all. Think that we give girls opportunities to try new things, to fulfill their most twisted fantasies, without pressure, letting themselves be carried away by situations and moments, but when you least expect it... a real brilliant raw appears that us It leaves everyone with their mouths completely open, and that's exactly what happened to us with this girl.... She left all of us present totally knocked out, it was a fucking marvel.... Simply BRUTAL!!

Katalina La Grande - A Big-ass Goddess Caught [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Katalina La Grande

Video Description: Brutal! Spectacular! One of the best CATCHES in recent months! Recorded just this afternoon and you already have it available to enjoy it as you deserve! Watch out for this girl who is going to give you a lot to talk about... with all of you Katalina the Great. A 29 year old goddess who has been created for sin! We are looking at a spectacular piece of female with long red hair, with some of the best asses that have ever been on the web! I'm not going to give you many more details, because it's a video that deserves to be enjoyed in every second... every shot, every detail... buffff I'm getting horny again just remembering it! Tremendous Venezuelan!

Paola Hard - Great Fuck In Virtual Reality [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Paola Hard

Video Description: I don't know if many of you have had the opportunity to try the new virtual reality glasses, everyone is talking about them, especially since a few weeks ago Apple released a new model that threatens to revolutionize our daily lives in all aspects. ...and of course also on the topic of porn! You will have to become familiar with this type of scenes, where Paola Hard's boyfriend uses one of them while giving her a tremendous fuck!I have no fucking idea what I would see projected on the glasses, but I can get an idea! With this type of technology you can fuck a chick while you see a completely different one hahahaha, there are no longer going to be ugly women! Now you can fuck an orc fresh out of Mordor and virtual reality turns you into Elsa Pataky, hohohoho it's brutal! Don't miss the 27 minutes that this video lasts, because Paola's curves are very worth it. She is a chick that many of you have been following for a long time, you like to watch her fuck and whenever you can you ask me for more content about her, because today's great fuck is going to make you horny as hell, because we have never seen her in this context before. Virtual reality is here to stay, and everything looks amazing!

Alice Biancci - First Bukkake [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Alice Biancci

Video Description: Extremely shy and introverted, that's Alice Biancci. A young Venezuelan that I discovered in the middle of the street in that wonderful PILLADAS, and since then I have not stopped trying to convince her to get here, to today's video... in a magnificent BUKKAKE where Alice is going to break all the barriers that her shyness has been building in all these years of adolescence.And it will be done by a lot of restless young people who have decided to attend our obligatory weekly meeting, with the sole intention of donating deciliters of sperm, as if it were a sperm bank, but here we do not have empty jars or jars. , the only place where you can download so much love accumulated in your testicles... is the face of our beautiful protagonist! Almost half an hour of the best Spanish porn, recorded in the capital of Spain, by and for all of you, dear hamijos de la paja. Of course, scenes not suitable for scrupulous, sensitive people, with difficulty falling asleep and with very little stomach. Welcome once again, to the maximum madness where everything is allowed, the limits are set by the actress herself, no one else, the rest of us who participate in this crazy party only abide by the orders and wishes of our brand new hostess today, who debuts alone for our premier category. Long live BUKKAKE!!!

Vicio - A Spanish Woman Of Vice [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Vicio

Video Description: I caught her on the way to the supermarket! Lately, I'm having a lot of luck when it comes to shopping... because I come across extremely cute and very hot chicks! As is the case today, where I entered this brunette named Vicio! 24-year-old Spanish woman unemployed in the middle of the street to offer him money in exchange for a succulent photo session. I don't know what's wrong with today's youth, but they go completely crazy for a handful of selfies! jojojojo she accepts right away, so we head to my studio without time to waste! Upon arrival, I ask her to take off her clothes, Vicio seems to hesitate for a moment, but the pasta is very sweet and she finally agrees to stay completely naked! I also get naked, I get on the bed with her to explain to her how she should stand and what positions I need to get the best shots! In the end, it is a spectacular piece of CAUGHT, in which we have a great fuck that leaves you completely KO. A wonderful whore of a woman, with an extra lubricated pussy, an unbeatable cock-cleaning tongue, and a slut in bed like I've rarely seen! Don't miss the final moment where I release all my cum into her mouth... and it takes absolutely no time for her to swallow it! Simply Sublime!

Julia Maze - 31 Years Old From Belarus [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Julia Maze

Video Description: Born on November 6, 1992 in Belarus. At 31 years old, Julia Maze is a veteran in porn. She has a lot of experience in front of the cameras and at her age many of you can consider her a MILF! In this great fuck we see her in POV mode, with some breathtaking close-ups of her face, her mouth, and the piece of her body that doesn't have a single gram of fat left over! The only extra portion of meat left over is the one that enters and exits her body through her pussy! But Julia is well known because she loves the doggy style position, she has always confessed that it is the position that gives her the most pleasure, in which she is able to feel every last centimeter of cock, she enjoys it like no other, and the scene Today is a clear example of this. Don't miss how the beautiful Belarusian spreads her legs to be fucked while she moans like a bitch, she loves to fuck in front of the cameras and it shows. To finish, suck, she sucks you until she extracts all the hot milk, every last drop of cum... she is capricious and she does not share her appreciated prize in the form of lumps! Tremendous sex with one of the most international actresses who have ever been here!

Patricia Acevedo - To The Last Drop [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Patricia Acevedo

Video Description: Third scene of Patricia Acevedo on our website, after that mythical PILLADAS where we discovered her, she still has things to say, such as this piece of dust where she makes it very clear that what she likes most is sucking! She knows that her strongest weapon is that devilish little mouth that God has given her and with which she is capable of making any cock fall that is put in front of her, and mine is not going to be any less! Patricia is the typical aunt that I love, with a big ass, nice tits and a beautiful face that she falls in love with. We can say that she would be the perfect girlfriend, because in bed she keeps what she promises! Look at how she looks at me while she sucks me, how she asks me to please get on top of her to ride like a wild mare! She loves to fuck, in any position. She likes me to say things in her ear, to whisper how slutty she is, how wet her slit is and how similar it is to putting my cock inside a tub of hot butter! But best of all, is the ending! When I can't hold back the urge to cum anymore and Miss Acevedo absorbs every last drop of cum, because she doesn't plan to waste a single lump of semen! What a pig you are Patricia!!!

Emejota - Two Cocks For The Gafapasta [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Emejota

Video Description: He had been insisting to me for a long time, Torbe please, I want to record a threesome with your friend with the fat cock jojojojo Emejota was referring to the great Polludo, an anonymous actor who little by little has become essential in many of my videos. Said and done, I only had to make a call and within a few minutes this wonderful scene was already organized in which you will be able to enjoy our gafapasta in a spectacular piece of three-way fucking! Look at his happy face at the beginning of the video, he was fulfilling a sexual fantasy that he had wanted for months, he had jerked off thinking about it, and finally, the three of us are completely naked on the bed...Emejota begins to suck our cocks as only she knows how to do, first one, then the other. Little by little the temperature rises and we start fucking her, in several different positions, so that he can feel our cocks deep inside her tight pussy. On several occasions she blurts out, Fuck! I'm cumming! and it's no wonder, because it's three-quarters of an hour of non-stop fucking, a constant back and forth that leaves us all completely exhausted. What a trio! What fucking madness!

Marta Villalobos, Natalie - Razor Cross [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Marta Villalobos, Natalie

Video Description: As in the famous Mecano song, where two women take a step forward, deciding to give themselves body and soul to each other, this is how this great lesbian fuck begins where Marta Villalobos and Natalie are going to make us enjoy a tremendously morbid scene and very different from what that we are used to! The girls appear sitting on the sofa, they kiss, they begin to put their hands on each other, rubbing their breasts... to give way to some amazing pussy eating, don't miss how they moan and enjoy while each other polishes their clitorises.You can see that there is a lot of complicity between them, they had been wanting each other for a long time and the day has finally arrived when they can fuck in front of our cameras, so that we can witness one of the best lesbian fucks that we have recorded in recent months! I love seeing them, it is true that at many moments I am invaded by the desire to take off my clothes and participate in such nonsense, but I have preferred to stay out of it, letting them enjoy a moment as intimate and morbid as the one we have been lucky enough to witness! Press play and don't miss this wonderful fuck between two wonders of Spanish porn!

Jenny Dominique - Bukkake With The Busty Black Woman [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Jenny Dominique, Bukkake, Latina, Big tits

Video Description: Do you like black ones? Do you like big tits? Are you Bukkakes fans? Well come on in and make yourself comfortable, because I bring you some new fucking madness! This time, we have a spectacular female, very experienced when it comes to sex, her name is Jenny Dominique. She has arrived at our studios somewhat nervous, she says she is quite shy, and although she has fucked with many men in her life... she has never faced so many at the same time!Hojo, look, she comes without breakfast, she says that she prefers to keep her appetite to receive all the love from our selfless volunteers, that she couldn't miss the appointment knowing that we were going to bring a great woman like Jenny! As soon as I give the starting signal, cocks start appearing everywhere. The black woman clings to sucking any erect thing that comes close to her, she doesn't care about its size, she just wants to swallow meat without any scruple! Some of our guys manage to make her horny, Mrs. Dominique gets horny like she has rarely done in her life. And the end?... you have to see it with your own eyes guys... Spanish dairy!!!

Sara Villegas - Caught A Colombian Ass [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Sara Villegas, Latina, Young, Colombian

Video Description: After today's CAUGHT, I know I'm going to fucking hell! Because this is lust, this is vice and maximum piggishness. A fucking wonder that I have been lucky enough to experience firsthand, but let's start at the beginning. This morning I went out in search of a new girl that I could introduce to you, a new talent that could make her way in the porn world, and it was her. Her name is Sara Villegas, a young Colombian that I met right on the sidewalk in front of my house and I entered her with the excuse of the supposed modeling agency. It didn't take me long to convince her. Once in the studio, I asked her to take off her clothes, she loves that little body full of tattoos, her nipple piercings... and that piece of ASS that she has left me speechless! I swear to you, this is one of the best CATCHES I have recorded in a long time, the complicity with the girl has been maximum, we had a great time and I enjoyed the almost entire hour we spent fucking like a fucking pig. Stop reading and please press play, you are going to be amazed by this beautiful girl who you will have news about very soon. Tremendous Colombian, and tremendous ass!

Digna Morales - Small But Bulky! [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Digna Morales, Latina

Video Description: Since I met her, I am totally hooked on this girl, Digna Morales has become my favorite toy, she is my weakness and despite her short stature I can assure you that she is.... Small but bully! Welcome to this wonderful totally intimate scene, just her, me and the camera! From the first moment you will detect that there is a very strong connection between us, we can say that we both have the same sexual desires, the same needs, and when hunger is combined with the desire to eat... great sex like the one you saw comes out. I bring in this piece of scene that will cause a large number of handjobs! I think there is no need to present Digna's natural tits, the best you can find today on the entire network. Not to mention her perfectly sized and totally pert ass! If you add a devilish mouth to all these ingredients... you are left with a beautiful female capable of making any man who wants to fall in love with her, and with me she is achieving it! 34 minutes of Spanish porn in capital letters, with a lot of intimacy and 100 real! Press play and enjoy a beautiful woman who fucks like angels.

Laura Hardkinks - Learning To Be A Pig [HD 720P]  - PutaLocura

Genre: Puta Locura, PutaLocura, Laura Hardkinks, Latina

Video Description: Yes sir! We put one of our most intellectual girls in the hands of a truly depraved madman like Professor Francis Ford Coppula! The beautiful Basque Laura Hardkinks is going to learn everything she needs to become a real textbook pig! And she is going to do it in this new chapter of our series Extreme Blowjobs, which comes loaded with morbidity and many surprises. To begin with, Laura's hands are completely tied, she has put some handcuffs on her, one of those that the police put on you when they arrest you, but don't worry, because there is another part of her body that interests us much more... we want to burst his throat with a cock!And we will do it without any kind of delicacy, quite the opposite! With spitting, slaps, insults, hair pulling, violent pushing, etc. etc. Absolutely everything that comes to your mind... you will find it in this wonderful scene that no lover of the most bizarre sex should miss for anything in the world! One of the best videos that Coppula has recorded on our website, without any doubt! Press play and be amazed by everything you are going to see... she is a fucking beast!!!Trailer
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