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Missbehavin26 [Mom plays with u while on the phone] [SD]

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Missbehavin26 [Mother comforts her son-POV] [SD]

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Bettie [Fucking Your Trashy, Slutty Mom] [FullHD] Bettie Bondage

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[FILF.com] Alexis Fawx [Uses Stepson To Fulfill Her Sexual Needs] [FullHD]

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Description: Everyone has a different way to relieve their pent-up stress and for Alexis, it's having an orgasm. She needs to cum every day and her husband has been neglecting her needs. Alexis has this big meeting coming up this morning and she's a nervous wreck, she needs to cum and she knows she can't count on her deadbeat husband to do the deed. Walking downstairs, she sees her stepson who's playing the piano. She sits on the piano, pulling up her skirt and he starts fingering and eating her until she's done and ready to leave for her business meeting.
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Mother [MOM teaches SON X POV] [HD]

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Description: A confused and horny son asks mom for some firsthand masturbation guidance technics, because he still doesnt quite understand the complexities and enjoyments of self pleasure so maybe the best thing for now is to let mom show him and guide her frustrated son through the whole process of female and male sexual 4play and more...
English dialogue (NO SUB)
This clip contains: Incestual dialogue with mother and son (English), JOI, slow wet handjob, slow wet blowjob, eye contact, POV, cfnm, spitting, groping, nipple flashing, doggy style, satin & silk, mature female domination, cumshot in and out of pussy, cream pie, fucking after cumshot and ass worship.



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Description: Here's some backstory to this clip as there are only 3 lines in the entire thing at the end, spoken by me: You're my son, a good boy who's always aiming to please his mother. With just us living together, feelings you can't explain have built up inside of you. You come in to tuck me in like you normally do. You see the wine bottles and assume I've been drinking again. Turns out I was just doing some late night reading. You knock on my door, and I quickly put down my book and lower my lingerie just enough to expose my breasts. Turns out you aren't the only one with desires in this house. There's so much sexual tension, and tonight it's coming out! After setting my book and glasses down, you're overcome with a strong urge to fuck your me, your mom! You're gentle at first with your touch but can't help being consumed by your hunger. Fingering me, eating my pussy, you're a greedy son! You insert your cock and pound away. Wait, is mom moaning and bucking her hips? Is she REALLY in deep slumber? You don't care anymore either way! You fuck her until you cum, leaving a nice little creampie in her pussy. Goodnight, mom! You leave the room as if nothing happened. Well, I know everything that happened. With a smile on my lips, I taste my son's spunk. Mmm, delicious!

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