Romi Rain - Weekend Warrior [UltraHD/2K 1920P]

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Nikki Hill - Homecoming Surprise [UltraHD/2K 1920P]

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Video Description: We have a new client at the Filthy Massage Parlor, welcome Evelin Stone. This sexy babe is looking for more than a deep tissue massage, she needs a deep PUSSY massage. I rub her down with oil and make her tan skin all nice and shiny, then I slowly slide my big dick in her, pumping that tight pussy. I give her a good internal massage with a facial ending, it would appear I have another happy customer.

Andi James And Kelsey Kage - FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! PART 3 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: This is like a dream come true! I get to fuck my stepmom AND stepsister at the same time!! It's obvious that sis is nervous, she thought since mom caught us experimenting and having sex that she was in trouble.. But I told her about the fun mom and I had and I think she actually got a bit jealous!

I had to explain to her that the only reason mom and I messed around was because of how turned on she got from watching us!

Is that true, mom?

Yes sweetie, something about watching the two of you fuck each other and seeing how much you enjoyed taking your own stepbrothers cock deep inside your pussy... made me so horny and moist inside!

-Kelsey looks to me for validation as mom begins to slowly undress her, rubbing her hands up sis's gorgeous petite body-

Don't be shy now sis, Mom wants to watch us play some more again.... and then maybe join in too.

Hunny... doesnt your stepbrother have suck a nice cock? Id love to see you put it in your mouth...

Yes... he does have a nice one, but what about Dad... wouldnt he be upset if he knew we were all doing this?

Sweetie... lets not worry about your father right now. I want you to concentrate on making your stepbrother feel good, so mommy can taste his warm cum...

Watch my stepmom and stepsister take turns using my hard cock for their own pleasure! It was nearly impossible to fuck them both without cumming to quick, especially seeing how much my stepmom really enjoyed being dirty with us! After I made my step sis cum all over my cock, it was my stepmoms turn to finish! She really was turned on by sis and I screwing, that once she slid my cock into her.... she immediately started to pulsate and cum on me. She was loving every second in our family threesome!

Finally it was my turn to cum. I could tell my stepmom was craving to taste my cum, and my balls were aching to release all the swelled up tension that was building up, so I sprayed my load all over Kelsey's pink pussy and then made my stepmom lick up every drop of my salty warm thick load!

Mom will never tell Dad about this, but she now knows that I am the true man of the house now!


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Video Description: Hey hunny, could you use a hand?

Dad you scared me!!

What were you doing?

I was just masturbating...

I think it's only fair that I get to watch you since you saw me the other night...

You saw me?!

Don't worry sweetie, did you like what you saw?

I did...

Do you mind if I touch?

No I don't mind...

I catch my step daughter playing with her young tight pussy, and we finally give in to each other. Watch her spread her lips for her step-dads big throbbing cock... Her pussy feels so wet, I can tell she's been wanting this just as long as I have...

Riley Nixon Juicy Juggs And Creampie [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: To put it blunt, Riley Nixon has an amazing rack. Her natural DDD breasts and beautiful green eyes are phenomenally sexy. This juicy, curvy, kinky babe admits she is extra horny this eveningand it shows. She wants to be fucked hard and deep as her busty chest bounces like crazy. She has a surprise in store when she pulls out a small piece of rope!! She wants to see this dick get extra hard as she ties it at the base and the balls to really make it stand at attention. Knowing how hard and sensitive it gets she allows for a cream pie deep in her tight, wet pussy.

Leah Lee - Vaping Makes My Step-Sis Leah Horny [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Apparently my stepsister and I have a lot in common more than we thought, we recently figured out we have both been vaping in our bedrooms and our parents have no idea. I wonder what else we can get away with in our room, my stepsister Leah starts to rub her feet on my cock. I think we may have vaped too much cause things are starting to heat up. The next thing I know my stepsister is sucking my huge cock all while hitting her vape, I can not believe it I really hope our parents don't walk in on us. I can tell Leah really wants to fuck me, her pussy is so wet. I slide my huge cock deep inside her all while we continue to hit her vape pen. I fuck my hot stepsister till I cum all over her face as she takes another hit from her vape.

Jane Wilde And Paige Owens - ANAL THREESOME FUN [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Jane Wilde and Paige Owens are a dynamic anal duo who have a history of loving to share a cock together. Tonight I am as lucky as ever as these beautiful babes spread their pussies and assholes for some butt fucking fun. These petite brunette hotties use a Hitachi on their wet pussies as their tight assholes take it balls deep. Pleasure and moaning fill the room as they orgasm multiple times before draining out all the cum from these balls.


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Video Description: My Step Mom Vanessa is so pissed at me, she just got off the phone with my GF's angry parents. Apparently my GF's parents heard us fucking all last night and Vanessa just got an ear full about it, Vanessa thought I deserved to get an ear full too. She knows I need more then just a ear full and leaves the room, she returns to my room wearing her bad cop outfit for some serious discipline. Vanessa teaches me a real good lesson letting me fuck her tight pussy with my cock till I explode right in her mouth, even after all that she makes me do chores and clean up....


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Video Description: Every time I have Tia booked for a massage I know it is gonna be a good day, Tia just oozes sexuality. She has the greatest fuck me eyes, you can tell she gets real filthy between the sheets. As usual, I start out rubbing her huge tits in oil then proceed to her backside rubbing down her bubble butt. I can not wait until I have her completely relaxed, cause I know what comes next, she is gonna want me to serve her my big dick. I have no issue giving her pussy the internal massage it needs with my big dick. Tia really shows me what she can do bouncing up and down on me till I just explode.

Lily Adams - Bro... Were You Perv'n on Me? You Want to See More...? [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I wonder what it would be like to mess around with Lily. I know it's wrong, but I'm only imagining fucking my stepsister! She catches me after I was spying on her, and she was actually turned on by it. My petite little step sis shows off her perky tits and pink pussy. She sucks my cock and I dive deep into her pussy. Her cunt is so creamy, it made my dick rock hard "You like fucking your stepsister's pussy?" I couldn't respond with anything other than a resounding "Yes!" She takes my long shaft in all different positions - doggy, missionary, cowgirl - you name it! I finally fill her hole with my cum without a worry in the world. It is just my imagination after all!

Ashley Red is Desperate for a Good Long Fuck [FullHD 1080P]

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Angel The Dreamgirl - Hot Barista in Heels [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Its set in a cafe. The customer walks up to the counter, behind the counter the hot barista has her back to him, shes busy working, cleaning maybe. Her hair is tied back and shes wearing a cap(like the one in the link if possible, any colour) . Shes wearing a plain fitted long sleeve white t-shirt (link below for example), you can see the out line of her bra straps. You can also see the straps of her apron tied around her hips (apron can be any colour). Something about her is turning him on.

At this point it would be great to get a side on shot. It could start from the top of her head where you get to see your pretty face (make up can be quite natural, like in clip 440 Perfect gift from beautiful woman)), the camera then moves slowly down, youll see her tight jeans (preferably black but if not then blue denim is fine) and black heels with tan pantyhose on underneath.

Camera comes back to customer point of view, she turns around and realises hes waiting. Shes a very professional Barista and is only interested in making a coffee for him. She doesnt really notice him. Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. He orders a americano. Sure! she says. Would you like any milk with that? He says sure thatll be fine. And she charges him ?1.64, he pays. Can I take your name? He says his name is Manny. Manny you say to yourself slowly as you write it down. You put the pen behind your ear. Ok, Ill bring it over to you. Please take a seat. He sits at the table. From customer point of view sitting at the table, he watches her make a coffee, looks down and notices that her foot is popping in and out of her shoe, there can be a close up of this.

Then maybe the camera come back and show you making the coffee, the customer is staring at you. You catch him looking at you and he turns away very quickly. She doesnt think anything about it and concentrates on making the coffee, he starts fantasizing about her.

Can you add a dream effect at this stage to show this? From customers point of view, this time hes looking at her again playing with her shoe, she catches him again, only this time shes smiling flirtatiously. Once shes made the coffee she walks over to him and puts it on the table. Im sorry Manny, but weve run out of milk. Is that ok? you say with a teasing smile on your face. Yes thats fine. He says. Ok, enjoy your coffee! you say, you then turn and start to walk away. And then you stop and turn around, you walk up close to him and you ask him Would you like a blowjob with your coffee instead Manny? with a smile on your face.

The camera nods saying yes. You then take off your hat and apron, kneel down, undo his trousers and start giving him a blowjob. At some point, I would like a camera shot from behind where you can see your gorgeous ass in tight jeans, the shoes with maybe the soles showing and you can see your head bop up and down. At some point camera comes back to customers point of view. You stop giving him a blowjob, and you ask Would you like a footjob with you coffee as well?.

The camera nods up and down saying again. You get up and put your foot in his crotch, playing with his cock for a little bit, then you sit on the edge of the table while hes in his chair, and you give him a footjob. At some point you stop and take your jeans off, sit back on the table and start playing with yourself. And footjob him again. Once finished with the footjob, maybe he can lick your pussy for a little bit while youre still on the table. Once this is done to satisfaction, you fuck in some different positions, any ones you like! . The final cumming scene, this might sound a little crazy, but can you jerk him in to the coffee cup? Once hes finished, can you look in to the camera and say Here is your milk for your coffee!.

A dream effect comes across the screen again, and youre standing there with a cup of coffee. The fantasy is over, youve been standing there for a while. Manny, Manny? you say. He says sorry for keeping you waiting. No problem, here is your coffee. Ive left the milk on the side. The milk will be in a separate container/glass. He thanks you, you walk off, hes about to add the milk to the coffee and changes his mind. And drinks it black.

Rayne Woods - Mommy Awakens to Creampie [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Son secretly watches Mommy napping. He loves to admire her beautiful curves, the rise and fall of her breasts, the swell of her ass as she rests in nothing but a pair of incredibly sexy lace black panties. Mommy wakes up eventually, astonished that son is in her room watching her rest, especially when she's not properly dressed. She's near naked in fact. She tells him how inappropriate it is that he come into her room unannounced, particularly when she doesn't have any clothes on. A son shouldn't see his mother that way, it's indecent.
Even though she initially puts up a fight son can tell she'll eventually give in. He just wants to see what it would be like to slide his cock in between those wet pussy lips, maybe it will turn Mommy on. Son breaks down her will until she eventually agrees to let him do what he wants just as long as he doesn't tell anyone what happened. Mommy thinks that people would find it unacceptable if they knew what Son wanted to do with her. Son gets to fuck mommy in his favorite positions. And even though she made him promise he wasn't going to cum in her....hey accidents happen!
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