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Video Description: Bruce isn't back from his trip yet, so it's just little ol me and my day to day chores. But who said laundry day has to be boring? Everything gets washed so I get to be as dirty as I want with my clothes & bed sheets! And then I have to be extra careful with the mattress while I masturbate and drink my own pee on a bare mattress cover... my way to live on the edge! You get to witness one of my most powerful orgasm of the last few months, probably because I've been edging for a while before. It was a real EXPLOSION of pleasure! - Morgan xx

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Video Description: What's it like, being a female pee-lover? Step right inside my head, dear viewer, and let's find out! Look through my eyes as I get horny in the kitchen and relieve myself in a wine glass, and then pour the warm liquid all over my chest, stomach and private parts... As I drink my own urine from the giant glass I imagine you can all taste it with me... I wonder if you can feel the excitement build inside of me as I use the vibrator and pour some more pee on my body? I like the way it looks covered in piss - tan and glistening in the light. Even better when Bruce joins in and his strong stream covers me, my face, my hair in piss... we both cum only a few minutes apart and for a little while all is right with the world! Even the broken glass and gopro's stupid sd card getting full at the worst possible moment ???+? - Morgan xx

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Video Description: Little Spittle is abducted from earth and transported onto the glowy blue deck of a spaceship. After their clothes are transformed into a skimpy latex bikini and boots they yell out a plea to go home. A disembodied voice tells them if they do everything that the alien beings tell them to do they will be let go.

The self administered inspection starts with Little Spittle sitting down on a sybian. They are instructed to use the controller to turn it to a speed of their liking. Little Spittle removes their slick black latex and rubs their pussy and ass on the intense vibrations. Sweat covers their face and drool drips from their mouth as they orgasm and convulse.

The second portion of the testing features an anal probe, also self administered. Spittle shoves a huge dildo at the end of a fucking machine up their ass and sets it to thrust deep inside their hungry ass. They turn up the speed and hold a vibrator on their clit, giving the aliens the orgasms they demand for their experiments.

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Trembling from having so many orgasms Little Spittle uses a second fucking machine to fuck their pussy hard and fast until they squirt all over the platform and collapse in the puddle, exhausted.

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