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Description: Mistress Cleo massages the cock of her slave with her oiled hands and he tries not to cum after a few minutes. He knows that he can't do anything without the permission of his mistress, so he tries to be very still, however he almost can't control his body. Mistress Cleo slowly makes him reach his peak and then she lets him have his orgasm, but after she plays with his sensitive cock to make him suffer.


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Description: Kimber wants to win a strap-on contest at her sorority and shes enlisted her mom, Raven, to help. Kimbers mom won the strap-on contest two years in a row back in her sorority days. And she still regularly ass fucks her husband, Marcello. Raven invites her daughter to practice for the contest on her step-father. The mother and daughter each grab a hole and start to fuck Marcello. Hes used to getting ass fucked by his wife but having his step-daughter join in is too much to handle! Marcello tolerates the indignity, even when his step-daughter straps on the largest rubber cock in the familys collection. He begs his step-daughter not to put the huge dildo in his ass, but Kimber is set on winning the sorority contest. She knows that having the biggest rubber cock will really set her apart. Raven passes her husband off to her daughter. She makes Marcello clean her dildo with his mouth after it has been in his ass. Kimber is so happy as she pushes the enormous dildo into her step-father. With a feat like this, shes a shoe-in for the winner! A look of pure anguish registers on Marcellos face and the mother-daughter strap-on team just laughs! The women giggle and play pattycake as they violate two of Marcellos holes. Raven dangles her husbands chastity key in his face while his step-daughter takes him from behind. When Kimber is done fucking her step-dad, she spits in his face and leaves him tied up. She and mom are going to take his credit cards and go shopping. When they get back they might practice some more for the contest.
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Veronika (19) [1649] [FullHD]

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Description: Today the dreams of boob fanatics are coming true. 19 years old beauty with huge natural tits is here for your pleasure. The wonderful Czech amateur Veronika will charm you. She is nice, funny and unbelievably sexy. She has a perfect body, sweet ass, and a lovely wet pussy. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, maybe her DIVINE TITS!!! Once you see them, your cock will explode. Every guy in the world loves Veronika. Behold her tits and then you can die happily.

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Description: My stepdaughter and I have a wonderful secret relationship. Since she became legal she has been making me cum harder than her mom ever did. Watching her blossom into a full grown young woman, her big full perky titties, her beautiful thick meaty ass. And then when she pulled my cock out that first time sticking it in her pretty little mouth... we have been sneaking around the house fucking whenever we got the chance. So when she decided to get her own place. I was happy to help her move.

After getting everything in the apartment, we sat on the bed. She thanked me for my help like a good girl and asked me to help her break in her new place since we didn't have to sneak around anymore. Pulling off her shirt and showing me her perfect natural breasts, oh how hard they make me! Pulling my cock out and slurping and sucking on it on all fours. Her sexy tits bouncing as she pulled me out to stroke me then shoving me back in her warm wet mouth again. Then begging me "Please cum for me Daddy" and what baby girl wants she gets. I came all over her hand. I plan on stopping by to check on her regularly.

Jericha Jem [Stroking Step Daddy's Cock so he doesn't tell] [HD]

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Description: I stayed home from school and my stepdad came home. He caught me vaping on the back porch. He has always been super cool with me, not to mention I think he's super fucking sexy. I see the way he looks at me. I know he wants to fuck me. I've been just waiting to turn 18 and for the right moment. I begged him not to tell my mom he caught me smoking. He asked what I would do for him if he didn't tell on me. So I thought this was my chance to really be Daddy's little Girl.

I felt his cock through his jeans and it was already hard. I convinced him to let me pull it out and I stroked it with my pretty soft hands. I let him pull my tittles out so he could seem them while I stroked his sexy thick cock. Then I got down on my knees like a good slut and jerked and pulled on his cock til he came all over my titties. I think I found a way to keep him quiet.

Sadie Pop [Fucking my slutty step granddaughter] [HD]

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Description: My son married this lady that has sexy dirty little 18 year old daughter. I've spent a lot of time with her, taken her school clothes shopping, out to dinner and even bought her a car when she graduated. They think it's because I like being a grandpa, but really it's that I have thought she was sexy and adorable way before I should have. I've always thought she could kind of tell and the other day she proved me right.

She was laying on the couch with her white panties on. Showing me her bald young snatch. She told me how much she has appreciated my help throughout the years and wanted to make it up to me. She rubbed my rock hard cock through my pants and told me how much she loves her grandpa. Then she got naked and rubbed my cock on her tight young slit. I couldn't help myself I slid inside her tight baby hole and pounded her hard until I almost came, then she laid on her back like a good girl and let me fuck her sweet face until I came down her throat. Who knew being a grandpa could be so fucking hot.

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Description: My used-to-be stepdaughter stopped by my new apartment after I got kicked out and divorced for getting caught deep inside her. My then wife, her mom was not a fan. But her daughter loves her "Daddy" and Oh do I love me baby girl and all her sweet tight young holes. I just couldn't help myself. Especially with her throwing herself at me. She stopped by and made small talk. But I knew why she was there. She wanted Daddy to fuck her like he used to. Her sweet tight young hole squeezes my cock perfectly. It should, I molded those sugar walls. They are custom fit.

She pulled my cock out sucking me hard, I had missed her pretty mouth around my shaft. Getting her naked and taking my time to finger her while she swallowed me like a Good Girl, I realized we didnt have to be quiet or sneak around. I laid her back and slid my big fat throbbing dick deep in her sweet baby girl hole. Watching her hot titties bounce as I pushed and pulled myself in and out of her. Feeling her cum hard, clenching down on my cock. I love pleasing her. I poured my huge full load deep inside her. Pulling out I could see my cum sliding out of her sweet kitty. I never thought I would be so happy to be divorced.

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Horror Porn 21 [The Amazons] [FullHD]

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