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Video Description: Miss Madison is relieving herself on the toilet with her slave at her feet, blessed enough to get the aroma of her waste. He's is fitted with a toilet paper holder. She uses the toilet paper to clean her pussy, but her asshole will be his job. There's is nothing as nice as having a soft wet tongue cleaning her sensitive hole rather than nasty paper. After some plunking Miss Madison gets up and tells her slave to sniff her ass and says "I hope it's not running down my leg." She sits back down on the toilet and pees. After wiping her pussy she tells the slave to remove the gag and to get his tongue in her hole and up and down her crack. The dumb slave licks her pussy and she reminds him he never gets pussy, he's an ass licker and a shcl1t eater. "I never let my slaves brush their teeth" Madison says, the slave will have that taste on his mouth all day. Suddenly she lets out a wet fart and she says she must have another log to dispose of. "Think of it as your breakfast" she tells him, adding "A real man would be humiliated, you just get erect." She gets up and leaves the room and the naughty slave lifts the toilet lid, likely still hungry and horny for more.

Ashleys Ransom - Ashley Lane, Christian Wilde [HD 720P]

Genre: Bdsm, Beard, Big Dick, Blond, Blonde, blowjob, bottom, Choking, Circumcised, Corporal Punishment, dom, Domination, Hairy, Humiliation, Kink, natural boobs

Video Description: Ashley Lane gets a call to pick up a package for work, but it turns out that Christian is just waiting to ambush her. First Christian takes some photos of Ashley being tormented, then he stuffs his cock in her mouth but she keeps fighting back. Next Christian ties her wrists to her ankles and cuts off her panties. He gropes her tits and face and admires her struggling body. Its not long before Christian puts Ashley on her knees and fucks her from behind. She continues to struggle but Ashley cant keep up to Christians relentless pace. He takes turns fucking her, choking her, and spanking her in spite of all her protests. Christian shoots his load all over Ashleys resistant face.

Sasha Curves - Mom's Taboo Kink [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Sasha Curves, hesitant, Kink, mom, mommy, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Role Play, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Video Description: You're in your bedroom with your girlfriend, unaware that your mom's home. She was meant to be at work but took the day off and now she can hear noises coming from your room. She eavesdrops by your door and quickly realises you and your girlfriend are in the middle of a steamy taboo roleplay. Unable to help herself, mom begins to masturbate up against your door... When you realise she's home, you come to apologise for making so much noise. Mom tells you she's not bothered by the noise. You're all adults and it can't be helped. She wants to sit down and have a serious talk about exactly what she heard though...

Molly Darling - Mom Gets Blackmailed By Son's Bully [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Molly Darling, Blackmail Fantasy, Cheating Wife, Cream Pie, Kink, Mommy Roleplay

Video Description: Simulated sex fantasy blackmail roleplay- imagined dialogue interactions. You've come to the house of the poor boy you bully... his Mum is there and isn't impressed to see you. She thinks you've come to apologise for the way you've been treating her son... but she has it all wrong. You knew he had a hot mum and now you're going to blackmail her to get exactly what you want, otherwise you'll make her sons life even harder. She will do anything to keep her boy safe so she agrees to give you a strip tease. You both go upstairs and she takes off her clothes, showing off her tits and ass. She asks you if thats it..but of course it isn't enough. You want her to suck your cock. She doesn't like the idea but once you remind her of her son being bullied she quickly changes her mind. She sucks your cock and asks if its done.. but now you want to fuck her. You've really upset her now, she is offended and tells you there's no way that you're fucking her.. she's married!! You tell her again what you will do to her son and she realises that she doesn't really have a choice. She'll do anything to protect her son. You fuck her missionary, doggy and then finally she rides your big cock. She asks you not to cum inside of her but you don't give a fuck and pound her until you give her a huge creampie. She can't believe you creampied her and it all pours out of her pussy as she gets off your cock

Pink Drip - Nomophobia [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Pink Drip, Big Ass, Big Boobs, Blackmail Fantasy, Caught, Cream Pie, Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Kink, POV, Taboo

Video Description: Ever since your Daughter moved back in she's been acting out. This last stunt was the final straw which left you no choice but to confiscate her prized possession...HER PHONE. But did you really take her phone cause of her bratty behavior? She finds out soon enough the REAL motive behind keeping her locked up in the house with no way to contact friends. You took it upon yourself to send those scandalous pics of her to yourself for your own collection. Was it to blackmail her? Well two can play at that game. Your Daughter has gotten crazed since you took her phone, and now she wants revenge. She knows everything after a little were never one to keep your phone on you so much so why the sudden change? Is it really blackmail if both of you end up getting what you want? She needs something else to keep her hands and mouth busy. Something hard she can press against her face and stare at for hours. But she's not looking for a hunk of plastic...she's looking at you Daddy!

Jaybbgirl - Your Sisters Breeding Confession [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jaybbgirl, Breeding, Impregnation Fantasy, Kink, POV, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Video Description: I can't hold it in any longer. I've made sure that Mom and Dad won't catch us. I just need you to breed me. I know I shouldn't want you to, but I can't help it. You do things to me, to my pussy. So please, don't make me wait even longer.

Penny Loren - Mother and Son Intense Taboo Sins [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Bad Dragon, Kink, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

Video Description: Something Extremely weird and out of this world happens to you, your loving Mommy puts you to bed as usual the next thing you know you wake up with a powerful jolt and feel tingling all over your body. What the actual fuck is happening!? You catch sight of yourself in the mirror lots of fur, a Hugh snout, a panting tongue This is crazy and so cool!, you have morphed into a dog, and a big one at that. You Pad around the house heading to your mothers room. Shes in a deep nap, you pull down the covers with your doggy mouth exposing her body, no pantiesfuck.if your a dog she will never know its her own son right? You do not hesitate to take this opportunity and start sniffing and licking your mothers sweet pussy with your rough doggy tongue, your cold nose on her clit, she stirs in her nap enjoying every second until she wakes up and realises its an actual big dog eating her wet pussy. As you can imagine shes shocked and shouts at you and tries to shoo you away, she calls to you for help but has no idea that the dog is actually you. You carry on hungrily licking the pussy you came out of and she really starts to enjoy it, she hasnt had any pussy action in awhile and you can tell. You stick your K9 veiny dick in her face and she starts licking and sucking it, wow Moms really getting into this! You cant get enough of your Mothers sticky cunt and have round 2, shes loving your hot dog breath on her clit and has a hard orgasm on your snout. To your complete surprise she lets you put your Doggy dick inside her giving her a damn good fucking, she even tells you to put it in deeper and fill her with your puppy seed, you empty your Doggy balls deep inside her giving her a Hugh creampie. Then you feel the jolt again, you are turning back into a boy right in front of her and you pass out exhausted on your moms bed. You wake up to your Mommy looking worried, confused and very shocked by the nights depravity, shes been up all night researching why this happened and trying to come up with a solution and she thinks shes cracked it you need to make yourself cum before bed every night so this witchcraft doesnt happen again. You might need a little help though from your Mother but shes a little reluctant as you can imagine, after all she got creampied and brought to orgasm the night before by a hugh dog surely she cant have Depraved illicit sex with her own biological son the next night, what has she become! Sure enough what starts out as innocently helping her darling boy empty his balls turns into a extremely taboo naughty fuck ending in her own sons cum flooding out of her pussy which you both enjoy immensely. Your mother is willing to help you every night from now on and maybe just maybe every now and then she might like your veiny dog dick againThis was ordered as a custom.

Tatum Christine - Show Mommy That Cock [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Dirty Talking, Femdom, Impregnation Fantasy, Kink, mommy, Mommy Roleplay, perfectpussy, POV, Taboo, Tatum Christine

Video Description: Good morning! Your mom comes in and your dreaming... a dream about her of course... she tells you she's going into the office early this morning... she's been working late nights but she promises you guys will have your old schedule back real soon and things won't be so hectic for her at work... but to your surprise she ends up coming home early today!! Walks in on you still in bed jerking off to a weir mommy video game with her stockings on your dick... after spending the rest of the day in her room you decide to go in there and talk to her... she's freaked out... thinks your a sick fuck and she might need to take you somewhere to get help... but how embarrassing that would be. Mommy has her own remedy.

Lana the Pain Slut - Lana Analise, The Pope [HD 720P]

Genre: Bdsm, Beard, Big Ass, Blonde, Bondage, Caning, Corporal Punishment, crop, Domination, fingering, flogging, Handler, Hitachi, Humiliation, Kink, Lana Analise

Video Description: Lana Analise is not only new to but this is her first professional BDSM shoot! Lana gets bound to a table with her knees on her chest, leaving both her holes accessible to The Pope. He starts with some spanking. Seeing how responsive to pain Lana is, The Pope soon moves on and uses the crop. The crop to Lanas pussy inspires The Pope to play with Lanas holes. First he fingers her ass, and then her pussy. The Hitachi is used to over stimulate Lanas sensitive clit. Next, Lana is bound vertically with her hands tied behind her. Straddling a metal pipe, her pussy supports most of her weight. The Pope wastes no time and flogs her body, testing Lanas pain limits. The Pope continues the torment, getting Lanas chest and thighs nice and red. He rewards her with more orgasms. Finally, Lana is bent over a pole with her hands bound to the floor, totally exposing her holes to The Pope. He barely touches her and notices Lanas pussy is dripping wet so he starts flogging her back. The Pope finds her pussy even more soaked so he moves on to first cropping, then caning the backs of her thighs. With Lanas pussy literally dripping The Pope stuffs the entire Hitachi head inside her before driving her mad with orgasms for the finish.

Feed Me Cock - Jesse Pony, Christian Wilde [HD 720P]

Genre: Bdsm, Beard, Big Dick, Blond, Bondage, Brunette, Circumcised, dom, Hairy, Impact Play, Kink, leather, natural boobs, PIV, rope bondage, Rough Sex

Video Description: Jesse Pony is a cock craving submissive slut whose only purpose is to serve under the cruel mastery of her sadistic dom. Today, Christian Wilde is the lucky guy that gets to fill Jesses needs and hungry holes. First Jesse is restrained on her back with her arms and ankles secured with skintight inescapable rope bondage. She struggles to escape from Christian cruel intentions as he torments her with viscous impact play and the relentless stimulation of a powerful vibrator. He coerces her to cum repeatedly while he face fucks Jesses bottomless throat and strangles her fragile neck. Next Jesse is restrained with thick leather belts while perched in front of a large bowl of water. As Christian pounds Jesses tight pink pussy from behind and spanks her perfect round ass. He grabs her skull and shoves it into the water bowl and baptizes her with his depraved intentions. Gasping for breath and fighting to get her head out of the water, Christian retrieves his fuck toys head only to shove his massive cock deep into her throat. Jesse only begs for more. Next the super sub finds herself in a full rope suspension that exposes her pussy to Christians pleasure. He wastes no time and begins to relentlessly fuck her until she is screaming from the uncontrollable ecstasy of the unwanted and repeated orgasms. To end her day, Christian throws Jesse onto a dirty old fuck mattress. He then spends the next ten minutes mercilessly fucking Jesse as she begs for him to abuse her fuck hole. Christian is only too happy to oblige and in a fit of depraved passion blows a massive load of jizz all over Jesses titties and mouth. She only wants more.

Steel and Leather - Liv Revamped, The Pope - Kink [HD 720P]

Genre: Beard, Black Hair, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, crop, dildo, Domination, Feet, fingering, Handler, Hitachi, Humiliation, Kink, leather, Liv Revamped, metal bondage

Video Description: Liv Revamped returns to, but its been a while since shes been on Device Bondage so The Pope wastes no time getting to the torment. First a gagged Liv is bound hand and foot by two vertical poles riding a wooden horse where shes groped and spanked before the flogger comes out to play. After some breath play ,The Pope gives Liv a few orgasms as a reward. Next, Liv is bound to a tabletop in a kneeling position making her ass a perfect target. The Pope flogs her ass and back before using the crop to torment her feet. After some fingering, Liv is fucked with a dildo while a vibrator is pressed against her pussy. Finally Liv is bound, face up on a table with the Hitachi bolted to the table. The Pope wastes no time and turns it on while he flogs her stomach. After some more breath play and another appearance by Fluffy, The Pope continues to flog and choke a very over-stimulated Liv before leaving her to writhe on the table, cumming over and over.

Back Rent: Paid in Rear - Madi Collins, Christian Wilde - Kink [HD 720P]

Genre: Anal, Bdsm, Beard, Big Dick, Blond, blowjob, Circumcised, Corporal Punishment, dom, Domination, Hairy, Humiliation, Kink, natural boobs, Redhead, ROLE PLAY

Video Description: Madi Collins is back on and this time shes here for a little CNC (Consensual Non-consent) with Christian Wilde. Madi rents an apartment to Christian and shes fuming mad because hes now six months behind in his rent. When she confronts her deadbeat tenant, Madis surprised by Christians explosive response and his counter offer that she pay his rent while he takes what he wants from her. From face-fucking his landlord in the hall to tossing her on the bed like a rag-doll, Christain dominates Madi and uses all of her holes for his pleasure; fucking her mouth, her pussy, and ever her ass as he chooses. Despite Madis begging and pleading, Christian continues his anal torment until she eventually submits to both his cock and his will, agreeing to pay his rent and be his slave from now on.

Goddess Kink - Massive Shit Turd Lick [4K 2160P]

Genre: Scat Solo, Goddess, Kink, Lick, Massive, Shit, Turd

Siswet - Even plassen in Frankrijk op de parkeerplaats Fetish butt kink [SD 480P]

Genre: Peeing, Butt, De, Even, Fetish, Frankrijk, Kink, Op, Parkeerplaats, Plassen, Siswet

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