Alix Lynx - Long Distance Jerk You Off [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Cum Countdown, Dildo Fucking, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Masturbation Instruction

Video Description: We're in a long distance relationship, so I decide to email you a sexy surprise video I made just for you. Dressed up in lacey lingerie, I tease you with my tight body, getting my pussy nice and wet for you. I tell you to take your hard dick out and how to stroke it while you watch the naughty show I'm going to give you. I pull out my dildo, sucking and fucking it until I cum, talking dirty and playing with my pussy until I finally give you a countdown...when I reach one, we're both going to cum together...

Lilcanadiangirl - Sweet Edging JOI [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Cum Countdown, Edging Games, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement

Video Description: I lightly tease you at the beginning and get you to start off with some instructions. Then I tell you how to stroke your dick for me in different ways. I make you edge your cock until its totally full and ready to burst. At the end I give you a countdown and show you my boobs and pussy to cum to

Lizzi Blake - Edge & Tease Jerk Off Instructions [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: In this brand new 20 minute JOI video I tell you exactly how to stroke your cock and exactly what to imagine while you do it... I tease you slowly and edge you multiple times! Once I've stripped off my bikini I make you cum with me after a 10 second countdown. Lots of up-close views, some POV angles, and lots of dirty talk

Goddess Jessibelle - Jerk To Your Self Hate [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: What kind of a person wants to hate themselves as much as you do? What kind of person wants their insecurities and flaws brought to light? What kind of POS wants someone to make them feel this way? I can count off all of the ways that you are disgusting and gross. I bet you want to be able to put your dick into something other than a blowup doll, but no one is ever going to want to fuck something as nasty as you. As if life weren抰 bad enough to you already, you want to be humiliated, this is the only way you can get hard. You jerk off to how much everyone around you hates you. You jerk off to how much you hate yourself. Only someone truly pathetic could jack off to these things. I bet you cry yourself to **** knowing that you are the reason why you don抰 get laid or why you have a terrible life. I don抰 pity you!

Goddess Jessi Belle - How Many Times Can You Edge? [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: You抮e not worthy of cumming, you just have to edge yourself over and over again until you are miserable, in pain. Get so close, but stop! You don抰 deserve to cum, MEN cum, but losers like you are denied over and over again. You cry yourself to sl3 3p because your balls feel like they are gonna pop, but there抯 no release. How many times can you edge yourself at one time? 5? 10? More? You抮e going to push yourself to the limit and edge as many times as you can before your cock hurts. Keep track, I want to know how many times you can edge.

Goddess Gwen - Focus On Me While You Jerk It [HD 720P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: You抮e going to stroke your cock at my instruction, you know the drill, do what I say when I say it and you don抰 get to cum until I tell you, that is IF I tell you to! LOL focus on my big tits pushed up in this purple corset, stroke it slowly 123 STOP you already need a break or you抣l blow your load, you want this to last longer than 5 seconds right? haha don抰 be a 2 pump chump like you are with your wife. Focus on my ass in this shiny skirt, don抰 touch your cock yet, just focus no my hot ass! Ok now stroke it 123.. FASTER 1..2..3.. FASTER 1.2.3.. STOP! Focus on my tits again as I shove them close to your face. Get ready to start stroking again. are you close? ARE you gonna CUM?! are you? are you? ya? ya? STOP! haha RUINED ORGASM!

Goddess Christina - Tricks And Treats [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: Tricks and Treats - that抯 what I have in store for you. I don抰 want to tell you because I expect you to just DO! As usual I make this fun. Obedience is key! Do as I say - be a clip junkie - and soon you抣l see. :DDD

Goddess Christina - Birthday Pledge [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: It抯 My BIRTHDAY Bitch! Time to commit to Me - your one true Goddess. Bow down on your knees. Worship my tantalizing perfect nude body. See what I have in store for yours as you Pledge to Me and become Mine!

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Slow Mean Strokes [HD 720P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: Put your cock in your hand. It抯 time for you to stroke for me. Except, this time will be different. I want you stroke painfully slow for me today. Just a simple up and down at a slow, meandering pace. I want you to build yourself to orgasm one agonizingly slow stroke at a time. This is your only task today. You better get started.

Fox Smoulder - Cleavage Joi [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: I tell you how to jerk off to my cleavage, teasing you with bouncing, jiggling and plenty of talk about cumming on my tits.

Exquisitedome - More [HD 720P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: You couldn抰 wait for another one..get your and lets go! This time you inhale for as long as the camera is zoomed on my breasts! I will get you so fucked up and mindless!!! When i feel you had enough i will take advantage and let you touch your cock only if you tribute 10$.You will do it because we both know your will power goes to hell once you are ! >

Exquisite Goddess - Babysitter - Smoke Fetish Role-Play [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: I do a job interview for no smoking sitter for your young Step-Sisters. You are older than them, in perfect age to be weaned and enslaved!You're present at interview and, I notice you focusing on my long nails and huge boobs. Your Step-Parents are hesitant but in a hurry: they have charity dinner .Suddenly my mobile drills and to take it from bag I accidentally drop it and a cigarette package slips out. Your Step-Parents are inattentive so I can take it and put again in bag as nothing happened.Your Step-Parents take me in trial and readily go to dinner leaving Faking to mistake your room for another one, I come into yours and start taking over you,Dangling slowly on u, bouncing and squeezing boobs I blow smoke upside and to my face and start list orders: 1) You dont want go to the party anymore 2) You must be confirmed as sitter here and full time and I must convince my step-parents! 3) You must double Your pay secretly 4) You must buy cigarettes for You and cover Your smoking 5) Once assumed I will become YOUR Queen and you will have worship You in all way possible At this point MY cigarette finishes, I get off from you and sit on other side of bed and open legs.

Elle Idol - Hump The Floor For My Huge Tits Dummy [HD 720P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: I抦 so horny. I wanna make you cum so hard for me. Watch as I tease you with my amazing body, as I touch myself just for you. Don抰 you love watching me naked and willing to do anything to please you? I love rubbing my pussy for you, I抦 getting so turned on. You make me so wet. I want you to stroke your cock for me. Stroke it as I masturbate for you.

Dirtyprincess83 - Your Cum Rag [HD 720P]

Genre: Joi, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction

Video Description: Feeling super horny, wanting you to turn me on by stroking your dick to my body. Encouraging you to jerk it to my body it turns me on and I start touching myself with you at the same time. I love it when you jerk your dick to me, you see im getting even more turned on knowing your beating off me to me . Perv on me thats what gets me really hot and wet. I want you to have this lingerie as a gift. This lingerie will be your new cum rag. I slowly take it off and I wrap it around your cock showing you how to use it to jerk off on. Im so fucking horny knowing what you will be doing with my lingerie. I take it off and i start to hump it, ridding it and grinding my clit on the material. So when you use it to jerk off on it has my cum on it too. So fucking tuned on by our dirty play i hump it till I cum on it, fantasizing abut you cumming on it next. I love to have dirty little fun play like this. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL CUM RAG MESSAGE ME I CAN MAKE YOU ONE
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