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Video Description: Nothing makes my slave weaker than a brand new shiny pair of heels! Not just any pair of heels though, no, these are super expensive, red bottomed Louboutin heels! I just love looking down on him as he lays helplessly under my heels all caged up. I take great pleasure in teasing him with my shoes as he pines and anticipates the instruction to worship them. My heels are super sharp and I dig them into his chest and nipples as a reminder of their power. After a little cock tease, this slave was ready to lick, clean and suck every shiny surface of my perfect footwear. Such a good little foot bitch!

Genre: BATHTUB FETISH, CFNM, eyemblacksheep, femdom 2024, femdom, femdom online, foot fetish, foot worship, lady valeska, Lady Valeska

Video Description: Bathtime for Lady Valeska. Here the magnificent Lady Valeska is bathing in a full latex cat suit.
What would be perfect to accompany her bathtime is a sub at her feet so she calls one in to at first massage her beautiful feet before moving onto giving them some love and worship.

Genre: Femdom, femdom online, foot domination, foot fetish, foot humiliation, Foot slave Training, foot smelling, foot worship, UNDER GIRLS FEET, UNDER GIRLS FEET

Video Description: Tall Mistress Violetta makes her foot slave to worship feet. First, she makes him to lick and sniff her old well-worn high heels. Violetta shows to the camera how dirty and sweaty her old well-worn shoes inside. She orders to sniff and lick her huge stinky soles. The stupid slave enjoys it. He licks huge unwashed soles and sucks long toes. Violetta puts her big feet on slave face and rubs it. She makes slave to lick stinky dirt between her big long toes. (FullHD Version)

Genre: Femdom online, foot worship, MAID FETISH, sole licking, TA Worship, TA Worship 2024, TA Worship, TA Worship online, Toe Sucking, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS

Genre: Extreme Feet Pov online, femdom 2024, femdom, femdom online, foot domination, foot fetish, Foot Kissing, foot worship, girl on girl, GIRL-GIRL, HIGH HEELS, High Heels Sucking, Lee Von Lux, SHOE FETISH, Stella Elle

Genre: Femdom 2024, femdom, femdom online, foot fetish, FOOT GAGGING, foot worship, Goddess, Goddess D, Goddess Lilith, Goddess Lilith 2

Video Description: At FetCon over the summer, I was fortunate enough to link up with two beautiful Dommes: the lovely Mistress Alexis Kim, and my good friend Goddess D. Mistress Kim happened to have Her slave in tow, and I happened to have my loyal cuck slave nate bitch with Me as well, so the three of Us figured, why not film a hot foot worship clip with all three of Us and Our two slaves together? Well, We turned the cameras on and just couldnt stop! Our boys LOVE foot worship, and We had so much fun doing all sorts of things with them: gagging them with Our feet, slapping their faces with Our feet, tormenting their locked-up little chaste cocks, using them as foot rests the hotness just went on and on! A completely natural 30-minute long foot session of pure, sexy foot worship and domination. Total heaven for a foot boy!!

Genre: Femdom online, foot domination, foot fetish, FOOT GAGGING, foot humiliation, foot odor, FOOT PLAY, foot slave, Foot slave Training, foot worship

Genre: FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, femdom 2024, femdom, femdom online, foot worship, GODDESS WORSHIP, HIGH HEELS, Legs, Lexi

Video Description: Miss Lexi Chase comes into her bedroom and finds this LOSER sniffing the CROTCH of her pantyhose!!! He took it out of her dirty clothes hamper and is SNIFFING it while he jerks off! EW!! GROSS!! She SCREAMS at him and tells him he has NO right to do that! She also says that she could tell that he was staring at her like crazy when she was wearing them the other day. Like, what is it about boys n pantyhose? They are coming back in style now and Ive noticed it like drives ALL of you so crazy

She smacks him across the face and informs him that she was FILMING him on her iphone the whole time before she came in and busted him! And this video is going to the WHOLE FAMILY if he doesnt do EXACTLY what SHE says from now on!! Not to mention his wife!!! He BEGS her not to and grabs for her phone! (Too late- its already on the cloud) As she grabs the panythose, sits on the edge of the bed, and begins sloooowly putting the pantyhose on her legs just to torment him.

Lexi Chase ALLOWS this loser to worship her stockings. but there are NEW rules now

Foot Patrol Studio Pedi Police - Archer LegEnd - Salivate for My Feet with Ashlynn Taylor [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ashlynn Taylor, Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Patrol Studio Pedi Police, Foot Worship, FootPatrolStudioPediPolice

Video Description: Adorable Ashlynn Taylor leans back and presents her perfect, sexy size seven-and-a-halves to her perpetual foot-loving sole man Archer Legend. While he licks all over her tasty toes and succulent soles, Ashlynn talks about how much she loves receiving foot worship. She even explains that having so much attention paid to her own feet has led her to admire and appreciate pretty feet she sees on other women. Their discussion revolves around the strong lure of foot lovers to touch, lick and taste beautiful feet. When Archer brings out his leather paddle and explains his interest in sole slapping, Ashlynn is game to give it a go. After several good spanks across those ample soles, they become even more sensitive to oral attention. Ashlynn Taylor adds bastinado to her list of foot fetish delights and all of us dedicated fans can continue to salivate for her sexy soles and tender toes.

The Harlot House - After Gym Foot Smelling Hand Job [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Worship, Handjob, Milking, The Harlot House, TheHarlotHouse

Video Description: Its Daceys cardio day at the gym. Dexters favorite day of the week. When Dacey does cardio her feet get so sweaty and smelly. As Dacey places her shoes on his chest instantly he can smell the sweat and gym on the bottoms of her shoes. Sniffing them as Dacey starts stroking his already hard cock teasing him. She slowly strips off her tennis shoes and as soon as she does she unleashes an explosion of funk trapped between her socks and shoes. Dacey lets Dexter sniff her socks while she jacks his dick and plays with his balls alternating speed. Long slow strokes, fast hard strokes and two handed all while rubbing her smelly moist warm socks into his face leaving the smell on him. Dacey then peels away her cute little socks unleashing another blast of warm smelly toe funk and revealing her perfectly soft soles and toes. Now with her bare feet finally free of her smelly wet socks her hand job intensifies. Rubbing her smelly bare feet against his face letting him lick her soles she starts stroking him faster and faster and with both hands, putting his nose right in between her toes making him inhale her toe jam until he blows his load to the smell of her dirty smelly toes all over her hands.



Video Description: As the Boss of the company, I summon my incompetent employee to commission him to compile a prospectus. Annoyed he tells me that I continue to load him with work and that he can't keep up, he also feels tapped and would like to be paid more. In addition, he gives me self-centered because I sit on a throne, telling me that we are not in a kingdom but in a company. I can't believe what I'm hearing, a subordinate telling me what I should or shouldn't do. I turn around him and at a certain point I grab his hand, bending it. I tell him that I don't give a fuck about what he thinks, that from today I will cut his salary or better yet I will fire him since there is a queue of those who want to serve me and revere me. I knock him to the ground and put my foot on his face in submission. This fight begins in which I will always have the upper hand and humiliate him either with immobilization holds or with my feet on his face or in his mouth. In the end, masturbating him with my hands and feet, I will make him cum to seal our pact: from Boss and employee to Mistress and slave.

Brat Princess 2 - Alex and May - Mean Bitches Use Betas Mouth for Cleaning Feet 4K [4K 2160P]

Genre: Adriana Maya, Alex, Brat Princess 2, BratPrincess2, Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Worship

Video Description: Alphas fuck and betas clean feet! This stupid beta decided not to obey the girls. As a form of punishment he must clean their sneakers, smell their dirty sweaty stinky socks and get gagged by their bare foot. They even kick his head. Boys like him are NOTHING!!! Especially when they dont listen. They want their feet super clean because they are going to be with their alphas later. After he is done they chain him to the chair. So he can think about what he has done.

Sorceress Bebe - Clean My Feet [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Worship, Sorceress Bebe, SorceressBebe

Video Description: After a long day, my sub has the honor of cleaning my feet. He must pay attention to every detail and make sure they are spotless. As he cleans and worships we discuss slave training and servitude rules.

Goddess Harmonex - Foot bitch worships my beautiful feet [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Worship, Goddess Harmonex

Video Description: Slave sucks my heels, soles, and toes.
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