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Fetish Liza - Intense Rubber Doll Training Stage 2 [HD 720P]

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Zoey Laine - Dissidence [HD 720P]

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Video Description: The beyond temping secretary is starting a new job and couldnt be more thrilled about what this meant for her. But trouble arises when two employees show up a week early for their two-week check payment, it seems as if the previous secretary used to make advances for them. But the newly working lady isnt about to do things out of protocol and tells the men no! To which they declare they will come for her.
That evening she heads home after work and starts relaxing when a package arrives for her, she asks them to leave it at the door but it requires a signature this is when the disgruntled employees barge in and have their way with the sexy secretary.
They pull her clothes off revealing tantalizing black lace lingerie and make her suck their large hot and throbbing dicks. They jam their cocks in her mouth one-by-one and fuck her from behind. She tries to get away but is no match for the two men who hold her down. They take their torture to the next level as they handcuff her and bring her to their dungeon where she is ball gagged and tortured.
They beat her with a bat and take her up and down her torso as she moans in displeasure. They whip her and she falls to the ground and shes tied up. The jam their hands down her throat and up her wet pussy, youre telling me no but your pussy is telling me YES! Water is thrown on her before they force orgasms from her with double vibrators.
She later sucks them off one after the next as they jack off in her mouth and cum all over her. The only thing left to do is kill her which they do by strangulation after shes licked the cum off their dicks.

Willow Hayes - Expendable Soldiers [HD 720P]

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Video Description: The future is not so bright. War is everywhere and the drafting age was recently reduced worldwide. Women are considered expendable and sent out on the front lines to die, or worse.Today, Penny, a seasoned vet of a few months (lifespan was not very long for women in war), and Willow, a young, new draftee were stationed at a lookout point somewhere in the dead zone between the two factions.With such a low chance of living through this Penny comforts Willow, who is a virgin, the best way she can. Lesbian Sex.
When they are finished and resting peacefully, two soldier are hidden, having been watching them. There is no indication of what side they are on, women are considered targets, wartime entertainment, no matter what. He takes aim and fires.hitting Penny in her pussy.
As the girls are reaction to what has happened, the men rush up. One starts pummeling Willow, while the other slashed at Pennys chest with his service knife.
Eventually, he plunges that knife three times into her breasts and belly, mortally wounding her. As she lay dying, they take the now beaten and broken Willow away. Penny then does.
In another location, the bring Willow in and sexually assault her. They force themselves in her mouth, perform awkward sexual positions and fuck her. Still later they fuck her ass then both men cum on her face.
They tie her up to their torture rack and deep kiss her. Then, the stab her in the pussy and belly with their bayonets. She bleeds out, the drop her down to the floor, push her on her back and leave her dead body to bleed out like a pig.

Norah Nova - A Rough Night at the Office [HD 720P]

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Melody Jordan - Date Rape Murder [HD 720P]

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Video Description: A little drunk, Melody is brought home by a stranger. He invites himself in and shared some wine with her that he had with him. They talk for a bit, but soon, she is unconscious on the couch and he invited his buddy in. They start to take advantage of her there, but then move her to the bedroom.
In the bedroom, they spend a long time, molesting her unconscious body. But once one of them shoves a cock in her mouth, she wakes up and tries to resist, but she is still heavily drugged.
They work her over sexually. They take turns on her, force her to give BJs, fuck her, force her to orgasm with a dildo, fuck her and force there cocks in her mouth some more, and use a vibrator on her.
Later, they tire her up, flip her over and shove a wine bottle up her pussy. They fuck her with it, taking turns fucking her mouth and fucking her with the wine bottle. Finally, they force her to suck their cocks until one cums in her mouth and one on her face.
She is completely humiliated and broken down. She thinks its over, but one of the men wraps a garrote tightly around her neck. He pulls her up on the bed and strangles her while the other guy fucks her pussy with a bottle. It is a long struggle, but finally, they have murdered the poor girl.
Next, they take turns fucking her body, then wrap her up in her bedding to take her out unseen.

Aria Alexander - Robbery Gone Brutal [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Peachy Keen Films, PKF, PKFStudios, Hardcore, Blowjob, Domination, Bondage, Fetish, Rape Roleplay, Rough Sex

Video Description: A young employee brings her boss, Aria, a cup of coffee and asks to leave early for a date. She happily obliges and gets back to work. Within seconds a robber bursts into her office with a revolver and pushes her up against the wall demanding money. She works at a school though, they dont have money! She grabs her purse and takes out several dollars to his dismay.
He wants something more. He forces her to take off her shirt and skirt as he fondles her ass. He ties her hands behind her back and brandishes a knife, threatening to stab her nice and slow. He thinks maybe he should take off one of her nipples instead. He cuts her bra open and plays with her tits.
He slices through her panties, forcefully rubbing her pussy. Shell do anything to live so he decides to untie her and makes her suck his cock. She licks him up and down, shoving it deeper into her throat. He shoves her ripped panties into her mouth and ties it with the rope. He puts her on her desk and fucks her with the tip of his revolver, wiping her juices on her body. He pulls her forward and sucks on her clit as she moans in terror and pleasure.
She tries to resist but he shoves his cock deep inside her waving his gun and threatening to shoot her pussy if she doesnt comply. He bends her over and shoves his revolver into her tight asshole as she screams. Now its time for the real thing! She screams as he fucks her ass hard.
He then puts her in a chair and restrains her hands to the back. Theyre going to play a friendly game of Russian Roulette, but this version involves her pussy. The robber loads a single bullet into his revolver and puts it up against her pussy. She screams as the trigger clicks. EMPTY. Round two ends the same way, but she is so scared she pisses herself.
She is spared each time the gun revolvers chamber is empty until her luck runs out and the bullet pierces her crotch. The robber is ecstatic, but the game is far from over. Maybe shes suffered enough, maybe he should just leave her alone. But his knife is upon her nipple before she can react, slicing it off and slapping it against the wall.
He removes the rope and she drops to the floor, trying to crawl away. He reloads the revolver and he puts another slug into Aria, right up her ass. Her coworker unexpectedly enters, having forgot her purse. He puts a bullet in her head and she falls into a chair, dead.
The robber hopes they both get home safe as he leaves Aria their to bleed out.

Ivy Aura - I'm Back Baby Girl [FullHD 1080P]

Ivy Aura - I'm Back Baby Girl [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Peachy Keen Films, PKF, PKFStudios, Ivy Aura, Hardcore, Blowjob, Domination, Fetish, Rape Roleplay, Humiliation, Time Freezing, Creampie

Video Description: Miles comes back from his trip to Europe and his daughter, Ivy is tired and has a HUGE attitude. Obviously mad that her dad was in Europe without her, he decides to show her his timestop watch, instantly freezing her on the couch.
Miles starts by taking her top off and pulling his cock out. He proceeds to force her to blow him, and then unfreezes her, causing her to scream and yell. He uses his watch again to timestop her so that he can have more fun.
Miles undresses the rest of the way and continues to face fucks her. He then slides her pants and underwear down, unfreezing her in the process, to her yelling and asking him what the fuck is going on.
As Miles freezes her again, He slowly starts fucking her from behind, enjoying the tight pussy. He pulls out and shoves his cock back into her mouth, face fucking her harder than before.
Soon Miles carries Ivy to the bed where he finishes taking off her jeans and holds her down as he plows her tight pussy. He cums hard in her, leaving her dripping and wet. He unfreezes her again to her yelling and trying to figure out what the fuck just happened.
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