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Adelyn Abbe - Virgin massage [FullHD 1080P]

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Tina Kay starring in video (Gloved medicine for erectile issues part1) of (Glove Mansion) studio [HD 720P]

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Video Description: No need to stress or worry, you are in the capable gloved hands of nurse Tina who will examine your cock and surely finds a way to pump the back in to your dick. She is an expert at treating erectile dysfunction issues and will have you hard in no time.

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Video Description: Pet handler extraordinaire Mimosa puts her puppies Magenta Lexe and Vanessa Darling on a leash. After taking them for a little stroll and making them sniff each others butts and lick each other clits she makes them fuck each other with a huge double dildo and watches them until all three of them cum!

Lady Perse and Mistress Mavka starring in video (Sounding and breath Play) of (Sin Sisters) studio [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: We both love medical and cruel play. So I and Mistress Mavka decided to penetrate and stretch this slave urethra with a metal sounds! Deep sounding only will be too easy for him, so we put him gas mask and give him also a breathplay which he will remember! The biggest sound diameter was in the size of my finger! Im sure it was painful for his dick! But we are not mean only, from the pleasant part he could taste my delightful breath mixed with cigarette smoke exhaled through the gas mask tube, so he could cough with my air!

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Honour May, Roxee Couture - Literary Muses [FullHD 1080P]

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Mistress Sheri Darling starring in video (Leather Breast Smothering) of (Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League) studio [SD 406P]

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Video Description: When Mistress Sheri Darling enters the session room, she expects her slaves cock to be rock hard and ready for her sadistic use. When the gorgeous Mistress sees that his dick is soft and useless, she punishes him for insulting her breathtaking beauty by taking his breath away. Smothering him under her huge, natural breasts, she deprives him of oxygen, knowing that if he were to struggle or even try to move, the hanging nipple clamps and ball parachute would cause him endless pain. She presses her perfect DDD tits against his face, covering it entirely, only allowing him to pant like a before she she smothers him out again and again and again. She giggles as he gasps, warning him that next time she enters a room, that slave-dick had better be at attention for her.

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Video Description: When you are Cybill Troy and have a creepy fully equipped dungeon at your disposal, a nicely prepared shiny gimp, and a lovely new friend around for the evening, its bound to be a fun night.This night of nefarious fun that Miss Troy and her visiting friend Mistress Charliz enjoyed, has been generously captured in candid style by Miss Troy.You can share in full the enjoyment of these two sadistic Mistresses as they do as they please with their dangling gimp, helplessly at their mercy in full suspension.Their evening of nipple , clamped balls, sharp metal claws, vibrating sounds, spit, a rebreather bag and some giant strap on cocks is here to see in full detail, along with the delight that both Ladies enjoy from tormenting their toy.

Mandy Marx starring in video (Joys Camera Work of (Tease And Thank You) studio [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: In the BEST MINDFUCK CLIP ever, my restraint client has no idea until now, the day of this clip release (and hes more of a session slut and less of a clip slut, so he may not even see this) that Nurse Joy, and not myself, gave him this handjob. Our caper was pulled off flawlessly. I flirt stroke and do my thing, then, as you can see in the animation, I switch off to Joy. Boy is well blindfolded. Has no clue. And Joy, not used to Tease and Denial, gives a very, very good handie. Working in a fleshlight mini, and then just stroking again, its a thing of beauty. Pop. Big cumshot from desperate helpless boy. Not from me. How dare he!

Cybill Troy starring in video (Cybill)s Berlin Slut Stretching) [SD 406P]

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Video Description: Cybill Troy likes to keep her slaves on their toes, minds racing with uncertainty at what is to be inflicted on them nextShe decides to surprise her Berlin slave with a size challenge. Cybill wants this slave to feel what its like being split in two with the implements she has to hand.The slave is still wobbly and light headed from his earlier bout of smothering and smoke inhalation. Taking advantage of this, Cybill starts out by stretching his hole using whole hands, not just a finger or two.The slaves asshole needs to be opened up for the huge, cold metal blades of the giant speculum that will be fed relentlessly into his panic stricken innards.With cold metal sliding into him and the blades cranked wider and wider, Cybill slave, makes panicked noises of terror. Those noises wont get him any mercy.Satisfied that as much unforgiving metal has been taken by the slave as possible, its time for Cybill Troys new black monster cock to join the fun and be into his increasingly ruined ass.This cock is too large for a regular ring so a chain is needed to secure it into Cybills harness.Using both hands to hold the huge cock and with her bodyweight behind it, the slaves asshole has no choice other than to surrender to the invasion of this monster.
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