Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, MENARESLAVES

Video Description: Featuring Bella Bathory (whipping, paddle, caning, humiliation).


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, THE MEAN GIRLS, Goddess Platinum

Video Description: This sissy begged to come serve me so I finished the brutal day off with a sweet treat.

After restraining him underneath The Sink I made sure to dig my heels deep into its balls to remind him of why he is here...hahaha. This idiot thought he was coming here to Pony Play...nope.

So I spent the rest of the time filling up The Sink and watching this sissy loser struggle to get it all down. Maybe next time I'll just force the tube into its stomach and just fill it up that way. I of course had to step all over it to make sure and leave my marks on it. This sissy is not into pain, but as you can see there's no fun in it for me if its not in I win.

Enjoy the show....and the sissy's special treat.


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, BRAT PRINCESS 2

Video Description: Ellis must always obey his younger sister. If he disobeys, Mom has given her daughter the permission to punish fuck her brother. Kat will be allowed to fuck her brother as punishment whenever he deserves it. Ellis must serve his younger sister and all her friends, doing whatever they say. If he refuses, Kat will fuck her brothers ass more and harder! Brianna, Kat and Ellis Mother, shows her daughter a few tips on how to fuck a beta, like her brother, into submission. The state has ordered all betas to be controlled by their Mothers until such a time as they can surrender to a Keyholder outside of the family. Kat fucks her brothers mouth with a dildo while his Mother fucks his ass. Ellis squirms and makes a fuss. The fuck hurts, but he doesnt have a choice. After the fuck, Ellis must thank his Mother and sister for his beta training.


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, MISTRESS GAIA

Video Description: I'm with my beautiful mistress friend @DungeonRoma, I have a couple of slaves that require some training. My friend is anxious to enjoy herself, and we are not going to be disappointed. We come in to find my slut sitting dozing in the chair, and I give her some slaps. I tell her she should be working in the dungeon, and she's going to be punished. We put her over the chair with her ass nicely at the ready. After a couple of slaps, we bring in our male slave. What a jelly mallow he is. We order him to get his face into our other sluts ass and I give him a good smothering. As we are already wearing our strapons, it's time to give our female slut a good ass fucking. With her bent over the chair, we each take turn at fucking her from both ends. In the mouth and ass... When finished, we decide to add another layer of suffering. With both our slaves side by side, we get out our riding crops and give their asses a good whipping. What a sight to see these purple welts appear, especially on our jelly mallow man. He squeals and squirms as we continually whip has ass, before we finally kick him out. We leave our other slave over the chair to suffer, after her used & abused slut training...


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, BRAT PRINCESS 2

Video Description: Amadahy and Crystal are way hot. The hottest girls in the whole sorority, in fact, and totally out of dannis league. They let him hang out with them anyway because they love to humiliate him. The hot girls make danni wear panties and a dress. They have locked him in chastity and Crystal wears the key around her ankle. The girls tease danni and make him massage and worship their feet. Danni has soft lips and soft skin, just like a girl. Hes not a man, and could never fuck a beautiful girl, nor is he a beautiful girl himself. Hes somewhere between a boy and a girl, and so his life is hard. The girls tease danni with their sexy bodies. Then, they tease him with the vibrator just like a girl. Amadahy sits on dannis face while Crystal teases his chastity cage with the vibrator. Danni is so small. Its very easy for him to be pushed around and used by girls, who are usually bigger and stronger than him. The girls give danni some pointers on how to act more feminine. Hes not ever going to be masculine, so femme will be a gender better suited for him.


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, BRAZIL FEMDOM

Video Description: Anita gives a hard punishment for her slave Paulinha by her stockinged feets. She standing on the slaves body, trampling around the whole, or gives a really hard pressing by feets on the slaves troath. Poor Paulinha suffering harder then she expected, and she gagging without stop. Anita use her feets very cruelly, and loves to see how big pains she gives with it for her slave. Paulinha cant wait the end of this humiliating moments (what feels hours for her), but looks like the absolution never comes


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, DIRTYDOMMES

Video Description: Our little boot worm can hardly contain himself, he is so very horny! The look of use, Dommes, wearing all those leather layers, gloves and divine leather boots nearly makes him loose his mind. He is so desperate to lick, feel and suffer under our footwear. It is quite amusing to see him so hungry for our boots!

It is quite amusing to see him so hungry for our boots! We fuck with his mind, tease him even more with smoke, our gloved hands, our sexy voices. Ultimately he is allowed this one-time release. He is now so horny, he frantically wanks over our boots and finally cums...An orgasm he had to work hard for!


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, THE MEAN GIRLS, Goddess Platinum

Video Description: I got home after a hot overnight date with one of my boyfriends when I was informed by one of the Mean Girls that one of the slaves is getting on Princess Mia's nerves. Obviously I'm going to get to the bottom of this...

I grabbed the slave and locked it in a chest and then proceeded to call Princess Mia to invite her to come hang out.

We chatted for a bit when she got here and then I revealed my surprise in the chest!

I really cannot stand disobedient slaves, annoying slaves, slaves that talk too much...I wanted to make sure this slave learned its lesson. So Princess Mia and I kicked it, smacked it, trampled it so it would get it through its thick skull.

I'm sure that there's no chance in this lifetime to get any smarter but we taught it a lesson. I also wanted to make sure Princess Mia took out all her anger out on!

To all you sub/wanna slaves ... Don't be annoying and don't piss off a Mean


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, DIESADISTIN

Video Description: Ich habe schon soviele Eier zertreten das mich reines Ballbusting nicht mehr anmacht und weil meine Talente so vielseitig sind, probieren wir das heute mal anders aus ! Mein neuer FIX**RSTUHL hat sich bewahrt, kein Zucken und kein Mucken.. Ca 40 min hat er da gesessen wahrend ich seine Eier auf besondere Art gesalzen habe #NACL ;) ALs der Schleppsack Prall war ging der Spass dann auch schon los... Stramm f*x**rt und voll wie der Sack vom Nikolaus hing er da und sehen konnte er immer noch nicht, ich dafur umso mehr denn Je grosser das Ziel , desto hoher die Trefferquote! Schon Scheisse wenn man(n) nicht weiss wann der nachste Tritt kommt...:) #NichtsfurschwacheNerven

Helena Locke - WEAK AND HELPLESS [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, MENARESLAVES

Video Description: Featuring Helena Locke (orgasm control, tease and denial).


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, LUCID DREAMING

Video Description: To get into the sorority, Lucy has to successfully lock a frat boy up in the sorority's basement cage.

Her target is Ryan. Her plan is foolproof. Lucy figures every boy loves a cheerleader, so she suits up and tricks him into believing she has a little fetish. Except maybe she does. Bonus points for tricking him into humiliating restraints even in the cage. She even whips out his dick and finds a locking acrylic cock-vice in the corner.

Now it's time for the reveal! And pictures! And seeing if the other girls want to play! But not before a total tease with just our victor.


This clip, featuring a fierce intro scene by my kink editor at his best, (I'm a little jealous, but thank you!!), and the editing skills of Lucid herself, who is here full-time, who endures film-study better than anyone here except maybe Kat, and who has picked up editing for herself and even prefers it, so check this scene out to see what L can do on multiple fronts.


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, LUCID DREAMING

Video Description: This one had us all laughing around the monitor. This is real. Lucy's on her first solo paid client session. We told her to have her phone on so we could be checking in (I could write a book about lubey phones). So her phone was on when her recent love interest called her.


Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, THE MEAN GIRLS, Goddess Platinum

Video Description: Princess Amber, Goddess Maci and I were hanging out and we decided to bring one of our slaves out to play.

I love hanging out with Princess Amber because not only is she super hot, but she is just as twisted as I am. LOL! I love teaching Goddess Maci how to use and abuse pathetic losers.

Since my old ass geezer slave always gets on my nerves I decided it was the one we would mess with. I want to teach Goddess Maci to be amazing when it comes to whipping and beating slaves. So Princess Amber and I took this opportunity to show Goddess Maci to not hold back and to make your slaves very obedient and to do that you have to beat them, and beat them as often as possible.

Goddess Maci makes me so proud! She is really getting the hang of being a Mean Girl and I love watching her grow and become just like her big sister and her Aunt.

YUM YUM CUM [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Femdom, Female Domination, THE MEAN GIRLS, Goddess Platinum

Video Description: My slave that came all that way from the Czech Republic, just to serve me, has been so extremely obedient. I decided to finally let this freak Princess Mia and I were hanging out and laughing at what a pathetic loser it is, but how obedient it is. So we decided to play a little red light/green light game...

We put on our shiniest red and green pants, that look amazing on our perfect asses, and we stood in front of the freak on his knees. When I had my ass in its face it was time to stroke his tiny, anteater cock...because I was wearing green. When Princess Mia's amazing ass, wrapped in her tight shiny red pants, was in his face...he had to stop.

The entire time we were playing our little red light/green light slave with Czech slave we were forcing geezer slave to kneel and watch. I even restrained it so it couldn't get away because I had a little yummy surprise for it when we were done with Czech slave....hahahaha.

When the Czech slave finally came I made sure it had an XXXXXXXXSMALL condom on its pathetic cock so we could catch all that disgusting cum. When we were done with the Czech slave we took the condom full of cum and forced fed it to geezer through his crusty old mouth hole. We made that freak suck every last drop of Czech cum out of that tiny rubber condom.

And if you know anything about geezer slave, he hates anything this is right up his alley.

I had to plug geezers big old nose to make sure it swallowed every little drop. Princess Mia and I laughed at how old and disgusting it is watching it suck down fresh, warm cum.

Man oh man...Princess Mia and I love being Mean Girls...this is so much fun.
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