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[] Olivia Rose [SVDL-1218 HARLEY QUINN CRUSH] [FullHD]


Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.49 GB

[Mom Comes First] Brianna Beach [Mother & Son Play While Fathers Away] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Mother & Son Play While Fathers Away

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.45 GB

Goddess Brianna [Fucked Hard] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Fucked Hard

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 543 MB

Herrin-Jessy [Anal Total S-XXXL] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Anal Total S-XXXL

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 224 MB

Michelle Lacy [Mistress Michelle has lots of Horse-Power] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Mistress Michelle has lots of Horse-Power

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1019 MB


Name roliks: A SLAVE WORKOUT

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.03 GB

Description: There are too many out of shape slaves at Mean Girl manor. Not that they care about their health but its gross to look at them and they cant get as much work out of them as they want to because they are so weak. So Goddess Saucha has taken it upon herself to get them in shape. She has the slaves lined up naked in the back yard as she stands before them like a drill instructor. She inspects the slaves flabby bodies like they are livestock commenting on how out of shape they are. With a crop in one hand and a flogger in the other she barks out commands to the slaves making them do pushups, burpees, crunches, and other exercises. The slaves often cant do the exercise correctly so Goddess Saucha is constantly beating them with her crop or whipping them until they learn to use correct form. When the slaves perform properly not only do they avoid the whip but they are rewarded with getting to kiss Goddess Sauchas gym shoes.

I think Goddess Saucha might be a personal trainer because she really knows what she was doing. She put the slaves through a real workout using both negative and positive reinforcement. I wish she was my personal trainer Id get in great shape in no time not just to avoid her whip but also to get to kiss her feet. Fans of CFNM will love this clip because the slaves look absolutely ridiculous doing some of these exercises like burpees totally naked in front of their fully clothed female instructor.



Type SiteRip: 720P Size: 223 MB

Description: You want to worship her beauty and perfection huh! .... you'd do anything. begging her all day long to enjoy every inch of her... today, lady nina is running thin on the patience side of things, you, being the pathetic loser that you are have a real treat coming up! your begging has frustrated lady nina so u have a special duty of worship!! today you shall be worshipping her PISS! straight from her perfect pussy into the bowl for you to get your tounge into! this isnt just any piss....this is the wee of perfection... the queen...your GOD! now dont waste any time... get to work and show her how much you appreciate that on the tip of your tounge with your ugly head down that toilet where it belongs!!!

An Li, Hannah Hunt [Breathing is a Privilege (Full Clip)] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Breathing is a Privilege (Full Clip)

Type SiteRip: 1080P Size: 1.69 GB

Description: Also check out the first part of this marathon: Best Butt Day Ever Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt have returned to torment their slave with a brutal mix of hand over mouth smothering, face sitting, foot smothering, and trampling! "How long do you think you can stay in here for?" Mistress An Li asks the slave as she clamps his nose and mouth shut with her hands. The slave has his head trapped in a smotherbox with his wrists cuffed to the smother bench leaving him completely vulnerable to these two sadistic beauties and they intend to take advantage! They get started with intense HOM smothering, using all four of their hands to keep the slave's mouth and nose completely sealed shut. The slave has already endured hours of facesitting and smothering today, leaving his nose completely soft like puddy and An Li just can't resist squishing and bending it between her fingers. The slave moans in pain against An Li's palm, exactly the response the Mistresses were looking for! Hanna prys the slave's eyes open with her fingers while An Li dilligently goes about her work. The Mistresses begin discussing ways to alter the slave's face to make him more fun to play with. Perhaps they should sew his mouth shut? One of his nostrils? There are so many possibilities! After 10 minutes of HOM smothering Mistress An Li decides its time for some facesitting! "How ya doing in there? Having a good time?" she asks while Mistress Hanna bounces up and down on his chest and stomach. The slave's nose, still soft and moldable, squishes flast as Mistress An Li settles her weight on it. When Mistress Hannah Hunt takes a seat however the slave's entire face is engulfed. "Its like he doesn't even exist anymore!" When Mistress Hannah strips off leggings and stands over the slave, teasing him with the site of her huge, round, amazing ass his eyes nearly pop out of his head! It doesn't matter how exhausted, beat up, are bare consious the slave may be, the site of his Mistresses beautiful butts gives him a second wind. Which is great for his Mistresses who enjoy an energetic, struggling, but still helpess slave! the ass smothering constant, the slave's only slight relief comes when the Mistresses take turns droping their butts on his face! After about 13 minutes of facesitting though, the Mistresses decide the slave has had more time than he deserves beneath their glorious asses, but they aren't finished with him yet! Instead of facesitting it's time for foot smothering! Hannah gets things started off by squithing the slave's nose between her two big toes. An Li begins explaining to the slave that he'll get used to being smothered by all different body parts and types of things since he'll be spending the rest of his life as a smother slave! This is obiously news to the slave who begins to struggle, again to the delight of his Mistresses. "Aww do you think someone is coming to save you?" Mistress Hannah asks sweetly without moving her feet from the slave's face. "No, nobody wants to save you. You're a chair!" To illustrate her point about how helpless the slave is An Li decides some face standing is in order! "We're gonna keep you here forever," she sings while crus**** the slave's skull beneath her feet! Mistress An Li, Mistress Hannah Hunt, Smother Box, HOM Smother, Facesitting, Foot Smother

Meli-Deluxe [Kondom Recycling - Schluckerziehung / Condoms Recycling! Sultry education for my cuckold] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Kondom Recycling - Schluckerziehung / Condoms Recycling! Sultry education for my cuckold

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 70.5 MB