Sandra Otterson - Wifey's BBC Double Team [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Wifey's World, MILF, Mature, Interracial, All Sex, Group Sex, Big Cock, Facial, Boobs

Video Description: This naughty video was shot back when my husband and I were first experimenting with the "Hotwife" lifestyle. It wasn't intended to be broadcast originally so is a bit raw (but very real!!)
Starts off with us in a Vegas hotel room- I am entertaining two VERY well endowed black gentlemen. Both have extremely thick cocks. I was a little nervous because I hadn't been with two monster dicks at the same time!
I drop to me knees and start to orally please both. They are a bit aggressive- one holds my head while his friend fucks my married mouth. Its so huge I can barely fit the head into my mouth but he forces it as best he can lol! I then move to the other man, licking and sucking his huge penis, getting him ready to penetrate me.
When they are both erect and leaking precum I'm ready to be fucked. I lay down and one of the men starts to eat my wet pussy while I suck on his friend. I am soaked and very excited by now and need to feel one of those inside of me. The one gent mounts me and starts to fuck me while his friend straddles my head from behind, dangling his gigantic cock over my face, rubbing it all over my hair and forehead while his buddy is fucking me. Its super hot- the guy straddling me starts to play with my clitoris while his friend is fucking me, sending me into a frenzy!
Both of the men are really into it, the precum is flowing everywhere!
After a while the men change positions, I suck the cock of the guy that was fucking me while the other guy slides his huge cock into my now frothing soaked hole. Wow- this threesome thing feels good!!
After some more fucking I want both guys to cum on my face and mouth. They each get on one side of me and start stroking- the one guy barely gets his cock down to my mouth when he starts to ejaculate- that was fast!!! I eat his thick sperm while his friend enjoys the view and continues masturbating for me. He starts to countdown as his orgasm approaches and drops a huge wad all over my face when he starts cumming! I end it by sucking and cleaning off each spent hog.. Don't miss it!!

DPd, Disciplined, Face Fucked, Sodomized [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Abuse, Hardcore, BDSM, Facial, Oral

Video Description: The discipline was of the yellow variety. This girl was really sweet, which made it really fun to see how dirty she could get. Two dicks went down her throat, and a belt across her back. Then, a huge cock went right up her asshole. She squealed a little, adjusted her pelvis so she could take it all, and she did. She took it deep. Finally she yaked all over, and made a mess. The yellow d kept flowing. The slaps kept coming, then we DPd her. She was ready for her closeup. 2 nuts on her face, and Im sure you can guess the rest.

The Red Scare [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Its no secret that I am a proud American. When I step on set, I am a real American plays by Rick Derringer, and the Hulkster plays air guitar in the corner. I noticed a hammer and sickle tattooed on her back. That song kept playing in my head. I told Sam to fuck her ass extra hard with his huge cock. Bootleg worked her throat good. He shoved his hammer down her throat and his pickle up her sickle. When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside. Thats how her guts felt. Tiny Asian, big white cock. They go together like fried rice and pork. I just wonder what her Baizuo friends will say when they see this epic work of capitalism. This entire scene is a high-light reel for everything that is awesome about America. DP, anal, yellow disciple, she took it all, like a good proletariat.

Ducking The Champ [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Abuse, Hardcore, BDSM, Facial, Oral

Video Description: Sometimes pornstars can be equated to professional fighters, plenty of analogies have been made. This little slut was ducking us for some time until she finally summoned her ovarian fortitude and showed up. I admire her wherewithal. Despite having a narrow throat, she eventually got the dick down her throat. She took some nice belt whips across her back, and drank some yellow d like a good little puppy. She barked, and it dumped on her head. She was slapped around like an adopted Appalachian brat, and caused to endure some priceless humiliation. Shes a good little slut.

Face Fucking And Brutal Anal [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Abuse, Hardcore, BDSM, Facial, Oral

Video Description: And I mean BRUTAL ANAL. After she swallowed about 16 ozs of Yellow Discipline, and yaked it all up into the whore bowl and all over Das Boot and Sam, we decided to focus on ruining her assholewhen one hole is destroyed, destroy another. You may ask. Why didn't you fuck her pussy much? Because that feels good to her, and as Mr. T said in Rocky 3, "PAIN." We fucked that ass until it looked like the exit wound after a 30 ought 6 on a Buck. It was tough to watch. I kicked a butt plug in it that had a spherical entrance, and I pulled out my cock and filled it with my bladder bisque. I CAN'T stress enough the level of destruction she endured. She's a tough little cock holster, but in the end, they all lose.

Facial Abuse Fanatics [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Abuse, Hardcore, BDSM, Facial, Oral

Video Description: Are going to love this one. When you take two guys with big dicks, and another with a bladder full of shut up juice, and an innocent 19 year old from the Midwest, you have all the ingredients for perfection. She made a mess and filled up the whore bowl, and whatever Yellow D she didnt swallow, the whore bowl captured to be used later. Her innocent little eyes went from excited to tepid as the cocks thrusted in her throat, and spew began to erupt. Every time I had to take a bathroom break, I just went in her mouth,over and over. She was overwhelmed by all of it, but she hung in there all 12 rounds. We covered her face with 2 huge loads, and had her face plant into the whore bowl which was filled with yuckies. She took a longer than usual shower. I wonder why.

What The Fuck [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Abuse, Hardcore, BDSM, Facial, Oral

Video Description: For real. So I pull into the lot, and a vehicle is a cunt hair out of the space it was intended for. So I put on my chick glasses and try to park between this car and the other car--being that I had my chick glasses on, it took me 5 times. So I unpack my gear, and I see these chubby feet on the dashboard, smoking a cigarette. I pay no mind as there is always some degenerate in my lot. I enquire of the hooker doing her makeup, "who's in the car waiting." She replied, "my sister." So, of course we go down to ask her if she would like to swallow some yellow d. She agreed. So "Pebbles", who looks more closely to Bam Bam, is now an adjunct human toilet. So let me recap. We have two sisters ready to swallow my yellow discipline, and that they did. Now, Pebbles, not being the looker, was saved for crucial moments: like being bulimic on her sisters head, and giving her some yellow d, too. This scene was a comedy of errors, but I needed something before I went fishing. Short story long, you must see this one. I don't always say that. This is a train wreck in slow motion. Stroke with care.

Cumshot Compilation 3 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I don't know what it is about sperm that makes it so damn photogenic... I could watch videos of girls getting their face painted all day! Including my own. A facial is so submissive, dirty and kind of a compliment at the same time. Who doesn't want to wear her boyfriend's orgasm on her face? These are 10 of my favorite cum moments of the last few months - cum play, cum on food and of course lots and lots of facials. Enjoy! -Morgan xx

Lana Violet - Sexy squirting Asian sub Lana Violet gets dominated [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Lana Violet is ready to be a good girl and squirt for her master. She does everything shes told, takes his whippings and his cock deep down her throat and loves it. When its finally her turn to be pleased, her strong master makes her squirt like crazy, practically flooding the room and then makes her lick it up. By the time its over shes practically begging for her masters hot cum!

Melanie Hicks & Nyx Baltimore - Sex Ed for 18 Year Old Nyx with Mom and Dad FULL SERIES - Parts 1-4 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Sex Ed for 18 Year Old Nyx with Mom and Dad Part 1
Our little daughter Nyx is taking sex ed in school and she has so many questions. Melanie, my wife, has a hands on approach to parenting, and when Nyx asked about boobs, they took off their tops. When she asked about pubic hair, Nyx showed us her hairless pussy. When she asked about butts, there they were bent over. When she asked about erections, suddenly I found myself with my dick in my wife and daughter's hands. It's a weird approach to parenting, but if my daughter needs to learn sex ed, there's nobody better than her Daddy to teach her.
Sex Ed for 18 Year Old Nyx with Mom and Dad Part 2
Out little 18 year old daughter Nyx got an A on her sex ed test. I'm so proud of her. She still has so many questions though. She jumped in bed with mommy and daddy tonight and said she wanted to know more about foreplay, because her teacher told her very little. I think that with boys her age she'll encounter requests for many handjobs, so that's what we decided to teach her. Her mom is a pro, so she's learning from the best. And her mom even taught her to make sure and take her titties out for the very best handjob experience. Then she wanted to know more about "semen", specifically what it looks like. I figured I'd let her do the honors and I'd cum in my daughter's hand so she could even experience what semen FEELS like. Well, she did a great job and I came bucketloads, but it was so much she ran off squealing... I think she was upset.
Sex Ed for 18 Year Old Nyx with Mom and Dad Pt3
My wife Melanie and 18 year old daughter Nyx came to me again for sex ed. Nyx has a date coming up, and she wants to make sure she knows how to give a blowjob before trying to impress her new little boyfriend. I'm apprehensive about letting my daughter suck my dick, and her mom can give her some pointers, but nothing trumps experience. I'll do anything for my daughter so I just let her, hopefully she doesn't end up in therapy with daddy issues. She's a natural and took turns with her mother sucking my cock and looking up at me with those pretty, innocent, big blue eyes. She asked me to cum in her little mouth, but once I did she was so upset that she spit it out and ran away!
Sex Ed for 18 Year Old Nyx with Mom and Dad Part 4
I came home to find my girls laying in my bed. I woke up Melanie, my wife, and she said little Nyx was in our bed because she had a bad experience on her first date. Nyx told me that the boy wanted more than just a blowjob, but she didn't know how to have sex. She said the only man she could trust was her daddy, and that she wanted me to teach her to fuck. It's weird having a threesome with your daughter in your wife, but you have to make sacrifices for your little girl if you love her. So I got her virgin pussy wet by eating it, and went to work. My wife was very encouraging and supportive, telling me to fuck Nyx harder, showing her how to ride dick, and even telling me to give my 18 year old daughter her very first creampie. My little girl took it like a champ, she's just like her mother, and she even likes a hand around her throat. Little Nyx said "creampie me daddy, fill my little pussy up" and that was a wrap. I pumped a huge fucking load of cum into her perfect little pussy and she loved it. I'm so proud of my girls.

Nia Nacci - Jay Meets Nia [HD 720P]

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TabooHeat Nikki Brooks And Cory Chase Puritan Mother [HD 720P]

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Adriana Chechik - Sexy Girl Begs To Be Ass Fucked by Best Friends Brother [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: BrokenBabes, teen, Anal, Brunette, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Missionary, POV, Riding, Facial, Reverse Cowgirl

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