Through My Eyes #2 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: What's it like, being a female pee-lover? Step right inside my head, dear viewer, and let's find out! Look through my eyes as I get horny in the kitchen and relieve myself in a wine glass, and then pour the warm liquid all over my chest, stomach and private parts... As I drink my own urine from the giant glass I imagine you can all taste it with me... I wonder if you can feel the excitement build inside of me as I use the vibrator and pour some more pee on my body? I like the way it looks covered in piss - tan and glistening in the light. Even better when Bruce joins in and his strong stream covers me, my face, my hair in piss... we both cum only a few minutes apart and for a little while all is right with the world! Even the broken glass and gopro's stupid sd card getting full at the worst possible moment ???+? - Morgan xx

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Video Description: Jenna's birthday party starts off with a bang, a gangbang, that is! Instead of blowing out the candles, Jenna blows her Cocksmen on either side of her while Randy eats her cake. Actually it's more of a muffin, but close enough. It's strawberry flavored to match her hair (even though her muffin doesn't have any on it). Her Baywatch bathing suit gets ripped to pieces, appropriately leaving Jenna in just her birthday suit. No slow starts for this pleasure whore (her words), Jenna gets pounded hard on the first round with all her FIVE COCKSMEN. Randy gives her some birthday spankings as she flips over for spit-roasting. Next Jenna uses the birthday balloons Chris brought as pillows while she rides on top of him. While Rex continues to pound her on the pedestal, the rest of the Cocksmen lay out a birthday tarp on the floor for Jenna's DOUBLE VAG fucking. Scotty and Randy double-stuff her first while she sucks on David Lee. She goes back to one cock at a time briefly, then begs to eat somebody's ass. Randy is only too happy to oblige. Jenna flips over to take more double dicking in the same hole from the other side. Scotty and Chris double choke her, not to mention double-stuff her, then all the Cocksmen rotate through in various combos of two at once inside Jenna. Next Chris breaks out the party favors and handcuffs Jenna to the bench. Scotty P. reenacts his signature "S.P." move while she is happily chained in doggie. Once Jenna is released from her bondage, Chris throws her back up on the pedestal and drops the first creampie in Jenna's well-fucked hole. After admitting she has a little crush on the guy with the ponytail, Randy creampies Jenna next after giving it to her froggy-style. Scotty blows a load on Jenna's face to give it to her from both sides. Randy starts banging Jenna again on the floor while she gets not one, but two feet on her head, just like she asked. Jenna is in naughty girl heaven. After she gets back up on the pedestal, Rex loads her up with creampie #3 before David pounds #4 into her. Jenna sloshes her increasingly full pussy on the bench to see what noises she can make with it filled up. Quite a lot, it turns out. The Cocksmen continue to fuck her all around the bench until Chris picks her up for some WALL-FUCKING. Jenna is only 4'11", but they make it work. Jenna's gangbang closes out with us figuring out what could be left for her return. She says she wants butt stuff next time! That means we have to have her back. It's only 364 days until Jenna's next birthday gangbang on GangbangCreampie

Zoe Sparx, Vixtor Styles - The Good Pet [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Zoe Sparx is Vixtor Styles real life baby girl. A 24/7 BDSM couple in their own right, Zoe and Vixtor invite you into their home, and their very kinky sex life. They start off with Zoe on her hands and knees getting collared up like the neighborhood dogs. She sniffs her Daddys crotch, shakes her ass, and begs for attention. She gets choked, slapped, and caned until her master decides she is ready for more!

Once inside, Vixtor props her up on the coffee table to flog her ass until its red. He restrains her and continues to flog her chest and pussy until shes finally rewarded with the vibrator and squirting orgasms. Next, Zoe begs her Daddy for his hard cock and he fucks her face. She begs to get fucked like a good girl. Vixtor finally fucks Zoe to multiple orgasms before blowing his huge load all over her face!

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Video Description: The beauty came back from college with a classmate and turned him on. She sucked his dick until facial while her parents were at work.

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Video Description: The beauty of Ochako Uraraka came to a friend and announced her admission to the Hero Academy. The girl tells about her ability to lift objects and more. Lustful teen lifted her friend's dick and began to suck sexually. The man fucked her hard in all positions and cum on her face.

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2 Blondinen Ertrinken Im Sperma [SD 404P]

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