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Description: I will give you your towel back stepdad, but you have to give me something first...

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Description: Ella Knox is one horny ass chick. She got so turned on while talking to her boyfriend on the phone that she started masturbating on the spot. She quickly hung up on him so that she could finish. At this point, her step father happen to walk by her room and noticed what was happening inside. After spying for a little bit, he got closer and closer. Ella eventually noticed him and called him out on it. As he was apologizing and walking away, she called him back in and told him to pull his cock out. She was so horny that it didnТt even matter who made her cum. Her step father fucked her tiny little pussy all over her bedroom before delivering a load right in her pussy.

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Description: Ella Knox is a striking Latina beauty with big natural tits. Just walking into the room, where he was and his cock is instantly hard at the sight of her. She then meets up with him and they fuck for what seems like hours on this full length, high quality video. He fucks her between those huge natural boobs. She then sits on his cock and fucks him like a cowgirl, bouncing up and down on his cock. After this, they get on the couch and he slams his cock into her pussy until they both cum together.

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Description: April 18th 6:13pm - Case # 1101455 - Suspect was dressed suspiciously and seen going into the dressing room with merchandise and not leaving with it. Suspect was then apprehended and questioned. Suspects religious beliefs would supposedly prevent them from committing the crime, but that was no excuse. Suspect was spared and left with a stern hard hitting warning. Evidence logged on Apr 18, 2018.

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