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Description: My mother always knows the best way to make me feel better.. After my girlfriend broke up with me, mom was there to help relieve some of my sexual tension. I woke up to her rubbing her pussy while stroking my rock hard cock. But I didn’t mind when mommy climbed on top and grinded her mature cunt on me! Mom’s bush was so sexy, I love teasing her clit while I pound her tight wet hole! I bend her over and fuck her doggystyle, admiring her perfectly plump ass while I make her pussy cum all over my dick. I couldn’t hold my load any longer, so I fuck my slutty mom till I cum deep into her cunt!
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Description: I know, I can’t believe it bro. How could mom and dad lie to us like that for so long? I jut can’t believe you’re actually adopted. I mean I guess it kinda makes sense in some ways. I don’t feel like it changes anything. You’re my brother, and you’re always going to be my brother. But this is so crazy right? I mean I guess in some ways I’m relieved… cuz’ I always kinda thought you were cute in a “not my brother” kind of way. Ugh this is so fucked up…. So… since you’re not really my real brother… do you wanna kiss me?
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Description: My dad can be a real dick sometimes to my Mom, Andi. I think she is really nice and deserves better, I come home one night and find her crying from being stood up. I can tell there was something on her mind, I went into my room and a few mins later I am surprised by Andi. She tells me she has been watching me work out and it really turns her on. She pulls the cover down to expose my hard cock and starts to rub it, I am so excited to fuck my Mom. I can barely hold my load and cum deep inside her pussy and watch is drip out!
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Description: I need a man’s opinion on what to wear for the big conference. Oh, I’m sure you have fine taste, yard work can’t be the only thing you’re good at Ryan, come in! So what do you think about this outfit? The stockings and my cleavage aren’t too…distracting, are they? Oh dear… I see they are. No no, don’t hide it. In fact, I want you to show me…what you really think of my outfit. Take it out and …play with yourself. I don’t think you like this belt, do you. Or this dress either. Come here big boy, I need you in my mouth. You know… mmph… I’m a woman with a high stress job. I’m going to need you to… mmmph– help me unwind before my big business trip. Bend me over, Ryan.
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Description: Tana catches her son playing video games in his little “man cave” when he’s suppose to be at work. When she starts to yell at him, he gets defensive and questions where she’s going to which she slaps him! She then apologizes and kisses him on the cheek, but what begins as a harmless, apologetic kiss turns into a long, passionate kiss, and the two finally find a way to finally get along with each other.
Out for a night out together, Tana and her son go to the movies. Sitting so close to each other in the dark inevitably leads to touching and kissing. Before they know it, innocent touching becomes pussy eating, a blowjob, and fucking! I’m sure neither one of them ever expected to get along with the other this well..
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Description: Your dad is an asshole. He’s never taken in interest in you… he missed all your games this season…and he barely even tries to pretend like he’s not cheating on your step mom every night of the week. You’d planned on telling her about your dad’s affairs… but then you hear them on the phone. It sounds like she’s always known about the cheating. She tells him she’s sick of it and she’s going to go fuck the first man she sees. Then she notices you standing there…. The first man she sees.
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Description: Tick tock, tick tock. Every woman has a biological clock. Your step mother is no exception. Once a woman becomes a certain age her body signals to her that she needs to get pregnant before it’s too late. Alarm bells start ringing…she’s got the baby fever. Turns out your dad had a vasectomy years ago… your step mom is so horny to make a baby she doesn’t care who pumps a big load of cum inside of her. You’re more than happy to oblige.
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