Liv Revamped [GangBang Creampie 197] [FullHD] The Ultimate Gangbang and Creampie

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Description: Liv tempted us with a sneak preview of her hot bod during her interview, but now we finally get to see it fully in action as she takes her rightful place on the gangbang pedestal. This is not your typical gangbang scene where one or two of the Cocksmen go down...
Emori Pleezer [Emori's First Gloryhole Video] [FullHD] Swallowing Cum at Gloryhole Secrets

Name roliks: Emori's First Gloryhole Video

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Bunny Love [Curly brunette fucked outdoors] [FullHD] ClubSeventeen

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Description: Would Bunny Love like some watermelon? Well, theres just one problem. She doesnt speak much English. She would love a slice of watermelon and some big fat cock as well. Two things this total stranger is more than willing to share with her. The watermelon might be sweet, but whats even sweeter is the pussy in between this girls legs. Just licking it makes his cock stiff as a board. That hard cock of his almost makes this cutie chip one of her front teeth. This dark skinned sweetheart isnt afraid to work up a sweat to make his extra long penis feel good. Hoping up on it and taking it for a ride isnt a big deal at all. It isnt considering that this is the one thing that shes been craving all day long. A bald teen pussy likes hers is the perfect place to deposit a load of cum as he discovers while draining his balls.
Katrina Jade, Zac Wild [The Donor] [SD] MissaX

Name roliks: The Donor

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Description: Millionaire, Katrina Jade, owns Jade Imports with her husband they employ over 3000 people, one of whom, Zac Wild, has stolen from her company. Zac leaves a letter of his resignation and a check at Katrina's home when she surprises him and opens the door. She has a desire to take his seed,...
Elena Koshka, Kristen Scott [The Portal] [SD] MissaX

Name roliks: The Portal

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Description: Bookworm stepsister, Elena Koshka, goes downstairs to flip the fusebox on, when she sees a mysterious glow from an old cabinet. It's a portal into the future! She dives inside and comes out to see that her beloved stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, has married his current girlfriend, Kristen Scott....
Lilly Lane [Lily's First Gloryhole Video] [FullHD]

Name roliks: Lily's First Gloryhole Video

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Mercedes Carrera, Ziggy [GangBang Creampie 186] [FullHD]

Name roliks: GangBang Creampie 186

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Karmen Karma, Katrina Jade [Homemade BBC Hotel Threesome] [FullHD]

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[AmericanMeanGirls.com] TINA, Carmela [GODDESS TINA - HER FIRST VISIT] [FullHD]


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Description: So this is my real-life cousin, Tina. We haven't seen each other in a few years, but since we both live in Vegas now she thought she'd reach out and see what I've been up to. Well, I decided to tell her the truth- that I am living the good life as a "Mean Girl" now! She didn't know what that meant, and I knew she wouldn't believe me even if I told her, so I decided to invite her over and SHOW her!

This clip is her first visit. When she walks in, she notices right away that I have some pathetic-looking naked loser over in the kitchen scrubbing my floor on his hands and knees. when I explain to her that is "my slave" she can't believe it...so I show her! What follows is me basically degrading my bitch slave in front of my cousin to the point that she can't believe her eyes.

I make him literally bow down and kiss my feet and THANK me for LETTING him clean the floor that I walk on. I then literally WALK ALL OVER HIM! In my heels, no less- which absolutely blows my cousin's mind! Of course, after seeing me do it, she wants HER turn LOL! So I totally act like its no big deal and command my slave to let my hot cousin walk all over him too. And it is so funny, while my cousin Tina is standing on my slave in her heels, we just have a casual conversation about him like he isn't even there! Gawd, I miss her! Haha.

Then I move on to the next part of the "demo" of my slave's humiliation- I make him lick the dirt and filth off the soles of my cousin's shoes. Just to REALLY show off in front of her that I can make this pathetic fuck do literally ANYTHING I command him to do at the snap of my fingers! My cousin Tina's mind is blown...again! She can't believe this loser is THIS pathetic that he is lapping at the filthy soles of her shoes with his TONGUE!

But I explain to my cousin that there are all kinds of losers out there that you can just blatantly use and walk all over like this. We even talk about all the guys that we have rejected over the years...and how many of them we could have used like this instead of just rejecting them and walking away like we used to!
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