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Video Description: Goddess Luna Star is always stunning, even when she's cleaning the floors. As she's getting ready for a photoshoot, Ricky Johnson gets a glimpser of her. Now that her perfect body made him hard, they can't help but quickly get in the bedroom for a naughty session. Luna makes sure Ricky takes a good look at her unforgettable butt on their way there. Later that day, Luna and Ricky double down on sex and engage in some steamy hardcore, indoors AND outdoors. Luna is all about showing her assets on camera, and providing Ricky with the pussy he dreams about all day.

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Dear Diary I got so many messages from that sexy Asian mom Star, yesterday and today, and I was doubting if I was going to let her come back to me. I preferred to find a new girl but with what happened yesterday, I decided to let her come back. Star was super happy and quite the little horny Hairy MILF. You can see it already in the way she arrived at my place. She was happy the whole night and this horny MILF was even trying to get me to keep her for a few days. I am not going to do that of, course. This lady is going way too fast and she probably has a hidden agenda

Anyways, this was a great fuck again. At least I got to fuck the hell out of a horny hairy MILF during my Bangkok stay. Shes not the most hairy MILF around keeps it kind of trim but she was still a pleasure. Tomorrow, I am going to try Soi Cowboy again and I will try to catch a Gogo girl!

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Video Description: Watch Jackie suck of a big cock with her expert mouth until he busts all over her tongue! He fucks her tits, uses her mouth, then finishes off all over her beautiful face, tongue and massive tits! She is the best cock sucker around!Next, watch Jackie get fucked in lots of positions - doggy, cowgirl, missionary with her legs pinned back - lots of close ups too! She can really take a pounding & loves it rough! Watch her cum over and over until he can't take it anymore and floods her pussy with his hot cum! Jackie opens her pussy up in the end to show you her sticky cream pie! Over 25 minutes of hot boy-girl action!

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Video Description: Ive had the suspicion something is up with my brothers new russian wife. She is just..... i don't know how to put it. I think she might be a robot, seriously. I might be going crazy. Only one way to find out. I waited till my step-brother was gone and stop by to say hi. With the help of a special frequency module device I was able to use it to put her in a mesmerized state. Im not big on science or technology, but i think it put her in a reboot state. Russian Sex Robots, this is awesome. We all know what we would do with a russian sex robot. She didn't mind following my commands or taking my load.

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Video Description: A concerned student told me that you've been bringing pills to school. You know very well that we have a zero tolerance policy here. All substances - pharmaceutical or not - are strictly prohibited. Empty your pockets right now. AHAH! I knew it! You say these are some kind of super-viagra you bought off of the internet?
You say they're harmless? I don't believe you. I'll make you a deal, wise guy: eat the entire bag of them right now, and I won't report you to the administration or your parents. If the pills are as harmless as you say, why hesitate? Woah, you weren't joking after all. That has to be the biggest erection I've ever seen! It keeps swelling and growing by the second! How much bigger is it going to get?
Oh my god, I know I shouldn't say this, but I want to feel it inside me. Medically speaking, I can't leave you with an erection for hours on end. Fuck me right here, right now, and it can be our secret.
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