Golenie szparki / Epizod 8 Maja B [SD 300P]

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Video Description: Musze przyznac, ze zaklady bardzo mi sie spodobaly, a ze siedzielismy sobie u mnie na dzialce i nie mielismy co robic, wiec postanowilismy zalozyc sie o cos specjalnego. Tym razem chodzilo o znalezienie dziewczyny, ktora da sobie ogolic cipeczke. Potrwalo to jakis czas, ale udalo mi sie znalezc dziewczynke ktora na to pojdzie i to tylko za stowke :) Mialem fart, zgarnalem ja z licealnego boiska obok naszej kanciapy. Nie spodziewalem sie, szczerze mowiac, ze bedzie az taka mloda i.. ciasna. Tak mloda, ze dowodu nie chciala pokazac. Ciekawe czy w ogole go miala ? ;-) Te golenie to takze nie jest taka prosta sprawa jakby sie to wydawac moglo. To byla ciezka przeprawa. Jak ciezka, tego dowiecie sie ogladajac nasz film w Pelnej Wersji !

Katy AnnXO - Sensual Topless Tit Worship [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: In this video I start off wearing a feminine piece of lingerie that I remove quickly. I understand that you are breast obsessed and love to worship my perfect and perky titties. I massage my topless tits, spit on them, and give close ups on them.

Monika De: Prezent - niespodzianka [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Monika przygotowala urodzinowa niespodzianke dla Toxica. Takie prezenty bardzo lubimy.

Ella Angel: Ella w ramionach Toxika [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Nasza mloda blondyneczka tym razem zostala rzucona na gleboka wode i trafila pod dluto mistrza.

Aga S: Mloda blondynka z chlopakiem [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Poznajcie Age - kolejna mloda dziewczyne, ktora na tyle lubi seks, ze zdecydowala sie nagrywac i udostepniac swoje lozkowe zabawy.

Tak to wyglada od drugiej strony / Epizod 266 Klaudia F [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Klaudie poznalismy w klubie, a tak prawde mowiac, to ona nas poznala. Podeszla do nas i powiedziala, ze widziala wiele filmow z naszym udzialem i ze nigdy nie sadzila, ze spotka jakichs facetow, ktorzy graja w filmach porno. Byla bardzo zainteresowana tym tematem i zadawala mnostwo pytan. Nie zastanawiajac sie dlugo zaprosilismy ja na sesje, zeby zobaczyla jak to wyglada od drugiej strony. Chcesz zobaczyc jak sie robi porno? Zagraj w filmie! Nie sadzilismy, ze przyjdzie, ale jednak przyszla, a efekt tego spotkania mozecie obejrzec na naszym najnowszym filmie :)

Dobrej gospodyni ciasto w rekach rosnie / Epizod 185 Monika De [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Monika to idealna mamuska. Jako dobra gospodyni, wie czego chlopu potrzeba :)

A Trick & A Treat [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Sweet Kyle is hopelessly in love with his stepmother, Dana. His father (Derrick) wants him to live a young man's life, instead of hanging out with his stepmother. Kyle explains that his stepmother is the only woman who truly 'gets him,' and his father is not sympathetic. He has a plan to get Kyle a job in accounting at the hospital he works with. "You'll come with us to the costume party and I'll introduce you to the head of accounting there," he tells Kyle. His work cellphone rings and he learns that he has to drop everything to come into surgery. He takes his costume off and hands it to Kyle, "go with your stepmother and introduce yourself. Don't fuck it up," he warns. A nervous Kyle puts on the costume as Dana prances out in her sexy chiffon dress. Dana wants a quickie before they go to the party. She thinks Kyle is her husband! Watch the story unfold..

Cheryl Blossom (Lanabunny) - Wild Dildo Ride POV [HD 720P]

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Trillium - Your Wife is Sick of Your Mouth! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: You know, I thought I could take it. I thought I could deal with you being a Republican. Its just politics right? But I just can't. Do you hear yourself sometimes? Do you hear some of the trash you spew? You just don't know when to shut your fuckin mouth do you?

Always talking about immigrants. About how global warming is fake. About Hillary. And all your stupid deep state conspiracy theories. Everytime you say something stupid (which is a lot) I just want to hit you!

But you know the worst things you say? The stuff you say about black people. I don't even want to repeat it, it's so vile. And frankly, I've had enough. So you know what I'm going to do? Since you keep opening YOUR mouth....I'm going to open mine.

No I'm not going to "debate" you, you little incel. That's not how I'm going to open my mouth. I'm going to open my mouth to the one thing that you can't debate. The one thing that you can NEVER measure up to. That's right. I'm going to open my a BIG. BLACK. DICK. Oh yes honey. And you're going to sit there like the little bitch you are and watch me get off.

Because deep down, we know why you can't stop talking about black guys. Because you're insecure. Insecure of how dominant they are. How much we lust after them. Insecure of their bodies. And most of're insecure of their BIG. BLACK. COCKS. Because we all know about the little shrimp in YOUR pants. Your little thimble is NOTHING compared to what this black guy is gonna pull out of his basketball shorts. You can't measure up and you never will.

But honey, I'm not just gonna worship his black cock. Oh no. I'm also going to get really filthy. Really nasty. I'm going to open my mouth....stick out my tongue...and push it deep....DEEP....into his muscular, manly big black ASS. Yep. 'm going to eat his asshole. I don't care how long it's been since he showered. It's gonna taste soooo good. And you'll agree. Because when I'm done tasting his hole...I'm gonna give you a big wet sloppy kiss! I know you're looking forward to THAT!

Maybe seeing me so excited pleasing this big black dick will open your eyes to all the trash coming out your mouth and make you change your views. I hope so. Because I'm really tired of this. And the only way I'm going to stick around is if you sit there and watch this hung stud use me with his BBC. If this doesn't knock some sense into you, I don't know what will!

Skylar Extreme - My Sex Slave Is An Anal Pukeslut! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: There are certain advantages to being a well established member of society. The connections. The prestige. The money. These advantages result in a lot of perks, perks that most men can't imagine.

Now these perks aren't just discounts, priority seating, reward points or things like that. No, these perks involve something far more valuable, far more pleasing.

You see, within my social circle, one of those very unique perks involves sex slavery. That's right. Beautiful women who are made to be used. All holes. Nothing is off limits.

And much like baseball cards and comic books, members of our community discuss and trade our sex slaves. One may be very good at a certain kink. Another may have a very appealing personality. But they all have a similar purpose. To be trained. To be used. To be violated.

And these slaves...they take their medicine with no complaint. They know what's expected of them. They know their place. This new slave...she came with some very high reviews...we are going to see if she can live up to them.

Brandi Bae - Neglected Wife Gets Fulfilled by BBC [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: A barbie girl in a barbie world. That's how Brandi likes to think of herself. And for a very long time that's been true. A glamorous blonde with bodacious curves in all the right places, Brandi's been spoiled and showered with attention her entire life. She's used to getting her way. And it's pretty obvious why....

There's been no shortage of men offering her money, cars, jewelry, their hearts, their souls and more for the chance to be with her. Pro athletes, music artists, businessmen, name it. They've ALL been in her dms! Brandi could pick and choose who she wanted to take her out shopping, buy her dinner, whatever. Bouncing back and forth between these men was nothing...

But Brandi decided to have a heart and pick one. One guy to settle down with. He was a nice guy, rich, smart, hard working. And he showered her with attention and money and anything else that she wanted. Everything with him was perfect. Well....almost.

You see, Brandi's boy toy wasn't all that interested in sex. Oh sure, the two of them had sex. But as time went on, the sex became more infrequent. He spent more time in the office. Now to make it up to her he increased her credit card limit, which was nice. But money isn't everything. Sometimes a girl needs more...

Brandi tried and tried to get him more interested in her. She recently bought some sexy lingerie, hoping that it would excite him and get him in the mood, tear him away from his work for a few hours. So imagine her shock when he told her he was too busy! After all the time and effort she out into looking sexy for him!!! If there's one thing that Brandi doesn't cope with well, it's rejection. She has spent her whole life being the object of desire so for ANYONE to reject her is the biggest insult! Does he not know that she can open up the door to this condo RIGHT NOW and find somebody else who is actually EXCITED to fuck her?

You know...that actually isn't a bad idea...her neighbors are all black guys...and she's seen the way they look at her when she walks by...she knows that they are fantasizing about their big black cocks getting a kiss from her pouty lips...sliding between her massive tits...and most of all...she knows they would LOVE her big fat ass bouncing all over their black dicks...over and over and over...until....

Now she's wet. All this pent up sexual hell with her man. Brandi wants it. She NEEDS BIG BLACK COCK. And she's gonna get it.

Melody Parker - Dicked Down During Detention! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Here we go again! Another school year! Another year of teaching and dealing with these little delinquents! Every day during the school year, its always something! If its not a fight, its a prank. If its not a prank, its someone using. If its not someone using, its someone stealing. Always something! Nothing even surprises me anymore!

Now today I was assigned detention duty. But looking at the schedule, it looked like no one was even assigned detention today. A MIRACLE! A freakin miracle! Even though the year just began I was so sure that these little thugs and thuggettes would be getting into something bad!

With the free time that I have from NOT having to monitor these detention denizens, I can finally catch up on my own work! Grading papers, coming up with tests and assignments, all the stuff I SHOULD be doing as a responsible teacher. It's going to be a good, calm day.

Or so I thought. Just when I began to settle in, a delinquent young man entered my classroom. And let me tell you, i was NOT happy! School just began and these young people are getting in trouble already???? Let me tell you I was so mad I almost did something I shouldn't have! But I told myself...deep breaths, take it slow.

Where's the home training? Where's the discipline? I don't understand it at all! All you have to do at school is come, do your work and go home, but this guy is already in detention after a week! And you know what made it worse???? HE WASN'T THE ONLY ONE! That's right, a delinquent young lady came in right after him! What is going on???? What are these young people on these days??? They're messed up in the head!

Well one thing I know is this: they may have had to get in trouble to GET here but they are going to stay out of trouble while they're here! I run a no nonsense operation here buddy! So both of these young delinquents better be on their ps and qs or else we are going to have a problem buddy!

Angel Wicky - Teacher Implements New Learning Method For Clueless American Student! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: DickDrainers, BBC, Anal, Big, Booty, Big, Tits, Blondes, Blue, Eyes, Deepthroat, European, Face, Slapping, Female, Dick, Control, Fucking, Gagging, Handjob, Huge, Natural, Tits, Interracial, MILF, Phat, Ass, Post, Orgasm, Torture, Rimming, Skilled, Hands, White, Girls, Boobs

Video Description: So this summer I decided to go to Prague in the Czech Republic to learn Czech.I had a lot of stuff I could be doing, like going to concerts, hanging out with my friends and all that, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a unique language under my belt. Plus it fills a college requirement and it's basically a vacation in Europe which is pretty cool. But after i actually started learning Czech, I don't know if this was the right decision...

It's really difficult to learn Czech. It's such a confusing language that's very different from English! Vid?t? Krasny? I just learned what these mean but forgot already! And I think that me starting to be homesick is really causing me to struggle even harder. I can't remember anything from these classes anymore. My mind just keeps going elsewhere...

I was trying to get through it as best I could, but it's really hard. The last class i had was just awful. I couldn't pronounce or say anything at all. And the worst part is that my teacher Ms. Wicky is starting to notice. She's already been very stern with me and in the last class she was giving me such a strange look. I can't even imagine what she's thinking of doing to me.

What makes me think it was even more serious is that after class she sent me a strongly worded email asking me to meet her so that we can go over my performance. These teachers are so different in Europe. That doesn't sound good at all.

What if she fails me? My parents would be so pissed at the fact that they spent all this money sending me out here and my GPA would tank too! I hope that Ms. Wicky takes it easy on me!
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