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Video Description: European Asian couple. We travel the world while making porn. This is episode number 37. Traveling can be both fun and...


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Video Description: Dirty Thai Massage episode 43 with Nid. Nid is the type of massage girl that's polite and friendly. At some points during the...

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Dear Diary For my last night in town, I let that new thick Asian MILF Monica from my Asian MILF threesome hookup come back alone and that was a wonderful choice! She sent me so many desperate messages yesterday and today, that I felt a bit sorry for her and her horny pussy. This time, I demanded no condom and a deep creampie. That was the deal. She came and was so fucking horny that she was screaming all the time. Damn, I loved it! For sure a keeper and in fact better than her friend sexy Asian mom Star.
I am now packing my bags to fly to Vietnam tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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Video Description: This is the second and final scene in this two part series. In Slouch loser Office pig 1, Miss Jasmine has confronted her new employee and turned him into the office pig. She tells him she is going to train him to be pig of the month. In part two the scene opens with the pig on his knees and upright, his legs spread, Jasmine controlling him with a leash and collar. She gives him a couple good kick in the nuts and notices that it gets him hard so she kicks harder. He goes down to all fours in pain and she tells him to get back up. She then walks behind him and tells him to get in classic pig position where she lands several solid kicks until he squeals and falls to the ground in pain. How badly do you want to be pig of the month? she asks him.You now get a view from the front of the battered office boy, er pig, where you can see Miss Jasmines foot coming in between his legs and landing blow after blow to his swollen nuts until he again falls to the floor. Sometimes office work can be so much fun Jasmine says laughing out loud. She gets him back up and kicks some more saying Now you can go home and honestly tell your wife you had a hard day at work. She again kicks repeatedly until her falls over on his back. She steps on his balls and then kicks them again. The slave rolls in the fetal position but Jasmine deftly reaches in and kicks him a few more times. She laughs hysterically seeing him on the ground like that. She decides to give him a break and tells him to getup on all fours. She sits on him, he will be her office chair for the rest of the day.

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Video Description: Yuzuki has been hired base on her interview with the boss. She was told that she did an excellent job in her interview and that her pussy is fantastic and her cute figure will be an asset to their business. Today, the manager of the office has informed her that a new customer will be coming in today and she will be in charge of this case. The new customer has brought a friend along to the Pussy Shop to help in. His problem and one he hopes Yuzuki can help with is that he has a fianc and he is interested in understanding how a threesome works if by chance his new bride should request this from him...

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Video Description: Reina Wamatsu is now doing the rounds in her hospital ward. She is new to this hospital and still learning about how they do things here and is eager to be trained in how to treat the patients different maladies. Today her patient is in because he is a friend of the doctor and he has drunk too much alcohol and damaged his liver. Knowing that she is a new nurse and must be trained in how to treat all kinds of patients he suggests to pretend he was bitten by a venomous snake...

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Video Description: Mark is enjoying a nice day off by the pool and trying to get a good tan. While he's putting on some tanning oil, he decides to give his step daughter a call to see if she can come outside and help him cover his back. She comes outside and can't stop looking at his body. She begins to get really horny and decides to try and see how far she could take it. She slowly starts rubbing his back with oil and convinces him to take off his shorts so that she can rub EVERYWHERE. She assures him that her mom won't ever find out. He was nervous at first, but it felt way too good to stop her. She gives him a slow and sensual handjob before asking if she can suck it. She then gives him an amazing blowjob and they begin to fuck before mom gets home. He leaves her with a huge cumshot all over his face and they both enjoy their new dirty little secret.

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Dear Diary Sexy Asian mom Star came over when I was already sleeping last night a little surprise visit that I really appreciated. I was a bit too tired to shoot at that time, so I made a little video of my horny MILF in the morning. I told her that she could come over again but only if she would bring me some new pussy so lets see what she will come up with this week!


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Video Description: So last month I told you guys that I finally decided to knock up my favorite Bangmaid Natasha. It was a tough choice to make because I love her micro-thin 19-inch waist and wanted to keep it intact for as long as possible. However, the urge to breed this fine female was just too strong and I couldnt resist pumping my virile seed deep into the depths of her womb and making her a mommy.

This hidden cam scene is one I secretly recorded during the same 3-day period when she was ovulating. Im not sure if this is the creampie that ultimately knocked her up or if it was the one from the Bangmaid shoot, but Im happy to say that a month has passed and my sweet, docile Bangmaid missed her period. Success! And she had no idea I was filming this scene the whole time! Not that she would have protested, but its much more fun to see the candid, spontaneous looks on girls faces when they dont suspect being on camera.

Natashas been really happy since missing her period and shes so thankful I finally decided to breed her. Shes always served me with utmost servility, but lately shes just been going the extra mile every chance she gets. Its so cool to see how happy Filipina girls get when you knock them up! I love it.

Natashas body is about to start changing dramatically over the next few months as she harbors my future child. I cant wait to see her tiny little belly start to expand like a balloon! And dont worry guys - theres no one Id rather share her private, pregnant videos with than you, my fans! Stay tuned.

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Dear Diary Sexy Asian mom Star finally kept her promise and brought me a good MILF friend for a classic Thai Asian MILF threesome. Her friend Monica, 40, was totally into this and we really had a great time together except for the use of a condom! When I was alone with Monica, she already fucked me without a condom. When Star had finished her shower, however, it had to be with a condom. These girls just dont want to show each other that they are doing it without one. Its a shame but a good amateur Asian threesome shoot for the record-books, nevertheless. They are still here to sleep over, so maybe I can try again tomorrow
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