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Precious - Sexy Slim Filipina Gets Creampied at Job Interview [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: This weeks Bangmaid, Precious, was a real gem. I just love interviewing girls like her. Cute, energetic, sexy, and eager to serve. She was SUPER tiny (49 and under 80 lbs) but dont let her small size fool you - she easily made up for it in sexual energy!

Precious was desperate to get hired and eager to prove she was worthy of the job. I instructed the little whore to clean my house in a sexy maid outfit while I stroked my cock and ogled her tight, teen body. She just giggled when I pinched her ass or groped her tits, behaving in exactly the way I expect my maids to behave. When youre working for a foreign man and youre on the clock, your body becomes his property.

When Precious started blowing me, I was in heaven. She was such a good cocksucker and showed a true reverence to all 9 inches of my cock, licking it, stroking it, and sucking it deep into her empty, teeny-bopper mouth. I felt the urge to pump this little teen firecracker full of my jizz, and after fucking her in numerous positions, I flooded the young teens silky-smooth vagina with load after load of life giving sperm.

No question Im going to keep this sexy little maid around for a long time.

Daowwan - Skinny Thai Whore Gets Creampied and Corked [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Dont you guys hate it when you receive a late night booty call when youre already tired and spent? Maybe youve already fucked a couple different girls that day and youre just about to go to sleep, but then you get a text from a whore youve been wanting to breed and she says shes ovulating? And even though you know you should say no and get some rest, your inner-monger cant pass up an opportunity to spread your seed?

Thats exactly what happened a couple weeks ago in Pattaya. I had already banged a couple cute teens that day and was exhausted from the long sessions. But as I was going to bed, my phone buzzed and I saw a message in broken English that always sucks me in: Me ovulate now. It was from a girl Id banged a couple times before, Daowann, and she had told me numerous times she wanted me to knock her up. She wasnt the prettiest whore Id ever banged, but she was nice and skinny and loved to suck my cock. Females have a narrow window of time each month when you can impregnate them, so I knew I needed to act.

Daowann came over to my apartment and was definitely dressed to impress. I stripped her down and played with fresh, fertile pussy and she went right to work getting me hard with a nice, deep blowjob. However, Im not gonna lie guys: after only 20 minutes of fucking, my tired body betrayed me. I was so exhausted from the previous fuck-sessions, I could barely keep myself interested in Daowanns otherwise perfect fuckbox. It happens.

But I knew the little breeders egg was dropping down her fallopian tubes, so I summoned all my will power to deliver her the biggest load I could. I shot as much sperm as possible into her tiny box and corked her pussy like a bottle of fine wine. Hey, even when were tired we owe it to our ancestors to spread our genes as far as possible right?

Lily - Barely Legal Teeny Bopper Gets Inseminated On Spycam [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I met beautiful teen Lily at a mall in Angeles City. She was originally from Cebu City, but recently moved to Angeles for work. She was hanging around outside SM Mall looking for customers, and I was happy to oblige. For the cost of a meal at a fast-food restaurant, I could have this slim, pretty whore slobbering all over my big cock and then impregnate her? Fuck yeah! I love the Philippines.

When we were back at my hotel room, she immediately started doing her job. She took my giant tool into her pretty mouth slowly and reverently, as if it was the most sacred thing in the world to her. Then I pulled her skinny frame on top of me and started lowering her onto my throbbing wood. She asked me if I wanted to use a condom and I said "no way." She didn't protest at all, and allowed it to slide right in.

I was surprised at how tight she was! Most whores I bang are pretty loose and used up, even the younger ones, but Lily was tight as a glove. I could barely fit my cock in more than halfway, but it felt so nice! After fucking Lily in a few different positions, I decided it was finally time to make this whore a mommy. I turned her around doggystyle and unleashed a torrent of sperm into her receptive womb. As the sperm slowly dripped out, she smiled and thanked me for giving her such a valuable, life-changing gift. No problem sweetienow get the fuck out of my hotel room.

Som - Seductive Thai Street Whore Gets Fucked and Filled with Semen! NEW!!! 25-09-2020 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: So you guys might remember last month when I struck hidden-cam gold with sexy, slutty Som. She was a gogo dancer at a bar on Soi Diamond and lured me in with her pretty face and perfect, petite frame. Oftentimes the sexiest girls in these clubs are total starfish in bed, but not Som. She was a true nymphomaniac and just loved everything about cock: licking it, sucking it, and getting plowed by it. She was a true joy to fuck, and I got an amazing scene out of her on my strategically placed hidden spycams. I had to have more! But would she let me film her with my regular camera? I had to try.

The following week I had Som come to my condo in the afternoons before her shift at the bar to serve my hungry, 9-inch cock. Every day I asked her if shed let me film her, but she kept denying me. Although she was a total nympho, she was shy. But after a little extra persuasion (money), I convinced the little whore to let me fuck her on camera. YES!!!!

As I mentioned before, Som was a blowjob master, taking all of my 9-inch cock deep down her throat. Sufficiently aroused, I plowed Soms perfectly smooth, shaved pussy with reckless abandon, finally delivering an explosive creampie deep into the depths of her womb. I wonder if shes on birth control? I hope not, because a woman like Som could surely deliver me a beautiful baby!

Soms not that talkative but thats okay with me. Women dont need to talk or think too much. In fact, I may have a perfect job for the little whore. Can she lift a duster and sweep the floors? Stay tuned, hehe.

Lena - College-Educated Slut Still Sucks Cock For Money [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: In southeast Asia, education can only get you so far. Sure, you could spend four years after high school studying at a university, but even then, job opportunities that pay well are limited. Take this weeks Bangmaid for example: Lena.

Unlike most of the girls in my harem of maids, Lena actually graduated from high school and even went to college. But even with her advanced education, she was still having trouble finding good work. Fortunately for me, Lenas dismal job search made her come to her senses and realize that the only way a female is going to get ahead in Asia is by smiling, keeping quiet, and obeying powerful men.

I was happy Lena understood this harsh reality and even happier when she took my 9-inch cock into her mouth and started sucking like a good girl. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was disappointed that even after years of college she was still relegated to the role of a foreign mans cum rag, but she seemed to stoically accept her fate. After pounding Lenas pussy on the couch and on the kitchen table, I finally unloaded my hot sticky semen deep into her highly educated whore-hole.

Jopay - Desperate Filipina Seeks Foreign Sperm Donor [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Although Im a cosmopolitan monger who likes whores of all colors, shapes and sizes, I still tend to gravitate towards slim, skinny girls when Im on the hunt at gogo bars and massage parlors. Nothing beats a cute teenage spinner with a micro-thin waist to get the blood flowing. However, as Ive gotten older and moved towards actively breeding these fertile females, Ive gotten more turned on by the chunky chicks. Maybe its the thought of their extra pounds being able to adequately nourish my future children as they grow in her belly? Maybe its the hope that their milky udders will grow disproportionately large as they go into their third trimester, providing delicious nutritious milk for the kids? Or maybe its simply the fact that I can tell she wont miss a meal, thereby guaranteeing plenty of sustenance for my future son/daughter?

Regardless of the reason, when Im in the mood to breed I can sometimes tolerate a little extra weight on my girls. This weeks breeder, Jopay, is a perfect example. Sure, she has a few extra pounds around her tummy, but this just shows to me she will have ample room in her belly for my offspring. (Sometimes when I breed tiny spinners I worry how my western baby is going to fit into there!)

Jopay had already popped out one kid from a Filipino man, but she wanted her second child to be of mixed-ethnicity. She wanted her first child to have a brother or sister, and I was happy to help. I stripped Jopay down and she gave me a nice, long blowjob, getting me sufficiently aroused to impregnate the little whore. I fucked Jopay in multiple positions, finally dumping my valuable seed deep into the nooks and crannies of her fertile, productive birth canal.

I slid one of my corks deep into the folds of Jopays smooth, shaved slit and we waited 15 minutes for her egg to fertilize. After the timer went off, I uncorked her pussy and watched with fatherly satisfaction as my milky white seed oozed out of her fertile cunt. Jopay thanked me profusely and left without even taking a shower. I think she wanted to let any lingering sperm stay in there as long as possible, and that was fine with me. I havent seen Jopay since, but one of her friends told me she is happily 7 months pregnant right now with a foreigners baby. Hmmmm...I wonder whose that could be? Hehehe.

Bee - Sexy Slut With Fake Boobs Rides Monster Cock, Secretly Filmed [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I know I've said before that I don't really like fake tits, but sometimes I can't resist them either. Enter Bee. I met this cute, energetic 19-year old at a gogo bar in Bangkok and was drawn to her silicone titties like a moth to a flame. She was dancing around the pole in white lingerie, and there was something about her petite frame juxtaposed with her perfectly symmetrical round globes that sucked me right in.

I called Bee down for a drink and began conducting my "interview" by instructing the whore to remove her white lace bra and show me her assets. She obediently did as she was told, but cautioned me: "Please be gentle Sir, my boobs brand new." It turns out Bee started working at the bar at age 18 and she was naturally flat chested. So she saved up her money and on her 19th birthday got some "enhancements" done, which was last week. So her tits were very sensitive.

I gently ran my hands over her ripe new melons and watched with satisfaction how she'd wince in pain every time I'd squeeze them. Then I made her pull down her panties so I could inspect her whore-holes. They looked fresh and tight, so I decided right then to make this little teeny my girlfriend for the night. As luck would have it, Bee was a total nympho! She loved sex, and although she struggled with the size of my cock at first, she eventually took it like a champ. I banged her in every position I could think of, then unloaded my jizz all over her brand new boobies. You could tell how happy she was that her new breasts gave a man so much pleasure. Youre a good girl Bee. You know that you exist in life to bring enjoyment and satisfaction to the superior sex, and you modify your body accordingly.

Camilla - Tiny Provincial Girl Gets Destroyed By Giant Cock [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: So I was a little hesitant about breeding this weeks girl, Camilla. We chatted back and forth online for a while, but I just didnt think she was cute enough to breed. I want my progeny to be as handsome/beautiful as possible, and although Camilla certainly was cute, she just wasnt up to my western monger standards. However, when she told me she was only 30 kilos (66 lbs???) and 49 tall, I changed my mind. Something about being a tall guy makes me want to dominate tiny, short, petite teens and when Camilla told me her stats, I could feel myself growing aroused just at the thought of pumping my giant cock into her tiny little fuckholes.

When Camilla showed up at my hotel room, she was even smaller than I thought! And after stripping her down, she had the cutest little pointy nipples that I just wanted to pinch and suck all afternoon. She was very sexually inexperienced which I actually like in a woman, so I gave her commands and she obeyed without hesitation. She was desperate for my tall, western genes so she knew she needed to do anything and everything I said or else I might not give her the gift of my valuable jizz.

After facefucking the tiny teen for a while, I ravaged Camillas hairy twat in many positions until I finally unloaded my seed into her uterus while she was on her back in missionary position. I corked her little pussy with a wine cork, and after 15 minutes she was on her way to motherhood.

Jasmine - Tattooed Teenager Gets Impregnated By Sex Tourist [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Do you guys like chicks covered in tattoos? Im not talking about girls with butterflies on their ankles or tramp-stamps above their asses, but girls who are completely covered in ink? Personally, Im ambivalent towards long as the important parts of her body are fresh and intact, I dont really care how she wants to decorate her skin. But if you guys like girls with lots of ink, then youre really going to love this weeks breeder: Jasmine.

I met Jasmine at a bikini bar in Angeles City and I could tell she was a wild child. She loved to dance, drink, and party, but over drinks one night she told me something was missing from her life. She wanted a child. And not just any child, but a baby boy who would be tall and have blue eyes. Well, Jasmine, youre in luck! I love donating my sperm to girls in need, and little Jasmine was a perfect charity case.

I got Jasmine to my hotel room and proceeded to strip her clothes off, revealing to me her hot 18-year-old body . Despite the tattoos, she was naturally very beautiful. Her tits were tiny so I was concerned about future milk production for my son, but I also knew they would grow quickly as her body was flooded with pregnancy hormones.

Jasmine started me off with a blowjob and then I proceeded to pound the little teenager in multiple positions, finally erupting like a volcano into Jasmines smooth, unguarded honey-pot. She was a good girl and did as she was told, keeping her legs up in the air as I slid a wine cork into her cunt. After 15 minutes, I knew this cute little hooker was sufficiently knocked up so I uncorked her and watched with satisfaction as my volcanic sperm flowed out of her birth canal like milky lava. Another day, another successful impregnation!
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