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Description: Welcome Abagail to BlowBang Girls and it is her first porno ever! Abagail came to us via one of the BlowBang Guys and its a funny story. One of the guys that shoots for us is part of local gangbang group that gets together occasionally, he told Abagail about our blowbangs and she was all in! Abagail does gangbangs because she gets off on them and wanted to try a blowbang. She is quiet woman but dont let that fool you, she is one amazing cock sucker. She can seriously deep throat dick as you will see in this video. She goes balls deep on every single guy in this blowbang! Abagail is a sloppy cock sucker too, generating a lot of spit and gagging as she sucks all the cocks. No fancy words needed for this video. Watch Latina Abagail deep throat 7 guys and get 7 facials! Includes slow motion cumshots too!

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Description: Welcome Madeline to BlowBang Girls, she has the deepest throat we have ever had on our site. She is a total fresh face newbie, and this is her very first porn shoot ever! Plus, she wore a corset and fishnet stockings! Another thing, this video was actually shot on Madelines 20th birthday! Madeline is a super sexy naturally big tit blonde with all the curves in all the right places. A truly beautiful woman! It is actually hard to express her skills in words, but Madelines blowjobs were truly amazing! BBC Lee and several of the BlowBang Guys told us the Madeline is absolutely the BEST girl we have ever had. One of the guys even told us, It is like Christmas morning. You dont know if you are going to get bike or package of socks. Today we got the bike!. There is something about Madeline that truly amazed all of us during the video you will actually hear all the guys applaud her skills during this shoot. This woman can deep throat like no other girl we have ever seen! She goes balls deep on every one of the BlowBang Guys and she takes BBC Lees cock all the way down to the point that her nose touches his stomach! You have to see to believe it! Watch as Madeline gets 6 facials and never wipes off once. Her face gets totally drenched in cum! She can suck dick like no 20-year-old you have ever seen. Truly a girl that loves sex. Definitely one of the best blowbangs we have done to date!

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Description: When Kyle's annoying little sister won't stop fighting with him for the remote, he uses it to control her.

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Description: Welcome Shelby Paris in her return Blowbang Girls! She is self-admitted submissive woman, but dont let her quiet nature fool you. This woman really sucks cock well! The BlowBang Guys really enjoy her blowjob skills. Shelby submissiveness is on full display in this blowbang for sure. Watch as she gets face fucked with hard cock rammed in her throat. This housewife likes being handled by men and told what to do. Several of the guys take advantage of her submissive nature and really give it to her. And the guys that like blowjobs a little softer get an amazing blowjob from Shelby. And talk about getting cum covered and messy WOW! Her face gets completely covered during this blowbang, Shelby never wipes cum off her face once during the video. She takes it all on her face like a good submissive slut should! Another amazing part of this video, Shelby damn near gets balls deep on BBC Lee in this video. When any woman can take big dick that deep it is amazing thing to see! Watch as Shelby Paris gets 6 huge facials and covered in cum. All cumshots include slow-motion replays!

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Description: FACT! This has to be one of the nastiest, sluttiest, most interactive and fun blowbangs to date! And it is all down to Adora! Adora loves being a slut and she is definitely poppin in this blowbang. She gets face fucked, gags on cock, spits, slurps, pukes, gets her ass spanked, smiles and gets 7 huge facials! Adora is a bundle of joy and a blast to have at BlowBang Girls. She genuinely gets off on being used by the guys. This blowbang definitely has to be one of the best blowbangs we have ever shot. You will see Adora laugh and smile as her inner slut comes out and she gets controlled by the blowbang guys. She even gets a load of cum in her mouth then spits it into her hand and proceeds to wipe it all over her face. I am telling you this now if you enjoy blowbangs and slutty girls getting facials you will love this one. Lots of interracial action this video too! Dont miss one of the best blowbangs ever as Adora and BlowBang guys make one hot video with 7 loads of cum dumped on Adoras face!

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Description: Terra likes it rough and she likes to be controlled. This is Terra's FIRST EVER porno shoot and her first time with multiple men. She confessed it has always been one of her fantasies. There is something sexy about a woman in her 30's that is comfortable in her own skin and Terra displayed that today. The BlowBang Guys were stoked when they heard her say that she likes to be controlled by guys and is a submissive. Terra is a bundle of energy never wiping cum off her face or resting during the entire blowbang. With Terra being a submissive there is a lot of face fucking and gagging during this video. Watch as many of the blowbang guys shove her head all the way down on their cocks. Terra even attempts to take BBC Lee balls deep and gets off on him telling her what to do. She also likes being spanked and having her nipples tweaked. Several of the BlowBang Guys slap her ass good and hard. I must say for her first ever porno scene and her first ever with multiple guys Terra really did a fantastic job. She gets 7 loads of cum dumped on her face and never stops during the entire shoot. So dont miss this submissive get manhandled and her face fucked good in this messy blowbang!

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Description: Ariel Mcqwire is new to doing porn and she was all excited for our blowbang! This petite innocent looking woman with her puffy nipples and teen look really wanted to suck all the dick. However, you will see has this blowbang progresses that Ariel quickly becomes a little overwhelmed by it all. At times during the shoot she even seem to zone out of a minute. She has fun personality but seemed to quiet down once the blowjobs started. I am not sure she truly realized how much cum gets shot out of 7 different dicks LOL! But she hung in there and even though she seems to get a little tired and overwhelmed by the experience she gets a lot of cum on dumped her face and a couple of loads shot on her tits. At times during the blowbang you will even hear Rob coaching her. However, Ariel Mcgwire did not quit and despite her being a little cum shy and having to wipe her eyes she gets lots of cum dump on her face. Dont miss this truly unique video was an overwhelmed innocent girl covered in cum. Ariel also gets her first interracial BBC!

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