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Video Description: They don't come much fresher than this week's gloryhole girl, Gia, who just started shooting recently. Her appearance in the gloryhole today is only her THIRD SCENE EVER. Of course, it's difficult for Gia to have a lot of footage under her belt when she is only 19 YEARS OLD! She tells us she likes older guys, but at this point in her life, they're pretty much all older guys. Not only is she young, but she also possesses a beautiful, unique look. It comes from her uncommon ethnic mix of Italian and Filipina heritage. It's unclear which side gave her those amazing natural 34DDs, but we'll just thank her mama for those. Thankfully Gia hates wearing a bra, much to the delight of the anonymous hands that come through the holes to feel up her unrestricted calcium cannons. Gia comes across initially as somewhat quiet and reserved, but as soon as she gets on her knees and those strangers' cocks get in her face, she turns into an absolute freak! Because she is so new, Gia only rates herself a seven on the cock-sucking ten-scale, but watch her scene and you'll see she was being modest. It's usually the girls who give themselves low ratings who end up doing the best. Three was Gia's record for number of dicks sucked in one day before this; however, it came up in her interview that her actual record was five because she shot for just the day before. Either way she is going to crush both numbers in the booth today. Now it's up to you to decide if Gia comes back for a second round in the hole. At the end of her session she tells us she already has plans for her return, should she get voted back. Gia wants to back up on some of those faceless strangers and do some fuckin'. We told you she was a freak! Watch her scene and see just how freaky she gets this week on GloryholeSecrets!

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