Liz's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: It's always refreshing to have new energy in the gloryhole, and it doesn't get much fresher than barely 19-year-old newcomer, Liz Jordan. Because she is so young, not only is this her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE, but today Liz is going to suck more dicks in an hour than she has sucked in her entire life so far! She also has never sucked and swallowed a faceless stranger before, let alone a double-digit parade of them. Even though she has not had a great quantity of cock down her throat until now, she still manages to pull out a perfect score on her group of anonymous gentlemen in the booth. A NorCal girl, Liz is ticking a lot of firsts off her list in these, her debut weeks of shooting porn. While you can't see her many places yet online, you can see her in her first gangbang over on She pulls that off like a champ too. Liz is certainly not afraid of a challenge. She wasn't even the girl who was supposed to be in the gloryhole today. When somebody else dropped out in the morning, Liz picked up the phone and didn't hesitate to say "yes" at a moment's notice to sucking more cock and swallowing more cum than ever before in her life. This girl is going far. We'll have to have her back after she has gotten some more experience in the industry, but not that she needs it. Liz is already an awesome performer. Remember you saw her first on GloryholeSecrets

Tina - 18 years old [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: We've had some recent requests for thick/curvy girls, so when friendly, feminine 18yo Tina applied to our ad, we knew she'd be a great fit. Now, I know we make finding these girls look effortless, but scouting is by far the most difficult part of the job. It took us over one month to convince her to meet with us! Thankfully, her first time anal performance, squirting, curves and shy personality were all worth the wait.

95 LB Tallie Lorain Gets Her Tight Pussy Pounded HARD NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!! [SD 478P]

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Video Description: 95 LB newcomer Tallie Lorain stopped by to see the Face Fucking King. I start fucking her face and she looks overwhelmed by my cock. I spit in her mouth slap and choke her and fuck her face rapidly. I snap off her micro bikini and eat her tight little fuck box before pounding it. She is screaming as daddy pounds her tight hole. I have her lean over me on the couch and throat her and fuck her throat more. I flip her upside down on the couch and throat her roughly. I have her ride my cock and take it all. I fuck her hard from behind like a ragdoll and she is flailing about and screaming. I take her to the bedroom and make out with her and have her lick my nipples and worship my body. I fuck her hard from behind on the bed and she says my cock hurts her pussy. I fuck her face more and have her ride the dick until this load explodes inside of her. She squirts all over me after cumming in her and said she's never done that before! I join her in the shower after the shoot for one last surprise! Tallie was a good girl for Daddy!


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Video Description: Addison came rushing into my room this morning, but I was still in bed. We needed to get school ASAP and I overslept.. But when my step-sister pulled the blanket off of me, she saw my big rock hard dick! Addison was clearly disgusted, but I couldn't leave the house without cumming first. "You could help me out" I tell her. She wasn't happy about it, but I convinced her to stroke her brothers cock! My bratty step-sister goes from sucking my cock to riding me! I wanted to cum inside her pussy, but she wouldn't let me. That's fine tho, I'll just shoot my load into her mouth without any warning!

Roxy Ryder - WHEN ROXY MET JAY [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Roxy is new to the industry, she got lucky I paired her with Jay, these two instantly quick it off and are ready to make some porno magic for you. Roxy lets Jay have his way with her, right outside by the pool and we welcome her into the porn industry properly.

Violet Rae First Glory Hole Pov - Violet R's First Gloryhole Video POV [FullHD 1080P]

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Violet Rae - Violet R's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Little Violet Rae is a firecracker! There is a powder keg of sexual energy packed into her little frame, as evidenced by the story she tells about fucking a guy in public straight out of the gate in her interview. Violet just recently burst onto the porn scene too. Her appearance in the gloryhole is one of her first on film and it's her FIRST GLORYHOLE! Barely 5' tall, Violet is definitely fun sized. Don't judge her by her size, though. She likes to dominate her guys. She will certainly take charge of her team of strangers in the booth today as she sucks them off and swallows all their loads. Violet has an insatiable sexual appetite. She gets herself off an average of five times a day! Her vibrator often runs out of batteries, so she has to use more than one and keep them on a rotation. Clever girl. Violet is not one for being modest. She tells us guys love every part of her. She's not being cocky; it's hard to argue when she shows off her tight body. However, Violet points out guys always want to cum on her cute face. She'll be only too happy to oblige today to all the guys on the other side of that wall. This Filipina beauty knows how to slobber all over their knobs. Check out the monster load she extracts out of stranger #7. Her pretty little face gets coated! Violet walks out of the booth a cum-covered mess, just the way we like it. She seems proud of it too. She should be. Most wouldn't expect such an aggressive performance out of such a seemingly innocent looking girl. It's always the ones you least expect. We have a talent for finding those here. Just wait until next week when we discover another hidden gem on GloryholeSecrerts!

Winter Bell - I LIKE TO MASTURBATE TOO... [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: My Step-Sister Winter is always the princess in the house and can do no wrong in our parent's eyes. I was grounded to my room again when Winter comes bursting into the room while I am jerking off, now I am not gonna hear the end of this. I thought this could have turned into a bad thing but Winter confesses she likes to play with herself too. She tells me to keep going while she starts to rub her clit right in front of me, she can see my cock get harder and the next thing you know I am fucking my step-sister in my bed while our parents are out. I shot my load right down her throat as Winter looks up and smiles at me then you will never believe what she did next...


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Video Description: My girlfriend called to let me know that she wasn't going to make it to my parents place for dinner tonight. She always does this, and I'm honestly over it. So when my step cousin comes in to bring me a full plate of food, I couldn't be any happier! But she was being extra touchy with me tonight. She rubbed her hand up and down my thigh, and I even saw her bite her lip when she looked at my crotch. I could tell she wanted me, and I was ready to give it to her. Watch my step cousin take my long thick cock down her throat before she rides me. I bend her over and pound her tight pussy while my parents are in the other room! Right when I was about to cum, I heard mom knock on the door and we rushed to get our clothes back on so she wouldn't catch us!!

Jade Wilde - Jade W's First Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080P]

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PrVega y Favdafaka - I like when anyone wants to fuck me... and I mean anyone. Im ready to be a new FAKings little piggy NEW!!! 15-06-2020 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Me gusta que me quieran follar... cualquiera cualquiera. Estoy dispuesta a ser una nueva cerdita FAKings

Dudes, remember Vega? How couldn't you, right? That debut with her boyfriend, fucking and fondling each other everywhere around a mall, is not something you easily forget... Well, the babe was eager for more, and she was more than ready to show us she has what's needed to be a porn model. Those were the reasons we knew what was coming next. Her first porn casting! And of course it just couldn't be your typical casting: If before us there's a girl that confesses us how she loves being watched fucking or how she has fucked dozens of dudes (not counting the blowjobs, of course), we had to bring her a cock to match her skills, and that's precisely what we've done. Today young Vega's going to meet HER FIRST MONSTERCOCK: No less than a black dick that will be the delight of this Valencian girl, who'll also prove how she won't stop at nothing and how she's capable of eating an enormous black dick without second thoughts. What you're going to see today is a scene that's worth of this series' name. A young woman that will meet the wonders of giant dicks!

Venom - Submissive and extreme. Venom, a Valencian teen with a long way between her legs NEW!!! 17-06-2020 [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Sumisa y extrema. Venom, TEEN valenciana con mucho recorrido entre sus piernas


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Video Description: My stepsister Dixie can be a real bitch, she is so stuck up about everything. I can barely get her attention she is always making me do her chores to even consider acknowledging me. Dixie uses my love for her feet to her advantage making me do things for her just to be able to look at her feet. She made a real mess today with her laundry all over the living room, Dixie is purposely sitting on the couch... barefoot showing off her amazing feet and high arches. I beg her to taste them, she demands I clean the mess before I can touch. I comply of course but soon as I get my hands on her feet all I wanna do is slide my cock right between her soft feet. I need more, I want her attention, I bend over my stepsister and start to fuck her right on the couch all as she ignores me and is just looking at her phone the whole time. I do not care I just love the feeling of my stepsister's pussy... Just as I am about to cum, my stepsister stops me and tells me next time she is gonna need me to do more for her if I wanna cum.


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Video Description: I was about to jump in the shower when I heard my stepsister Skylar messing around in our parent's bathroom. They have this huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi and big mirrors. Apparently my stepsister wanted to be a hot and post some twerking videos on her Instagram. I offer her my help but things took a turn when my stepsister pulled up her shirt to show off her amazing big natural tits, I thought she was joking around but I quickly realized my stepsister was trying to fuck me in our parent's bathroom. I was so horny I couldn't resist, thankfully our parents weren't home cause I pounded her tight pussy so good she was screaming for more. I shoot my load right in her mouth as she smiles up at me, I hope I get to fuck my stepsister again
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