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Video Description: In a string bikini with white fishnets and black heels, fiery blonde TS Anna Pantaleao performs a slow striptease. She playfully sticks out her tongue, twerks her round butt cheeks and shows off her tan-lined tits. As inventive director JD captures the solo fun, Anna pulls down her panties to vigorously masturbate her hard she-boner. She bends over, tucks her stiff cock between her legs and rubs the protruding prick against the furniture, creating pervy friction. Anna sucks on a pink dick toy and then slowly stuffs it into her ass. She struts, fucks her butthole with the dildo and jacks her hard-on for the camera. The horny exhibition continues as Anna reams her rectum with the phallus, driving it deep inside. Hot Anna brings herself to a wailing orgasm, spurting thick gobs of jism onto her belly. She smiles in perverted bliss, captured at a low, POV angle by JD's intimate lens.


Video Description: Sophia Locke and Michael Jackman have been trying so hard to get pregnant and have decided to consult with a fertility clinic that many of their friends have recommended. Immediately Dr. Don Sudan & Dr. Sheem The Dream make both of them feel comfortable and assure them that they are willing to go to any length to solve this problem for them. Michael has of course brought in a sperm sample to be analyzed and unfortunately Dr. Sheem after running some tests has determined that Michael's sperm is absolutely worthless. So Dr. Sudan asks the nice couple just how far are they willing to go to solve this problem. Both Sophia and Michael agree that whatever it takes. Dr.'s Sudan and Sheem then explain they have a fool-proof plan to get as much sperm as needed into her pussy. Sophia takes both of their cocks in hand and says again, whatever she has to do it's worth it and devours their cocks with a passion that she did not know was inside her. They begin to pummel her pussy relentlessly trying to get as deep as possible to leave their cum in the best possible spot. When they finally have both emptied there nuts into Sophia they give her and Hubby a moment alone for Michael to clean up and kiss his amazing Wife.

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Video Description: Brittney Kade, wearing a silk robe, answers the door and sees that the visitor is a man in business attire, Steve Rickz. He looks a bit flustered at the sight of a beautiful woman wearing only a robe, but manages to introduce himself and explain that he's supposed to meet with his boss here. Brittney introduces herself as his boss's wife and says that her husband mentioned Steve would be coming, but unfortunately her husband is running late because of an urgent request from a client. She apologizes for the circumstances and invites Steve to wait inside for her husband to arrive.

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Video Description: Tantalizing TS babe Rafaela Colucy teases in pink string bikini underwear, fishnets and spiked heels. The trans babe bends over, revealing her round ass cheeks and hard she-prick. Rafaela strokes her curved girl meat and unveils her round, tan-lined boobs. The raven-haired hottie furiously masturbates with skillful technique. She plunges her stiff prick inside a pussy toy and pumps it deeply! The sexy brunette groans with waves of pleasure as she works the erotic device over her curved chick-dick. Rafaela jackhammers her rocket into the pocket socket, fucking it at a fast pace. She stimulates her she-shaft vigorously until she reaches orgasm. Rafaela spurts out wads of jism at a high velocity. The blistering solo jack-off session leaves Rafaela deeply satisfied.

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Video Description: Fair-skinned, auburn-haired TS lovely Amanda Riley poses for top pornographer Joey Silvera. The trans doll strips down to strappy lace underwear and fishnet stockings. She masturbates her stiff dick and slides a finger into her tight ass crack. Amanda smiles innocently as she removes her top to pull on her budding nipples. She crouches on all fours, tucking her rigid she-boner between her legs. Joey's agile camera coverage chronicles Amanda's pervy solo exhibition from an intimate, POV angle. She runs a whirring vibrator across her engorged girl meat and then shoves the toy up her ass, stimulating her anal orifice. Amanda licks the device fresh from her asshole with ass-to-mouth perversity. She strokes her cock until she ejaculates a small flood of jism. Satisfied, Amanda kisses the mess from her fingertips. 'You're really a nice person,' Joey tells the darling transsexual diva. 'I hope I did you justice.'

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